Title: THE ULTIMATE DOOM FOREVER (A new detailed version of DooM ForeveR with new levels, graphics, sounds,
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/s-u/ult4ever.zip
Size: 3.21 MB
Date: 11/16/05
Author: jetflock
Description: Doom Forever: EPISODE I takes place on an overun UAC nukage facility located on the planet X-9 in the galaxy of Zeta Reticuli. New gun animations (a reworked version of the "atmosphere" sprites to update the gun graphics) tweaks to gameplay/monsters. new sounds. new objects/sprites. new textures. 1 new monster (other than SS replacement) map 06- totally new wad.
Credits: The creators of Doom Legacy.Lobo(creator of ESL Front End Launcher, Package It). The people who produced Deep, Doom Builder, Wintex, Photoshop. Final Doom sky, Hexen "ice" texture. ===========================================================================
Base: From Scratch
Build time: 1997-completed, April 2004-compiled and released under DooM ForeveR, November 7, 2005-major update/overhaul/re-released November 15th-fixed minor flaws,1.0 released to newstuff.
Editor(s) used: Photoshop, Wintex, (Dee/DeepSea-1997-2002), Doom Builder.
Bugs: DON'T run this with anything but Legacy(open GL).
Rating: (11 votes)
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I like it, but some of the textures don't look very good, and don't really fit in. This makes it easier to find secret doors. 4/5x
i don't think the story is that serious. -jetflockx
well when i tryed to run it W_GetNumForName:PLAY PAL not found! poped up all the other games work never tryed to do a custom wad befor so maby im not doing it right. I saw the video and it looks very kick ass. Great Job man!x
The wad is nice, the new weapons are preety sweet. I played this in GZDoom with no problem, OpenGL does wonders for this wad. -Marty Kirrax
Quite nice, even if I haven't finished it and I won't. I don't use to play Legacy maps, cause I got used to the 70(?) fps of Zdoom. Legacy engine seems to run like old doom locked at fewer fps :( I have missed several otherwise great Legacy WADs this way, cause I just couldn't play with that detail and speed.. Nice weapon replacements even if I'd prefer them to be at the center. It's too hard to aim like this. Cool details..x

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