Title: Uroboros
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/s-u/uroboros.zip
Size: 9.28 MB
Date: 01/08/23
Author: Ravendesk
Description: Uroboros is a Boom wad with non-linear progression between levels. Each map has both normal and secret exits, leading to different next map. But there's more! It may also be absolutely random which exit you will get (however you might discover secret deterministic exits), so there are many different ways to progress through the wad.

Non-linear progression is controlled with UMAPINFO so make sure your source port supports it.

Uroboros consists of two episodes. Episode 1: The Head. Begins with a fresh new game start and ends when you get to map 06. As said previously, the exact route between map 01 and map 06 is non-deterministic.

Episode 1 can be played pistol-started if you want, you will not miss out much (it will just be more difficult).

Episode 2: The Tail. From map 06 until one of the three endings. In this episode you might revisit levels you have already played, however with new equipment you got there, you will be able to access previously unreachable areas and find various shortcuts.

Episode 2 must be played continuously, otherwise you will not be able to progress to the final level and some of the endings.

Despite the fact that the wad is designed around continuous play, each map (even episode 2 maps) was playtested both continuously and pistol-started and each map can be uv-maxed with pistol start.

Please also note that cybers and barons don't count towards the kill count. However, hellknights and green cybers still do.

Compatibility: Boom (-complevel 9). Requires UMAPINFO support. Please use a port that supports UMAPINFO, otherwise you will not be able to follow the non-linear campaign Uroboros offers. Tested in dsda-doom, woof and GZDoom 4.8.2. I did my best to make the wad fully compatible with GZDoom, however there are still some boom gimmicks that are not emulated fully correctly, so I strongly recommend playing Uroboros in dsda-doom/woof/prboom+umapinfo and not in ZDoom-based port. If you absolutely want to play it in GZDoom - ok, but no guarantees, play at your own risk :) Mouselook, jumping and crouching should absolutely be disabled though.

Map & midi list:

Map 01: A Familiar Place Midi - "True" from Silent Hill 2

Map 02: In the Hall of the Mountain Queen Midi - "Strawberry Crisis!!" from Touhou 3: Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream

Map 03: Where I found my friend Morte Midi - "24" by Stuart Rynn

Map 04: Vingt mille lieues sous les grottes Midi - Premonition. Taken from 3 Heures D'agonie II.

Map 05: The Library of Babel Midi - "Maiden in Black" from Demon's Souls

Map 06: Karnak Midi - "Land of Able" by Mark Klem

Map 07: Cadmea Midi - "Aeschylus" by Ravendesk and Shin`ei

Map 08: Where Dolphins Cry Midi - "Deep Ridge" from Ecco: The Tides of Time

Map 09: Bad End. A Familiar Place..? Midi - "Nightmarish Waltz" from Silent Hill 4

Map 10: Good End. Watching over Midi - "Sad Theme" from Corpse Party

Map 11: True End. Ascended Midi - "True" from Silent Hill 2

Title screen - "Something Is Wrong (01)" from Corpse Party PC-98 Intermission screen - Title Screen theme from Syphon Filter 2 Intermission text screen - "Alone in the Town" from Silent Hill 2
Credits: Textures & Sprites: Main pack - 32in24-15_tex_v2 Some additional textures are from OTEX 1.1 by ukiro and from muumipack_v2 by Muumi.

Trees sprites - supercharge_v2.9. Lava decoration sprites - supercharge_v2.9. BFG sprites - Raven Software (edited by Vortale, taken from The Lost Magic).

Chaingun sprites are taken from Valiant, original author is NMN. Various other sprites - Raven Software.

Numbers for the hud are taken from The Lost Magic and recolored.

People who helped me with technical stuff: Xyzzy and Jizzwardo

Playtesters: Billa, Xyzzy, Nefelibeta and Master Medi

Wads that brought technological inspiration: Magnolia, POOGERS and Wormwood ]|[ - The Horror, Jumpwad
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 5 months
Editor(s) used: UDB, Slade, Doom Writer, Paint.net
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