Title: Vrack 0
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/v-z/vrack0.zip
Size: 17.21 KB
Date: 09/05/03
Author: Fredrick Johnson
Description: You are in space and you must kill everyone there before they conquer Earth!
Credits: + id Software for Doom II ^______^
+ Fredrick Johnson (me) for testing.
+ Fredrik Johannsen for the idea ^____________^
Base: New level from scratch. I did all the work cuz I'm so cool. The textures were made in Doom II but I skillfully added them in ^________^
Build time: 30 minutes
Editor(s) used: OMGIFOL!!!!!!
Bugs: It's perfect! No errors!!!!!!!
Rating: (15 votes)
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What happened? All your others were well detailed and playable. Why not this? I am in disappoint.x
dis maek lil wayne kil mad ass hel 00000000/54345357x
Duh, I know. And this is not a joke wad.x
Ack-this was made in 2003, releeased the day before the dreaded spet 5, 2003. AAAAAAA...oh, wad gets 3 stars.x
This wad is horrible. He just put a lot of Mancubuses and Revenants and an SSG. He put all the keys and a special door that says "you need all 6 keys to open it." This wad makes no sense. x
Unfunny joke wad.x

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