Title: VeryHard
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/v-z/vhard.zip
Size: 7.07 MB
Date: 07/21/16
Author: yaqxsw
Description: I have made adrenaline hard WAD and it's called VeryHard. This WAD is probably harder than chillax, but donít worry, is not impossible because I tested on level UV and it passable. Thinking job is necessary, because you need find tricks. If your skill not enough, then I have made difficult setting. Here some important information:

1. If you want play without or less using save and load, try play difficulty level "Im young to die". 2. This specific WAD works only on Zdoom 2.8.1 3. This map havent over 10.000 monsters. There are beetwen 1850-9000 monsters. 4. Your computer must have at least 4 GB RAM, or you try map with less monsters. 5. Advice: Try be experimental, try be strategy save size of battle area, try be tricky.

A story: Marine is in a strange place, it seems he is near the gate to paradise.

Angel - You canít enter into paradise, because you have many sin. Marine - I will better stay here behind the gate, than going to hell. Angel - You havenít chance to stay here because you havenít a magic power to stand in this place. You will soon fall down. Marine - You fucking bastard, I have a lot of sin because you havenít destroyed hell! If you destroy hell, you donít meet people with any sin! Angel - We need forthright people. Marine - Ah, what!? You are just cheap Pussy because you are weak for beating hell!!! Where is god!!?? I want to speak with him!!! I show you, that you are a pussy!!! Angel - Calm down, I see you werenít in the courtroom. You need visit courtroom before come to gate. Marine - Why you didnít tell me in the very beginning?! Angel - God await for you on courtroom. Marine - Lead me to courtroom!! - Courtroom - God - Welcome.I have analyzed your story and you know a answer, but you have a request. Can you tell for all your requests? Marine - Iím sadÖ I supposed, that I come to hellÖ my request was a weapon that I can beat the demons, when I going to hell. I will fight to the death!!! God - You will get a weapon and you will get a magic ďRussian skillĒ. With Russian skill you might pass most hard part in the hell.
Credits: Texture: Deus Vult II, Gothic Music: Hell Revealed II, Holy Hell, Tartaru3, UAC invasion Map: Smal piece copied from Deus Vult II and Sunlust (Chair and arc)
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 4 month
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder, SLADE3 v3.1.1
Bugs: None
Rating: (24 votes)
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5 for the effort. x
Unplayable slaughterhell.x
Architecture is nice, but gameplay is fucking terrible. Most levels are not beatable. x
People here give stars for no reason, it's impossible to beat this map unless you use saves & loads since even the author can't beat this without that, the map is crammed with a 1k monsters from all directions and you have to run around the arena like a lunatic untill a switch appears, and then do it again and again. Untill your mind is blocked in. I don't care for the detail when this is the gameplay.x
Sure Bowb
3 Stars, happily given. I would have given 3.5, tbh. The maps are really chellenging, at times too long for their own sake, though. If you're the kind of player to really bang your head against some hard stuff: go pick it up. These maps are extremely slaughtery, and there is only one map containing less than 1.8k enemies (UV-settings). So if you get into this, make sure you have the time to spare, and bring along your elbow-grease of choice.x
Map geometry-spacious and nice Map detailing-well done Demon placement-not so great You're lucky I gave 2 stars.x

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