Title: Vicarious
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/v-z/vicar.zip
Size: 924.61 KB
Date: 06/20/22
Author: ZeMystic
Description: Vicarious is an old set I started around October last year. It's not as good as my Squonker stuffs but it's still a blast. It features medieval castles and cities.
Credits: Vicarious uses resources from the following:

Gothic Textures Hexen Cage's Texture Pack Ultimate Doom Extra Lites 32-in-24 15 32-in-24 14 Forest Sword Scythe 2 DrDoctor's Texture Pack Psyren Textures Koul Textures Duke Nukem 3D Cold Front Trial to Hell Ancient Aliens Heretic M_DOOM by ZeMystic Skyboxes by ZeMystic Interpic and Titlepic by Bethesda Intro Song - Dungeon Master 2 - Unknown Track 2 Intermission Song - Dungeon Master 2 - Void Theme 2 Daggerfall - Night Theme 7 Dungeon Master 2 - Boiler Room Halo: Combat Evolved - Devils... Monsters... Demon Souls - Maiden
Base: New from scratch.
Build time: A few months
Editor(s) used: Ultimate DOOM Builder
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