Title: UAC Research Vessel #1024
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/v-z/wh1024.zip
Size: 134.94 KB
Date: 02/02/05
Author: Will Hackney AKA Kid Airbag AKA Archvile46
Description: I wanted to make an entry for Lutrov's 1024x1024 wad and came up with this awesome idea and started making it, but found out that the 244 linetype, which my level revolves around the use of, wasn't kosher for the project. So, I took the level and decided I hadn't released anything in way too long, and turned it into this.

The level takes place on a two-deck spaceship, complete with quarters, galley, rec area, laundry, computer room, science lab, cryo room, power control, observatory, and a bridge. The level is definitely doable from a pistol start, and it's even easier if you find both of the secrets.

I didn't implement skill settings in this map because it's so small to begin with. There's also an element of strategy involved, particularly in the final run to get the blue key and exit.
Credits: Paul Flechute for the new textures that I used

Mark Klem for the level music

Thom Yorke for the intermission music

The creators of WadAuthor and Wintex

Dr. Pepper
Base: New level from scratch.
Build time: About a week, making it easily the quickest level I've ever made
Editor(s) used: WadAuthor, WinTex
Bugs: Nothing major, but some of the 244s can be painfully obvious if you're facing the wrong direction. Also, sometimes the baron in the observatory can get stuck.
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