Title: Wekless Endangerment
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/v-z/weklesse.zip
Size: 47.82 KB
Date: 08/30/17
Author: Fonze
Description: Short, Boom (-complevel 9), rocket-centric, slaughter-ish, lightly-puzzle-y-but-not-much- really speedmap I made for an awesome angry cloud's birthday and because I had a funny idea for a layout that was perfect for her birthday. After 2 hours on the first night making most critical things, another hour tweaking gameplay the "second" night, and another hour and a half detailing/fixing stuff on the "third" night, plus some time getting feedback, I bring you this ~5 hour speedmap :) UV will kill you a few times; HMP is a much easier, more casual experience and HNTR more-so from there. Good luck and have fun! Midi "Heart of the Sun" comes from an improv Joe Satriani did for a guitar magazine. Demo1 in 0:59 by rdwpa; Demo2 and 3 by me.
Credits: Id, the Doom community, Joe Satriani for the amazing tunes he makes, as well as who ever made the midi version, Bloodshedder and The Green Herring for maintaining the archives, Ling and co. for keeping DW alive after AG shut down, and Essel for always being an angry cloud to me. I hope your birthday was awesome! Special thanks to rdwpa and Nine Inch Heels for testing/feedback. Huge extra special thanks and major props to rdwpa for the insane <1:00 demo <3
Base: Biscuits made from scratch the way Momma used to.
Build time: 5 Hours
Editor(s) used: GZDB, Slade3
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