Title: Wart 04: Den of Evil
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/v-z/wart04.zip
Size: 4.43 MB
Date: 04/03/08
Author: Brad Carney (Carnevil)
E-mail: bradc@skulltag.com
Description: A large single player level.
Credits: Randy Heit for his amazing work with ZDoom, which Skulltag is based off of. The rest of the Skulltag team for making the Skulltag features in this level possible. Mechadon for the title graphic. Harbringer, Mechadon, Karate Chris, Theshooter7, Firewolf, and SuperGod for testing.
Base: Scratch
Build time: Three months (not counting periods of inactivity)
Editor(s) used: Zeth, Acc
Bugs: None
Rating: (30 votes)
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