Title: Vanguard
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/v-z/vanguard.zip
Size: 9.45 MB
Date: 05/11/11
Author: Paul DeBruyne (skillsaw)
Description: 12 Boom format levels for PrBoom+, ZDoom, or Eternity. A bonus 13th level is included for laughs. Inspired by Speed of Doom, Scythe 2, Alien Vendetta, and Plutonia.

Originally Vanguard was intended to be a 32-level speedmapped megawad inspired by Speed of Doom's development cycle and Scythe 2's episodic structure.
Credits: Vanguard includes graphics by: NiGHTMARE Espi Eriance Fredrik Johansson Janitor DaGGeR Ola Bjorling Vader XDelusion Esselfortium RottKing Nuxius Afterglow AgentSpork Enjay Huy Pham SargeBaldy Tormentor667 Iikka Keranen skillsaw GothicDM Team Requiem Team Eternal Doom Team id Software Raven Software Rogue Entertainment

Vanguard includes music from: Title Music Tales of the Abyss Intermission: Rise of the Triad Map01 Blood Map02 Castlevania: OoE Map03 Duke Nukem 3d Map04 Duke Nukem 3d Map05 TNT Evilution Map06 Journey to Silius Map07 Rise of the Triad Map08 Gundam F-91 Map09 Rise of the Triad Map10 Duke Nukem 3d Map11 Xenogears Map12 Xenogears

Everyone who has provided me with feedback in the Vanguard release thread, but especially Phml and ArmouredBlood for providing invaluable FDAs.
Base: Maps new from scratch; texture wad based on CC4-tex
Build time: 2 months
Editor(s) used: Doombuilder 2, SlumpEd
Bugs: There are slime trails that are especially pronounced in PrBoom+. They appear less frequently when running ZDoom or Eternity.
Rating: (146 votes)
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