Title: TurboCharged ARCADE! (Demo Release)
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/s-u/turbodem.zip
Size: 1.15 MB
Date: 11/18/06
Author: Xaser "The Conqueror"
Description: First off, I would like to state one... statement. This is NOT a jokewad.

Yes, the levels are not exactly the most serious. Yes, some detailing looks like it's been done by a two-year old. However, if someone asks if this is the newest successor to the SHiTWADS regime, the answer is a firm NO.

TurboCharged ARCADE! is not intended to be screwy, but to be different. An experimental wad by nature, TcA focuses on putting the player in odd situations, which require different techniques and ideas to beat them. It's sort of a throwback to the old days of arcade games, with short, sharp levels and a bit of freedom to choose whichever type of level suits your fancy.

In TcA, you can take a journey to foreign hellish landscapes, dive across rooftops whilst dodging bullets in slow motion, escape from insanely overpopulated prisons, and face off against the devilish Adolf Hitler in a showdown for the ages... all in whatever sequence you desire!

A core aspect to the gameplay in TurboCharged ARCADE! is the fact that the entire game's speed has been doubled. Enemies attack twice as fast, weapons are souped-up and speedy, and you'll be running for your life at top-speed in almost every situation. The action is non-stop, and the increased speed will test the reflexes of even the most hyperactive individuals.

TcA's intentions don't stop there, either... on top of the wild-and-crazy gameplay aspects, this wad is also intended to be funny as all hell. With all sorts of ridiculous situations, overly-retarded parodies, and over-the-top randomness, I'm hoping that everyone will have to stop playing at least once because they're laughing too damn hard to keep themselves alive. :P

However... as you may have noticed, this release is only a very tiny 8-level demo release of TcA. What, you may ask, will the full version offer? Imagine, obscene amounts of levels with incredibly varied styles of gameplay and difficulty. Sporting a new interactive level-selection system and hours upon hours of random gameplay, TcA will feature just about everything but the kitchen sink!

Anyway, enough with the salesman-type advertising... This guy may not be finished for a LONG time, but in the mean time, stay tuned at the ZDoom forums, as I'm pretty sure that the full version will feature a whole slew of levels from all over the community... as I simply can't crank out all of them on my own. :P

In the meantime, download and enjoy this small sample of things to come. Have fun, doggamnit! :P
Credits: Oh hell... lots of people. :P

MasterOfDeath - I came up with the idea one night when we were chatting mindlessly about the most insane and random stuff. :P Basically... loads of inspiration. XD

Giest118 - TONS of feedback and support on some early betas. Judging from his responses, I'm quite surprised he hasn't died laughing. :P

Pink - I tend to get all sorts of crazy ideas when I'm about to die of sleep deprivation, so HUGE thanks to Pink for keeping me up late so many times when we found something to talk about. :P

Zero Prophet - Betatesting, support, and a nice guinea-pig to test out new ideas on. After all "we've" been through during the creation of even the demo, I wouldn't be surprised if he's just as crazy as me.

Nintendrone - Somebody that nobody else would know, but yeah, he's tested and played all sorts of stuff and contributed many of the ideas here (Matrix, anyone?). I sure hope the demo lives up to his expectations. :P

More greets:

-BioHazard, for somehow putting up with me. :P -Chronoteeth, for the same in reverse (no offense :P) -QBasicer, for somehow being around (when I'm not. :P) -Scuba Steve, for ideas and some artwork. :P -NMN, 'cause I'm sure he inspired something. :P -Randy (DZoom) -Graf (GDZoom) -Id (MooD) -Trees, for making oxygen.

And, of course, (in some way or form)

Adolf Hitler, Sherlock Holmes, Neo, Pablo Picasso, and all those people who did something so great or terrible that they merited an appearance. :P
Base: Scratch, though I ripped ideas from EVERYWHERE.
Build time: A few months off and on... much longer if I counted the time period where I "forgot" about the wad but returned to it WAY later... :P
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder, XWE, MIDI Tracker (SUCK... but works)
Bugs: Prolly a few glitches, but for the most part there shouldn't be anything game-breaking. It's still a demo, eh? :P
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