Title: ZanZan - Gzdoom Version
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/v-z/zanzan_g.zip
Size: 3.66 MB
Date: 09/08/06
Author: Edmundo Bordeau-Zanzan TC ; Kniggit-music; Michael Niggel and Michael Ryssen-special thanks; Pawel Z
Description: This is a conversion of the excellent Total Convesion for Doom by Edmundo Bordeau named Zanzan, where you play an immortal (not anymore) ruler of your planet. You plan on destroying a planet, that, as you believe, will lead to a war in the future. One of your servants does not agree with that, so when Zanzan, or you, sleep for one year, your former servant plans a rebelion against you to stop you from destroying the above mentioned planet. The very planet is .. Earth. Refer to Zanreadme.txt for more information. This TC had originally been built for a, now defunct, version of Zdoom's open Gl sourceport- Zdoomgl. The very old version (0.66) had md2 models support, which this mod uses extensively to create a new gaming environment. With the addition of md2 models support to Graf Zahl's excellent Zdoom sourceport-Gzdoom, I, Paul at DRD or Nmn, have taken care of making a version of the TC to run under Gzdoom. One of the reasons was that the old version of ZDoomgl the original TC requires can cause trouble to either set up, or display things properly. Another reason was that Gzdoom is more popular nowadays. Last reason was that I wanted more people to play this mod, as I think, without any hyperbole, it's very likely the best wad ever made, even if having only 3 levels. Have fun!
Base: Original Zanzan TC made by Edmundo Bordeau
Build time: I dunno. Something like 4 days
Editor(s) used: -Doom Builder by Codeimp -XWE by Csabo -Paint Shop Pro by Jasc -Npherno's MD3 compiler -Gmax by Discreet -Pakscape by Peter Engstrom -Whacked 2.0
Bugs: There are some technical and visual differences between this version and the original. Gzdoom does not support interpolated animations, yet, meaning most anims will look a bit choppy, sadly. The dynamic lighting doesn't affect models properly yet (it illuminates them wholly, not their polygons), as a result though, the framerates are increased. However, original version did not have (actually I don't know wether it had or didn't have dynamic lighting.. my version did not) dynamic lighting, neither static not for effects. This version does. I couldn't, oddly, get the reflective floors to work either.. for some reason. I couldn't get the Zesters trans-morphing into priests in map 02, but besides that, everything works very well, Koocayam and the Holyblade including.
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