Title: Vrack 2
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/v-z/vrack2.zip
Size: 588.54 KB
Date: 04/08/01
Author: Fredrik Johansson
Description: This is a giant space station in the gray and tech theme. It is crumbling with hellspawn and filled with deadly traps.
This is a little more like I wanted to have the original Vrack. More detail, more metal, more big enemies, less linear. I have spent a LOT of time with this level, so I hope it gets better than its precursor.
But it was a very hard mission. Vrack was believed by many to be one of the best levels ever created. In most aspects, I think Vrack 2 improves over Vrack. But there are some things, such as the caco intro in Vrack, that in my opinion were perfect - and really hard to substitute :| ...
Still, I hope you will find this level enjoyable!
Credits: * Adam Williamson, who tested... tested... dammit, I wonder if he didn't spend more time testing than I did building.
* Arioch, for generously testing, suggesting and commenting, plus webcasting it and, of course, promoting it on Doomworld.
* Chrozoron, who tested, tested, tested, tested some more and finally tested it again, and also gave me a lot of comments, ideas and suggestions.
* Tarin, who tested, tested, complained, complained and further - complained. At least it was constructive.
* Wim Vanrie, testing and testing and, umm, telling me how perfect the design was :)

* ... and everybody else who tested it :P I should quit doing those mass-DCC:s. Kissing my ass seems to work far too good.

* id Software for Doom
* TeamTNT for Boom
* SBSoftware for DeepSea
* Creator of WinTex
* Randy Heit for ZDoom
* Whoever composed the music
* Newdoom.com for hosting & stuff
* Doomworld for being a great news site

* All you who told me how amazing you thought the screenshots looked. Without the great interest in this project, I would maybe have given up! :)

* You who download it and play it!
Base: Yes, of course it's a base. (j/k :) planned and built from scratch. A few sectors copied from Vrack, but it's all original.
Build time: I checked and found that the file was created December 13, 2000. That means a build time of 3 months. That makes an average of 200 sidedefs/day! In hours, it couldn't be more than 200 or so, I _have_ been doing other stuff during this period (though the nights by the computer got late sometimes ;)
Editor(s) used: * DeepSea by SBSoftware. This is really a great editor which I strongly recommend. It gets terribly slow with big maps, but you won't notice before 8000 sidedefs :)
* WinTex for WAD stuff

I didn't remove the wasted textures from the WAD. I'm just too lazy, and it doesn't really matter since the map itself is several times bigger :)
Bugs: Yes :( Most of the bugs are concerning the skies. Weird stuff happens. Just don't go for finding the bugs. Note that you get stuck with Legacy at a point.

It is possible that I release an updated version to fix eventual disasters.
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