Title: Atmospheric Extinction
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/v-z/vel_aex.zip
Size: 21.63 MB
Date: 10/09/21
Author: Kevin "Velvetic" Martins
Description: Atmospheric Extinction is a Boom (-complevel 9) mapset comprised of 9 maps divided into 3 distinct and action-packed episodes.

This project began when I was messing around with OTEX and trying to see if I could come up with some interesting layouts with a sense of progression, interconnectivity, and be fun/rewarding to explore.
Credits: Textures: Ukiro (OTEX), Mechadon (Mek's Box 'O Skies!), Cage (Cagetex), Makkon

Metal Torches: Gothic, Lobotomy Software, Raven Software

Doom 64 Lamps: Gothic, Midway

Trees: Enjay

Dead/Swamp Trees: Gothic, Raven Software

Limestone Cave Formations: Captain Toenail, Bethesda Softworks

Big Font (Tormentstein 3D): Jimmy, Kinsie

Small Font (Diet Log): Jimmy, Raven Software, Origin Systems

Status Bar Font: AgentSpork

Status Bar Face (Contra): valkiriforce

ZMAPINFO, EMENUS and Palette: Based on Eviternity by Dragonfly

EMAPINFO: Based on Heartland by Skillsaw

UMAPINFO: GratefulName

Playtesting: Major Arlene, Breezeep, Biodegradable, PinkKittyRose, Vortale, stxvile, Blip, Terminus, ReaperAA, Bridgeburner56
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 1 year
Editor(s) used: Ultimate Doom Builder, Slade, WhackEd, Photoshop
Bugs: None
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