Title: Townhouses (Zdoom/cs doom version)
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/s-u/townhou9.zip
Size: 382.72 KB
Date: 11/17/02
Author: Dino T. Manzella
Description: Have you ever wanted to snipe your neighbors? Well you can now snipe mine. The are five complete houses The idea here is to go from house to house killing the inhabitants. This is a VERY detailed level. There are about 2500 sectors. I believe it may be THE most detailed level made for doom2. OH,.. and watch out for my mailman. He carries a gun.. (go figure!)
Credits: Thanks to Ben Morris for DCK and his help with questions I had through e-mail and ID of course!
Base: New level from scratch (I did cut and paste a few pieces of furniture from a two other wads because I got tired of creating it myself). The wads I used were "Two Houses" and "MyHome".
Build time: 90+ hours!.. I really spent a lot of time on this one.
Editor(s) used: Good ole DCK (Thanks Ben!!)
Bugs: The ever so popular hall of mirrors happening outside when looking from the way north. No big deal, No one goes there anyway :-)
Rating: (5 votes)
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Loved it. No switch-flipping, key hunts, etc. -- finally, a level designer who realizes that Doom is not a puzzle game. It actually isn't the most detailed level I've ever played, but it was plenty detailed enough. If you're like me and you're playing a shooting game to, you know, shoot things, then you'll probably really enjoy this one.x
Not great. Suffers from three problems. Firstly, it's based on a person's house, and thus it is a grid of pokey little rooms and cupboards. Secondly it suffers from Doom Toilet Malaise, whereby if a level designer has spent time modelling a bathroom or toilet, the level is inevitably rubbish. And ninthly, the gameplay doesn't gel. You can exit almost immediately. No puzzles, switches, teleports etc. You just wander around, dispatching the monsters, blah.x
what are you talking about?! the detail is lame and the cacodeamons are all stuck in windos 1/5 x
Awesome detail and design. Probably the most detailed single player wad file ever created for Doom!x

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