Title: Weird West
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/v-z/weirdotown.zip
Size: 9.73 MB
Date: 01/22/23
Author: Federico Milesi (aka MrFroz)
Description: This map was originally part of the "Bonus Levels" episode of my Blood-inspired mod, Blood: Dead on Arrival. It was one of only two levels that I made from scratch specifically for that TC during 2018.

This map is heavily based on the Wild West era level of the Duke Nukem spin-off game, Time to Kill. The geometry is almost identical to that, however, the textures are from Blood, which I was surprised at how well they seemed to fit the map's design theme.

Ideally, this should be played with a recent version of GZDoom on Hardware Mode, due to the fact that the level features 3D slopes. However, I added a "Software Mode" which is selectable from the main menu that removes the 3D slopes and improves compatibility for those using GZDoom's Software Mode or another source-port like Zandronum.

The gameplay here is a bit more difficult than that of my previous wad from 2016. I received feedback that that level didn't provide enough challenge so I spiced things up for this one. If you're having trouble completing the map, I suggest trying an easier difficulty setting or finding the secrets. The secrets aren't too many and a bit hard to find but each one can help a lot.
Credits: Gothic for the Metal Torches. Ceeb for the Blood 1 Textures pack. Monolith for Blood and n-Space for Duke Nukem: Time to Kill.
Base: Made from scratch.
Build time: Maybe two weeks.
Editor(s) used: Ultimate Doom Builder 3.0.
Bugs: Artifacts might occur if the port you play this WAD with can't render 3D Slopes while playing "Hardware Mode" episode.
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