Title: UAC Secret
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/s-u/uacecret.zip
Size: 6.33 MB
Date: 05/30/15
Author: Lainos
Description: Arrival on the UAC secret base. Secrets of which you're about to uncover. WAD version V.1.2.
Credits: Authors, which resources/content I've used. lafoxxx for some graphics. Special thanks for [LeD]Jake Crusher. Music: "Insel Null" (modified version) from "Ever17" (Visual Novel, videogame); "Ersteboden" (modified version) from "Ever17" (Visual Novel, videogame); "Keys the Ruin" (modified version) from "Sonic Adventure 2" (Videogame)
Base: New from scratch
Build time: -_-'
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder, Doom Builder 2, XWE, Paint.
Bugs: If youl'll press "use" button on the emptiness in a certain place near the end of the map, a cage with Cyberdemon'll be closed by HOM. However, this won't affect map's performance.
Rating: (16 votes)
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A "realistic" map set in a prison that's also fun to play. Nice outdoor areas with plenty of greenery that unfortunately kill the software renderer. Gameplay is fine, maybe the pairing of cacodemon and pain elemental gets tiring after a while, but I have no other remarks. Fun to explore.x
Loved it! 5/5x
Worth playing, but by no means among the best stuff Lainos has produced.x
Visually very pleasant, with creative details everywhere, good soundtrack and a layout that is imo fun to explore and "figure out". I agree the gameplay isn't the best but it was OK for me.x
Typical Lainos map: stunning visuals, but absolutely hopeless gameplay. @ UV it looks like the monster placement is done while being totally uninterested in the effects on the gameplay... It's such a pity, this guy really should cooperate with others, where he would do the visuals - and leave aspects like map layout and gameplan for the other(s). That might result in top maps. BTW can be finished without getting the yellow key.x
Eh... It's large, non-linear and obviously a result of much effort. I just didn't find it all that fun to play nor all that good looking to be honest, visuals generally look unpolished and map lacks memorable aesthetics. music is also poor fit IMOx
The most fun level in years. Non-linear without being disorienting and full of, well, secrets; not only many items and all weapons but alternate passageways and two ways to get an optional key. Does not use Doom 2 enemies in the most annoying ways possible like many levels. Has a very heavy use of vegetation sprites outdoors, so some parts can be sluggish on older computers.x

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