Title: V.O.L. R2
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/v-z/volr2.zip
Size: 202.63 KB
Date: 02/20/04
Author: Christopher Emirzian (Udderdude)
Description: This is a remake of V.O.L. (1000 Demons).
Credits: id Software
Base: vol1000d.wad by me
Build time: About a week
Editor(s) used: ZETH, NWT, Wintex, Zennode
Bugs: None
Rating: (11 votes)
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^mad. Author's an alright dude and he made X.O.P. even. 4/5 AWAAAAYx
This is a rather short gothic style map with mostly indoor and some bloody red sky outdoor areas. The level of detail is appropriate and it has a nice, sometimes claustrophobic atmosphere when you don't have much room to move. The challenge is very good. Not easy at all, but never unfair. It has just the right balance of monsters, health and ammo. Recommended! 4/5 -Milianx
Great fun, although it doesn't have a thousand demons (it has 239 monsters in total, of which a lot are imps). It starts off old-school, as you stay with the pump-action shotgun for the first third of the game. The Hexen textures give it a gothy feel. It's well-designed and entertaining all the way through, with a couple of slightly monotonous switch hunts; it gets better as it goes along.x
I, actually think its very good.x
Its tough. Its looks good. PLAY IT 4/5-The[Battle]Oxx
Not that bad really although very linear. A fun play.x

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