Title: Water Treatment Plant
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/v-z/wtp.zip
Size: 40.22 KB
Date: 03/21/13
Author: mrthejoshmon
Description: This is an old building somewhere in a derelict town, but that's not important, the truth is its a front for a teleport station... sneaky UAC...

this is my first vanilla map, I am quite proud of what it is now, its not all polished or detailed fully, but the gameplay is exactly how I wanted it to be, easy is tailored to how I play, medium is about average and hard is me challenging myself! this map is also a surprisingly fun bot deathmatch map!

This map has been tested fully in multiple ports, these ports are: prboom, prboom+, zdoom, zandronum, skulltag, gzdoom and chocolate doom.
Credits: I would love to thank: Bucket, Obsidian, Memfis, joepallai, valkiriforce, Daiyu_Xiaoxiang, Tango, Chex Warrior, Remiel, schwerpunk, StoneFrog and SFoZ911 for all the advice and help on how and what to do with mapping!
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 1 day and a half
Editor(s) used: doombuilder
Bugs: there seems to be no bugs, if you find any please tell me!
Rating: (12 votes)

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Decent for a first effort, but a bit cramped. 3/5x
Pretty darn good level with great items, weapons and monster placements. Also, there is a HOM effect on the exit door. (I was running GLBOOM, By the way.) Nothing bad, Other than that the level was great. - DoomGeek101x
Short, simple, and not too bad. I only died once on UV, and I managed to get through with only leaving the Baron in the Blue Key hallway alive, so, I'd say it was still pretty good. The cramped feeling wasn't too hard to deal with, just by backing up a few times - that's all I had to do. 3/5 - K12x
Widen up those hallways! Other than that, this is really nice stuff. A well earned 4/5x
Very good for a first Vanilla attempt! The gameplay was fun, however, it was also a bit frustrating to play on UV. The map was cramped in a lot of places making it hard to dodge imp and BOH fireballs in the Blue Keycard room. And another thing! Too many chaingunners on UV. Next time, try to replace some chaingunners with sergents and former humans ;) 3.5/5 - Diablo784x
A little easy and short, but it's good.x
Kind of cramped in places, but that's pretty much the only complaint I have: it's decently detailed and pretty fun to play as well. I'm glad you're trying out vanilla mapping, by the way: I hope you enjoy it. :) 4 stars. - Obsidianx

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