Title: The Sewage Works (release 13)
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/v-z/works.zip
Size: 243.36 KB
Date: 03/03/14
Author: Christopher Bazley & John Tardrew
Description: A sewage works in your hometown has fallen prey to the demons that invaded planet Earth. Having been parachuted into the heart of the complex, it is your job to clean up. There is a disgusting odour in the air, and it isn't just the smell of unprocessed sewage putrefying in the sunshine. If you beat the demonic invaders then you will have to find your own way out. Local human survivors say that the main entrance has been barricaded or damaged; the old sewer tunnels are perilous but may be your only alternative.
Credits: Pascal vd Heiden (author of Doom Builder) Anthony J. Burden & Simon Oke (authors of the Doom Editor for Total Headcases) Lee Noar (for the RISC OS port of DETH) Eddie Edwards & R-Comp Interactive (for Acorn Doom) Justin Fletcher (for Acorn Doom+ and DoomGFX) Alex Macfarlane Smith (for DoomWAD application) Id Software for creating Doom II
Base: New from scratch
Build time: An obscene, grotesque and incalculable length of time.
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder Deth v3.92 (RISC OS port v1.00) DoomWAD v1.02 DoomGFX 1.02 DOOMFiler v1.09 Paint 1.84 (Acorn Computers) Dazzle 1.11 (Silica Software)
Bugs: I spent days (weeks?) redesigning this map to make it compatible with vanilla Doom (no visplane overflows etc.) before realising it is still impossible to save games without overrunning an internal buffer. That would be impossible to solve without deleting half of the map. Another reason to use a modern source port is that most fix a bug where monsters get stuck in doorways (and there are a lot of doorways in this map). This level makes extensive use of linedefs with the 'block sounds' flag set. Sound is supposed to travel across one such linedef but not a second. However, a bug in Acorn Doom+ means that sounds travel no further than the first such linedef. That prevents enemies in more distant sectors from being alerted to the player's presence. The map should still be possible to complete.
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Quite a really nice "realistic" visual style. But nowadays, this isn't enough if the map isn't well accustomized for playability. Many areas were cramped way too much. If they were 3-times wider and probably also higher, it'd be more comfortable to move around there. Gameplay had its weak moments: PE right at start, Spectre horde, many unnecessary high-HP monsters, then repeated same-y low-tier enemy corridor shootage - but other than that, it was enjoyable. Still 4/5. :)x
^^ I wish the previous reviewer had been more specific about what was disappointing. I can fix bad texture coordinates, but I can't change the story. How can the outside of a building not fit the inside?x
Played @ UV. Map starts with excellent gameplay: intense but not slaughtery, keeps that until 2/3 of the map, and finishes leaving me disappointed. The last part could imho better been split-off, it simply doesn't fit. New textures are fine. Architecture is rectangular, but not boring, and even darkness works well - which shows development skills. Solid 4/5 for the first 2/3, and skip the last part.x
good onex
Fun panic start: monsters everywhere, not much ammo. Takes some time to find enough weaponry to fight back. But even after that the map remains tough thanks to creative monster placement and traps. The very dark parts were a bit frustrating for me but thrilling too, so I enjoyed them. And it all ends with a classic cyberdemon showdown on the street. Quite an adventure with original ideas and some cute new graphics thrown in. Recommended.x

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