Title: Whitemare
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/v-z/whitemar.zip
Size: 9.98 MB
Date: 01/19/11
Author: Russian Doom Community (see below)
Description: Megawad, based on "winter" theme from Russian Doom Community. The demons have decided to ruin the winter's fun of Christmas and New Year's celebrations to people, so your task is prove those stupid bastards wrong. The base of this megawad are 12 improved maps (map 01 - map 06, map 08-map 11, map 14, map 16) from speedmapping contests 5, which took place on 19.12.2010 on iddqd.ru forum. The rest levels were added some time later, some maps were seriously reworked, and others have been put in wad almost without any changes at all. Have a good game.
Credits: ID Software, Raven Software, Monolith Productions for Blood, 3DRealms for Duke Nukem 3d, Cherepoc for Mogor's sprites, BeeWen for Titlepic, pixiv ID 1898492 for Interpic, 3EPHOEd for Russian Doom Builder, all authors of music (see below for more detail).
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 18.12.2010 - 19.01.2011
Editor(s) used: DoomBuilder 1.68 (3EPHOEd edition), XWE 1.16, DoomBuilder 2, Photoshop CS 8.0 and others.
Bugs: Map 12 don't work correctly with -complevel 2 in prboom+
Rating: (57 votes)
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