Title: WhoDunIt: The Art of Deception
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/v-z/whodunit.zip
Size: 82.84 MB
Date: 11/29/12
Author: Conflagrated, Theshooter7, TheMisterCat, Peanut, Zeberpal, et al.
Description: Lies. Deception. Murder.

"Who is the murderer? Some never find out, if he is cunning enough to elude them for long enough. He is normal just like the rest of us, if not a little bit too normal. He is you, and he is me. He is inside the walls, and he is waiting.

Even more interesting is this: If the "murderer" simply blends in and waits, keeping his knife hidden and watching as the innocents off each other one by one, is he still the monster? Sometimes the "innocents" kill more than the "murderer" does. So who is sane?

Don't think about it too long, or you'll become distracted enough for him (or me, or that other guy) to sneak up behind you. Good luck." -WhiteRabbit on "WhoDunIt"

WhoDunIt is a custom gamemode for Zandronum that rewards the observant, and punishes the clumsy.

The game starts with all the players spawning in various locales, armed with little but their fists and an array of melee weapons scattered around the levels. After a short while, one player is chosen as the Murderer. The Murderer's goal is simple: Murder everyone. His preferred method to deliver death? A sliver of metal between the vertebrae.

The Murderer has to be cautious, though! For while the knife is the most efficient and satisfying method of taking out others, drawing it is very loud and visually obvious; Marking him as the largest threat in the room, usually ending with him in a corner getting his skull bashed in by 'The Innocents'.

To make matters worse, all these deaths have left the Murderer with a constantly draining sanity, eventually losing it and committing suicide when unable to watch something squirm and die.

Fortunately, the trademarked knife he carries isn't the only weapon at his disposal; Poisonous chlorine gas, remote cameras, smoke bombs, poisoned first-aid kits, and even Automated trip-wire shotguns allow The Murderer to manipulate and destroy his prey.

But what happens when The Murderer blends in a little too well? What happens if somebody loses it and kills someone completely innocent? Two mistakes. That's all you get before you are removed from the game instantly. After an Innocent kills one Innocent, he is marked with a Yellow Aura, enabling other players to beat him to within an inch of his life before being allowed to venture with the others. Another mistake? You won't be heard from again...

Worse still, The Murderer has a penchant for being able to find the careless, regardless of their location.
Credits: Wartorn, Minigunner, Mooseknuckle, Tribeam, Fusion, Darkfyre, Synert, Lightman, Espi, Capt J3. DarkKnight, Cruduxy, Jimmy91, Killer2, XSnake, Marty Kirra, Jigsaw, Sicamore, WildWeasel, and anyone else possibly forgotten, it's been a long development time and keeping track of everyone who has possibly been involved at some point is near impossible.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Roughly more than 2 years
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 2, GZDoom Builder 2, XWE, Slade3, Photoshop, MSPaint, a number of others for things like models etc.
Bugs: There are likely a few map-related bugs or some odd things here or there because of Zandronum's net code and ACS behaving strangely at times, but it shouldn't cause anything to utterly break; that being said, stability cannot be guaranteed but the authors have done their best to make the experience as bug-free as possible
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