Title: Cry of the Poseidon
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/v-z/vile_geo.zip
Size: 931.92 KB
Date: 08/13/03
Author: Reverend Maynard
Description: In an effort to combat the problem of declining energy sources, GEO(Global Energy Operations) was created to research a blossoming field of study: Harnessing the planet's own geothermal energy. Fifty years after it's formation, GEO opened the doors to the Poseidon Power Plant. The Poseidon's many towers stretched to the skies above and the ocean floors below, drawing the heat from the planet's geothermal actions and generating enough power to fuel the world entire. The Poseidon has provided the world with enough energy in one year to pay for itself ten times over. It has become one of the most important structures in the world.

It is so important that the Poseidon has it's own army: An array of powerful aircraft and navy vessels too formidable for any earthly foe.

Earthly foe, that is. The Poseidon recently fell when a legion of hellspawn, remaining from a previous invasion of Earth, destroyed all resistance and overtook the facility. They're using the power plant's energy to open a portal to their dimension, where hellspawn are pouring out by the dozen. The demons have sent us a transmission, informing us that they plan on using the Poseidon as their Earth headquarters. They seek to control our planet, transforming it into another Hell. They also have a close eye on the surrounding waters, and will destroy the entire facility if any ships or aircraft come within their reach. With no hope of even getting within sight of the Poseidon, it seems like the demons have already won.

All is not lost, however. Scientists have released a prototype stealth system, theorized to be invisible to the demons' sensors. If it works, vessels could be sent to the facility, and the plant could be deactivated: Thus closing the portal and elimating the threat of destruction. The only problem: Only one stealth device was made, and it is only large enough to cloak a one-man submarine. It is not possible to build addition devices in time, which means this will be a solo job. Using this stealth system, you could get inside the plant and shut off the power. The demons won't notice you until they see you with their own eyes, and by that time it will be too late for them!

*** Mission Outline ***

Your mission is to infiltrate the facility and deactivate the demon's portal by temporarily shutting off the power. A blue keycard was designed for this, however our sensors show that it is no longer in the facility. We fear the demons have taken it into their own dimension, which means you'll have to cross through into Hell itself to retrieve it.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to get anywhere near the portal, as demons will pour out of it if you come within it's reach. To stop this, you must locate a number of emergency shut-off switches, easily identifiable by the hexagonal mettalic patterns on the walls, ceiling, and floor. Each decreases the amount of power the Poseidon can produce, and will thus weaken the portal. The more switches you find, the fewer demons you'll have to face to get through to Hell.

Once you reach the portal, you must cross into Hell and find the keycard. Once you're there, the commanding demons will know of your presence and will begin the self-destruct procedure. You will have a limited time to find the card, return to the Poseidon, and shut off the power before the demons destroy the facility.

There are two endings to this wad(three if you count dying): If you shut off the power, you'll get the good ending, and if the demons manage to destroy the place before you can do that, you'll get the bad ending.
Credits: ID for making the game.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: Ha! vile_dead.wad was a light snack compared to this.
Editor(s) used: WinDEU, wintex, dehacked
Bugs: This wad will not work under earlier versions of ZDoom. It is known to run under the latest version though.

Kill-percentage will never be accurate. Some monsters are used only for effect, and the Hell portion of the wad contains more monsters than you're expected to fight. There may be other bugs, if you find any let me know. I think you can forgive me if I miss any though, since this wad makes the state of Texas look like a broom closet.
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This wad is very weird and I'm not talking about level 32 (though I'm still interested the fuck that was). This is something you need to experience because it's pretty hard to describe. It's far from perfect but it's so ambitios that I can't resist not to give 5/5. It's a shame author never finished any other wad.x
The Monitor
Not too bad, but the first time I played, I nearly got all the switches (5 out of 7, I think), but lost at the hell thing for trying to kill everything. Oops. Oh, well, warrants an 80%.x
This is, ummm, strange. Especially that weird level 32. 4/5.x
Mhm. Massive. Bit tricky, tight on ammo, but interesting. I don't understand mockerish ending, though :) -- Brun Ohnx
needs more ammo and weponsx

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