Title: La Tortura
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/s-u/tortura.zip
Size: 158.97 KB
Date: 05/23/13
Author: The Hell King (Eduardo Vargas)
Description: You sleep, and hear shots, get out of bed frenzied and for some reason you are dressed. You search the place of that sound, but only find the corpse of your wife and your two sons riddled with bullets. You look frustrated at them, because you could not defend them against that macabre murderer. You call the police for help, but they're worthless and achieve nothing and close the investigation. So you decide solve this with your own hands, ask for the investigation papers, and reading them you get surprised: "the property was uninhabited by strangers, and hasn't been found fingerprints". They asked the neighbors, and that day nobody came to the building at the hour of the killings. This sounds incredible, and you search a logical explanation, but there are none. The house was totally closed, door and windows locked with keys. "This can't be", you think, "that means that I was the murderer". You check the house, and find below the carpet a revolver from your army days. Although two months have passed it still smells of gunpowder [...] So you are the murderer. [...] You decide kill yourself, but when pressing the trigger nothing happens, you fell like falling in a dark place, now you are not alive nor dead; are you a lost soul? Many days pass with you still falling, you die from hunger without dying, die from thirst without dying, die from cold without dying. In the end you should arrive to some place, although that could be YOUR TORTURE.
Credits: All the people that keep Doom alive.
Base: New from scratch, but I drew the second half in a notebook.
Build time: 8 days. [...]
Editor(s) used: DETH 4.24, Wadauthor.
Bugs: Visplane overflow in the original Doom. I suggest Doom Legacy.
Rating: (6 votes)
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Excellent Detains, but poor balance.x
unbalanced mapx
This map uses those tricks that are the staples of all good maps: planting a tree inside a corridor so you have to walk through a fake wall to get past; pitch-black rooms with inescapable nuke pits; a crusher that lands on your head if you hesitate when walking through a door. Oh and I got stuck in the room with four Revenants, so I clipped through the rest of the map. - MajorRawnex

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