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Alice's (Amazing Agonizing) Restaurant
Take a trip to Alice's Restaurant. A tribute to Alice and Arlo - there's much to explore. Many critters to kill too. This is a fairly hard wad, one to test the resolve of all who enter. Keep an eye on ammo, and you'll be fine - well, better keep an e...Date:11/07/98
Size:88.82 KB
Author:Sparkle Tom

you are a soldier in earth's defense force blah blah blah just kill them already...Date:05/15/08
Size:75.48 KB
Author:Mike Wiesenauer (deldelda)

A challenging level covering a large area. Lots of monsters, weapons and powerups. Excellent views. Several puzzles. Fairly consistant and good quality. Meals provided....Date:10/16/96
Size:80.3 KB
Author:Andrew Kingdom

ABATTOIR (The Slaughter House) v1.1
Size:469.17 KB
Author:Jeffrey J. Martin from the land of the free and the home of the brave.

The Abdelazer
Single player only....Date:06/19/98
Size:89.66 KB
Author:Thomas Drugg

Abandoned Mansion
Medium sized level where you explore a mansion. Made to be vanilla-compaitble....Date:06/24/11
Size:53.83 KB

a big job
1 level WAD. I use a P120 machine, so I imagine some areas may run slowly on a underpowered machine....Date:09/23/97
Size:278.51 KB
Author:Michael Krause

This is my first wad, so don't expect something special, but I think it's not bad for the first wad....Date:10/08/95
Size:13.53 KB
Author:Andrew Deren

A three level wad combo for Doom2....Date:12/21/96
Size:170.88 KB
Author:Billy Fromal

Four unrelated maps by Bob Reganess, with some new graphics, sounds and music....Date:02/03/06
Size:446.14 KB
Author:Bob Reganess

Are you tired of killin an squishin and shumuckin everything then try this game in the capture mode. There are monster traps ( 5 or 6 of em) that will teleport them to jail. But ya gota get em to cross that line. Want Hints? Course ya...Date:07/11/03
Size:354.91 KB
Author:Bob Reganess
This island is so hot even the troops are in shorts. And these damn seagulls are everywhere. They learned to eat by following the troops and scavenging among the dead. If ya hear the seagulls then ya can bet there's a troublemaker nearby. The only...Date:07/11/03
Size:653.41 KB
Author:Bob Reganess
Jailbirds is a great action WAD for single or multiple players. In deathmatch,cooperative or network mode this wad allows up to 4 players (2 are in a prison located in the heart of a mountain, while the other 2 players are outside). ...Date:07/11/03
Size:419.94 KB
Author:Bob Reganess

System Vices
Systems have always existed for the benefit of someone or something. And although somewhat perverted, vices also have always existed for the very same reason. The two are usually in opposition to each other. But when systems and vices are in a...Date:04/20/03
Size:1.96 MB

Absinthe 3lvl adventure
This wad includes 3 pretty short wads. This is my first single player "campaign"...Date:09/12/13
Size:99.97 KB
Author:Simone Lombardi

Absolute Dishonor
Absolute Dishonor is a brand-new 8-level WAD created between Michael Jan "valkiriforce" Krizik and Jon "40oz" Vail - four maps from each map author. The levels are inspired from old-school Doom WADs from the 90's such as Memento Mori and The Plutonia...Date:09/15/16
Size:1.52 MB
Author:Michael Jan Krizik (valkiriforce) & Jon "40oz" Vail

ABSOLOM >absolom.wad<
Based on the movie absolom, I build this Level from scratch. Find out your way from the prison of absolom....Date:05/12/06
Size:116.46 KB
Author:Peter Wittkamp

Above and Below
A single-level Doom2 PWAD....Date:01/14/99
Size:60.99 KB
Author:Rob Berkowitz

This is a vanilla-compatible map I made to get back to the basics. You know how that goes....Date:12/15/09
Size:133.44 KB

Size:1.03 MB
Author:Jeffrey J. Martin from the land of the free and the home of the brave.

A smallish level with a gothic/medievil type theme which is based around a study/library overun by demons etc. You may use any port to play this level but please disable mouselook and jumping as it was intended to play under vanilla Doom2 parameters ...Date:01/08/03
Size:49.78 KB
Author:P.Westlake....aka "Ace"

CROSSING ACHERON is the second level in the INFERNO series. Having passed through DANTE'S GATE and survived, you now find yourself in a keep on the shores of the river Acheron. This is the second leg of the journey in your search for Beatrice. Your g...Date:07/01/03
Size:57.35 KB
Author:John W. Anderson (aka Dr. Sleep)

CROSSING ACHERON is the second level in the INFERNO series. Having passed through DANTE'S GATE and survived, you now find yourself in a keep on the shores of the river Acheron. This is the second leg of the journey in your search for Beatrice. Your g...Date:07/05/95
Size:76.6 KB
Author:John W. Anderson (aka Dr. Sleep)

Acid Area Wad (for Doom ][)
Decent sized, just over 1300 vertices and 300 objects....Date:03/06/96
Size:71.57 KB
Author:Douglas Ryerson

Size:336.93 KB
Author:Jeff Paulsen
Well, here are my two best levels, finally complete. I have waited so long to upload them that I don't even have the wad template anymore. These two levels are both quite large and challenging, and should be errorless. I have added as well all ...Date:04/26/97
Size:463.83 KB

A City
The 101st beta version of the first level from my project "The Cities". A few buildings, no objects except player starts and a few shotguns in hidden areas where you cant get to ;). There are no keys so the locked doors are unlocked on the moment :)....Date:11/11/00
Size:56.03 KB
Author:De Zeurkous

1 map for vanilla Doom to celebrate the birthday of WildWeasel on Doomworld and the ZDoom forums. Hope you had a good one dude. :)...Date:07/15/14
Size:110.8 KB

a day to die
1 level WAD. I use a P120 machine, so I imagine some areas may run slowly on a underpowered machine....Date:11/20/97
Size:316.56 KB
Author:Michael Krause

AD Coop
A coop wad made by clan AD...Date:12/13/04
Size:108.14 KB
Author:andymun89 and m0rgZ

I don't want to give away to much of the wad, but I do want you to try it so I'll tell the wad has a few tricks and ambushes that will keep you thinking and pumping lead into enemies. I also made sure it was beatable. It might be a little harder for ...Date:08/29/95
Size:40.12 KB
Author:Bob Cunius

This is a level I made to go with my new sprite 'Adolf',a giant floating Hitler head that replaces the Cacodemon in Doom2.I drew all the head animations with pencil and paper,and then scanned them in. It looks quite realistic....Date:03/14/97
Size:268.2 KB
Author:Steve Rescoe

My first try at a DOOM2 level. Starts simple, progressively becomes more and more involved. Never stand looking in one direction too long, something will sneak up on you! WARNING - its pretty damn hard, but there is enough ammo....Date:05/21/95
Size:47.22 KB
Author:Michael Fulbright

This is a 3-level demo of ADMICTM.WAD. For more information about the full release of the WAD, please visit: or
Size:73.8 KB
Author:Michael Hadjion and Adam Stolfo

Based on my first proper WAD (AFRO.WAD) this DOOM ][ WAD is pretty hard (I think). It's still pretty small but I think that it's challenging enough....Date:03/01/96
Size:14.14 KB
Author:(ID)ries "Afroman" Hamadi

Aftershock Industrial
Size:90.54 KB
Author:Marc J.S.

6'0", 250 lbs., nice smile....Date:05/06/95
Size:19.7 KB
Author:Big Tiger

Agony of the Eighth
A rather large map featuring spacious, open-air environments, a dark cave system below, and a river. It'sabout a twelve minute affair if you know exactly what you're doing. Speedrunning was not a consideration while making this level, and you can mak...Date:06/17/09
Size:120.98 KB
Author:Chris Wright

The Agonizing Vault
This is a singleplayer map, i tried vanilla for the first time. I usually use hexen format because i like scripting, but after finishing this wad, i concluded that no scripts were needed. I had a bit of trouble with a lift though... There isn't much ...Date:10/29/13
Size:40.39 KB

Agonizing Planet
There has been a great rift in the space-time continuum. Due to forces unseen, you have been thrust into the DOOM universe yet again, this time as you battle your way through the Agony of the Planet! Agonizing Planet! It is your fate! Embrace the pai...Date:06/24/09
Size:45.66 KB
Author:Chris Wright

Ancient Hatred
Slaughter`ish speedmap (3 hours, including thing/monster placement) with HMP skill level added later. Very much inspired by HR2. UV-skill is very hard, and HMP is for casual players :)...Date:01/23/11
Size:51.5 KB
Author:Christian Lian

Single player DOOM II level set in a brownish arena, with many imps!...Date:07/23/98
Size:63.89 KB
Author:Thomas Drugg

Single player WAD. Storyline - KILL EVERYTHING!!! (without dying)...Date:02/02/01
Size:279.03 KB
Author:Jimmy 'AirRaid' MacLean

5 levels varing types from mass destruction to run'n'jump to teleporter sections....Date:05/21/06
Size:400.02 KB
Author:Paul Noble

Kick an imp and he gets pissed!
This is a little level which I made soon after my first couple of deathmatches it originally was intended to mimic the mood and feel of the first doom2 level, but soon after putting half of it down on paper, I had a stunning idea, although it will ho...Date:04/13/07
Size:41.09 KB
Author:Paul Noble

ALAB (Ain't Life A Bitch)
When did DOOM come out.. '92?? Started Then.. 3 NEW levels...Date:04/18/96
Size:229.33 KB
Author:Cyber Tech (Toledo, Ohio) CDCS / The Greenview Group

These levels start out with some bad customers. No theme, just some visually entertaining areas to wander through. Level 1 - No keys... just kill. The second large area you come to is a worked over area I got from another wad (sorry, I don't remember...Date:12/14/97
Size:240.63 KB

Alcatraz V1.00
The year is 2666 The old prison of Alcatraz still exists, but now, the prison is run by the Pentagon. The inmates are unknown to the public, but I'll tell you that much, that they include a few guys from the Roswell incident, some entities from the B...Date:05/09/96
Size:16.31 KB
Author:Palle Mathiasen

Algae.wad is an 9 level wadfile for your Doom2 registered version...Date:02/06/13
Size:338.29 KB
Author:Terry Durham

: No doors and keys...Date:04/27/05
Size:47.37 KB
Author:Ali Besik

Alien Invasion
.txt file. But, if you want enjoy yourself, I suggest that you DO...Date:09/02/02
Size:63.79 KB
Author:Ismaele (Alberto Sposito)

Alien 2 - The Revenge
2.txt file. But, if you want enjoy yourself, I suggest that you DO...Date:09/02/02
Size:58.2 KB
Author:Ismaele (Alberto Sposito)

Very simple map, intended for basic cooperative experience. Easy to finish alone. (Hence the title!!!) Good fun....Date:11/13/97
Size:26.33 KB
Author:Doug Merrill

Death is my second attempt at a wad, it is short, but I like it. It is for single player only though....Date:01/10/00
Size:14.44 KB
Author:Alex Brown

Alley Cat
Espi originally produced this map for my ninth speedmapping session (, back in 2003. I've since spent a number of hours revising and recreating this map, as Esa did with the map he created for my eighth session....Date:12/14/09
Size:64.42 KB
Author:Esa "Espi" Repo and Owen "Sarge Baldy" Lloyd

Alley Cat's Alley Pack
I describe this set of levels as very interesting. I have used as many traps as I could in this level....Date:02/13/99
Size:41.05 KB
Author:Alex P. Swan

My very first DOOM2 .WAD (-ish). The end of the Callisto campaign (see below) should have meant well-earnt retirement for you, marine. Now that the Callisto anomaly has been brought back to earth, someone else can mop up the remains..after all, w...Date:08/20/95
Size:76.52 KB
Author:Vince Russett, from Cheddar in Merrie England

All Hell is Breaking Loose!!!
All Hell is a nicely done TC with a ton of new graphics and other things You wont be sorry you downloaded it....Date:07/17/96
Size:2.58 MB
Author:Joel Huenink

All Mixed Up.
There is no fixed theme to this wad. I just started out making it, and it kind of evolved. It includes some tricks, some good fights, and some nice looking rooms. I mainly used it to learn how to use the DOOM2 editors. It is kind of a mixture of diff...Date:05/10/96
Size:27.47 KB
Author:John Shannon

Alexsa Loose MapS 2021
Four loose Doom maps created during 2021, arranged by increasing difficulty. They are not united by overarching story. Each of the maps is designed for pistol-start. This does not means you cannot play continuous but ITYTD and HNTR provide excess a...Date:03/05/22
Size:369.51 KB

Dark and Dangerous, and... 539k, one map, map 1 Aloha2x means Doom2 Aloha2x means Aloha 2 times Aloha2x means it can be twice as hard, if you choose Aloha2x means hello, goodby, hello again, goodbye again...Date:05/23/96
Size:164.47 KB

This wad begins with a harmony of howl and roar, and ends in a stinging light show with you walking over the bones of your enemies....Date:08/27/11
Size:374.89 KB

This is aloha778.wad. This map replaces aloha777.wad. There is a small design change to enhance gameplay. This map is for Doom2, Map 1. It is 260 KB. It is in the same vein as Aloha2x. wad. If you liked that one, I think youll like this one. The dou...Date:04/22/09
Size:88.74 KB

It begins with a step into blood and 3 ancient demons, watching and waiting. Waiting for a taste of your blood. They could take you by force and beat you and break you and drain you dry. And they may. But the blood, they know, is much sweeter, more ...Date:05/17/09
Size:213.92 KB

It begins with a step into blood and 3 ancient demons, watching and waiting... waiting for a taste of your blood. They could take you by force and beat you and break you and drain you dry. And they may. But the blood, they know, is much sweeter, mor...Date:07/02/11
Size:378.29 KB

There are numerous texture misalignments and probably a ton of things that I could've done better. Still, it plays not too shabby. Let me know what you think....Date:09/17/97
Size:65.77 KB
Author:Michael MacLeod

ALPHA 1 Trilogy - consisting of: ALPHA1.WAD, OOZI.WAD, ORIGIN.WAD
3 fairly large levels for Doom II (tested on 1.666) following the style of the original Doom II levels. Some original (I hope) design concepts, but generally nothing real wierd or exotic. And, of course, lots of things to kill. You will need to be an...Date:02/20/98
Size:446.83 KB
Author:Rob Schweiner

A non-playable WAD containing the complete alphabet and numerals for other WAD builders to take advantage of....Date:03/15/98
Size:16.51 KB
Author:Andrew Orman

of Level 1 The Octagon Copyright @1996 by Al Howe
of Level 1 An octagonal room with some stairs and lifts - How hard can it be? Simple by my usual standards, but fun for everyone. Easy to lose someone and come around behind him. Its appearance ranks a 6. On 1-player, try starting with just the ...Date:10/24/05
Size:159.05 KB
Author:Al Howe

of Level 1 Imp Hatchery Copyright @1996 by Al Howe
of Level 1 Have you ever wondered where Imps come from? This level answers that question and more. In this level you will find the Blood Pools, runoff from the River Acheron. At certain times Imps are spawned right out of this tainted blood. You will...Date:10/24/05
Size:213.29 KB
Author:Al Howe

A Little Shooting Practice
This level is called: A Little Shooting Practice. It was made to be a fun level....Date:05/08/97
Size:6.95 KB
Author:Michael Cortorno

Planet Altair1 Base
You are sent to do battle for the humans to the Doom2 (tm) base on the planet Altair1. You will not fail! This is the first level in the Altair series of PWADS. It was designed to be the first level and takes a little longer than ID's first level. It...Date:08/18/95
Size:45.43 KB
Author:Kenneth E. Chirko

This is the second level in the Altair series and was designed with ultra-violence in mind. Like Altair1 this level has a design theme....Date:08/12/96
Size:80.6 KB
Author:Kenneth Chirko

This is a BIG level designed for Doom II. It was designed with ultra-violence in mind and is mentally challenging. The level also has a design theme which I hope will be visually pleasing. This is version a. There have been some very minor changes to...Date:09/07/96
Size:168.77 KB
Author:Kenneth Chirko

Alternate DOOM ][
See STORY.TXT...Date:11/18/95
Size:405.85 KB
Author:Alden Bates

Altier 6 & Insanity
Built for Doom2 v1.9 A Co-Op ONLY wad pack....Date:01/15/97
Size:946.13 KB
Author:Keith Hickman

The Altimac WAD (means absolutely nothing)
A just-for-fun level. It doesn't follow any story or pattern, just fun. It's moderate in size, and can be pretty challenging in Ultraviolence I think. This is my first WAD that I've uploaded, but I've made many before this one that I just haven't upl...Date:04/05/00
Size:50.37 KB
Author:Chris Bauman

One large City themed map designed for Vanilla/Chocolate Doom with multiple possible routes and a lot of optionality....Date:01/16/17
Size:500.87 KB
Author:Thomas "tourniquet" Seifert

The Altar of Flesh
A fleshy/hellish medium-size map...Date:09/12/05
Size:206.31 KB
Author:Ian "Xanthier" Barefoot

Alxdeth IV Death? Hah!
Designed as a single player level, but also made for deathmatch and cooperative, this level presents a fairly good challenge....Date:10/21/00
Size:222 KB
Author:Alex Nichols

Your death sentence could win you freedom if you can make it out of the maximum security holding facility. It's many labyrinthine passageways will keep you checking your map often. Ammo stores abound, you just need find them....Date:03/22/04
Size:38.74 KB

A 1-player level ... for people who aren't as good at Doom as some of us and need practice. This level looks great and is fun to play. Also works for Deathmatch, as it has teleports and passages hidden all over the place....Date:11/18/96
Size:25.46 KB
Author:Peter Kasting

Am I Evil?
Cooperative construction with mail help. For the basis of a level there was taken deathmatch level made by Ilya. 4 branches have added to this level. Each of us created till two branches. What is the result? We wait for your comments....Date:06/10/97
Size:138.85 KB
Author:Alex Welikanov Ilya Britvich

The abandoned mines II
This map is made for freedoom ( map26: The Abandoned Mines....Date:10/21/02
Size:68.39 KB
Author:Kim "Torn" Bach

DOOMED to Run Amok v1.1 for DOOM II
Waste the "BAD GUYS", what else?....Date:12/02/05
Size:166.97 KB
Author:David L. Davis

A Monster Too Many
A simple map with lots of monsters. Includes a deathmatch section. (This is probably a horrible map but, then again i did not design it with any plans in mind. Just have fun with it ;)...Date:05/05/06
Size:40.92 KB

The most epic single player map that you ever played. Good lighting and detail. I even made the midi from scratch....Date:02/24/12
Size:9.02 KB

This wad contain redefined Sprites like Arch-vile and other ordinaries Sprites, new textures (80%), new graphics, new music, and all new sounds. I've created this single WAD with the aim that it can be enjoyed not only playing it (WAD's complexity - ...Date:10/29/03
Size:1.19 MB
Author:Noe Cuerda Aguado

Three levels, two are in the cave like enviroment, while the third is in the big outdoors and a mountain base. Check out the story below for more info....Date:08/01/02
Size:511.6 KB

This is one of seven levels that I created a really longtime ago and never got around to adding more to. (5-6 years ago) I was originally intending to create a full 32 level megawad but run out of ideas after a while. This is my personal favorite ...Date:09/07/00
Size:17.55 KB
Author:Jason Free

AndrewB Sucks It
Action Packed Wad featuring music from nsync, kirby, and bob the builder!...Date:03/30/02
Size:18.87 KB

AndrewB Still Sucks It
The sequel to the biggest wad in doom history, andrewb.wad, comes the sequel that explains andrewb's past and his heartbreaking attempts to succeed in life. Stay tuned for the futuristic hentai sequel, "Liam likes it hard!"....Date:08/04/02
Size:48.4 KB

AndrewB Still Stil Sucks It
It's the thrilling unofficial threequel to the best vanilla Doom wad ever made, which was made by Ralphis himself! This threequel includes more amazing things!...Date:09/21/17
Size:15.09 KB

Andy Bay's House
This is my home and it has been invaded, this is, after all, Doom2 Hell on Earth; so why leave out people's homes? Rooms are better. Real fireplace /w fire in living room Computer Rooms have computers. There is access to the actic. Living room furnui...Date:08/09/97
Size:77.04 KB
Author:Andy Bay

An action packed 4 level .wad...Date:07/20/08
Size:151.14 KB
Author:Doria Biddle

Path of a Fallen Angel
After the fall of the big bad-asses in Doom and Doom2, you make your way back home and pitch in a hand in rebuilding Earth. After years of hard work, Earth has had a rebirth in technology that was so necessary for the recovery. This new technology al...Date:10/13/95
Size:1.05 MB
Author:Darrell Esau

I like good shoot-em-up games, this one will keep you running. It's a standard 3-Key game with plenty of action, ENJOY....Date:07/11/97
Size:56.23 KB
Author:Joe Winter

a nice day
1 level WAD. Excessive attention given to the appearence of the level (texture selection, alignment, lighting). I use a P120 machine, so I imagine some areas may run slowly on a underpowered machine....Date:11/28/96
Size:294.53 KB
Author:Michael Krause

You find yourself on a wide plain beneath a towering marble castle. There is an exit nearby but a fearsome demon guards it. The exit may also be locked. You would do well to search the castle for advanced weaponry to help get past the beast, but alas...Date:11/26/09
Size:125.61 KB
Author:Chris Wright

A Night in Sludgetown
You're fighting the forces of hell inside a nuke processing facility, aboard a space station...Date:08/23/23
Size:227.62 KB
Author:Stanimir Nikoloff (Tangra)

The Titan Anomaly
While exploring for new mines on Titan (someone fragged the old one - darn!) UAC discovered the remains of an alien base. A tight security lid was clamped on the find, referred to only vaguely as the Anomaly in reports. You've been assigned the job o...Date:10/21/00
Size:264.39 KB
Author:Jim Flynn

Doom2 Level...Date:11/08/96
Size:91.11 KB
Author:Albert Lam

Antares (a.k.a. alpha scorpionis, the brightest star in the constellation Scorpio)
This level is based on a space station "far out in the uncharted backwaters of the un- fashionable end of the western spiral arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, etc...". But seriously folks, this level has about 90% of its own graphics. BIG DEAL, so what do...Date:03/26/95
Size:176.54 KB
Author:Doug Ryerson

Antras - means "the second"
A tree-level PWAD with new music and some graphics....Date:09/02/97
Size:336.37 KB
Author:Donatas Tamonis

Another Refinery
Just another E1 insipred level (but with Doom II stuff in it). Made to be vanilla-compaitble....Date:06/28/11
Size:46.91 KB

This set of wads contains new monsters, textures, graphics, and sounds. *Loosely* based on the movie "STARGATE" (which had a decent premise, anyway... the wads are better). Designed to be DIFFICULT, with serious thought given to gameplay, lighting, a...Date:11/28/95
Size:1.42 MB
Author:Glen Payne, Marshal Bostwick

Anvil 1 - Rendezvous Zone
You have just landed at the same point were U.A.C. scientists and elite units of the military rendezvous-ed before entering the alien complex....Date:02/09/04
Size:92.7 KB
Author:Stefan Setchell

Anvil 2 - Mobile Nukage Research Lab
Size:156.92 KB
Author:Stefan Setchell

One of the best WADs I ever created. Works great as a single player and Cooperative game....Date:12/11/96
Size:43.4 KB
Author:Michal Mesko

Annihilation 2
Large, original, tough, balanced, beautiful, my best and my last one....Date:04/09/97
Size:182.97 KB
Author:Michal Mesko

Assult of the Arachnotrons
This is my second Doom 2 wad. It is a very tough level....Date:12/09/95
Size:41.71 KB
Author:Robert "Tippi Turtle" McCray

AOD (Adapt or Die)
You can complete this level without God Mode, just save it during the game. ***********************GAME DESCRIPTION*********************** I'm not really sure what the theme is; It's a fun level and I think most Doomers should enjoy playing it. Just ...Date:02/19/97
Size:81.8 KB
Author:Vincent Lozupone

AOL Girls Museum
Come visit the museum of AOL girls that has been taken over by the demons....Date:10/14/98
Size:628.78 KB

Asylum of the Wretched
My 4th wad made. You are a prisoner in the Asylum of the Wretched...Date:11/20/00
Size:841.8 KB
Author:Ian G. Myers

A summer party
Your friends threw a party but didn't invite you, you decide to sneak in uninvited however once you get there the place is strangely silent... This is a short wad I made when I was bored, it has a lot of fisting of archviles in it. it's vanilla com...Date:10/29/22
Size:104.52 KB

Planeta opic
A challenging and fairly large map....Date:12/30/05
Size:121.11 KB
Author:to obtain permission to upload.

A single-level Doom2 PWAD....Date:01/14/99
Size:73.5 KB
Author:Rob Berkowitz

This one is good!!! Too many monsters!!! Oh, Yeah!! But you have only a super shotgun, a chaingun, and a BFG (in a secret area); but you have a good weaponry....Date:11/22/03
Size:28.21 KB
Author:Bruno Vergilio

This is a DOOM2 remake of my DOOM single player level, APOCLPSE. New creatures were added, old DOOM textures replaced, a few new secrets, and the SSG. Note: this WAD is much harder than the DOOM version was. Good Luck....Date:03/14/95
Size:66.39 KB
Author:Tim J. Ash (TIMinator)

A medium length level that depicts an old factory overrun by demons....Date:06/23/14
Size:95.69 KB

Den of the Apollyon v0.51 is but two levels so far. The original was for Doom and was done in 1996 so the code is kinda all of over the place now. Doom2 offers a few enhancements so I decided what was never originally made public should at last appear, only th...Date:03/26/98
Size:141.95 KB
Author:DrBishop (AKA Adam Bishop), deimos

Dark Apparition.
A map with a distinct John Romero Doom2 style feel. at least, that's what I was aiming for. It will be difficult for some, but so long as you are vigilant, it shouldn't be too difficult. It turned out better than I expected as it looks and plays pr...Date:07/04/06
Size:148.88 KB
Author:Kenny Coughlan.

Apartment Complex v.4.0
You Are Heading Home From A Long Day At Work When Something Is Wrong. You Se Blood Coming From Under The Door To The Building. You Open The Door And Blood Is Everywhere! At Least 1 Foot Deep! It Is Coming From Upstairs. You Take Out Your Gun You ...Date:04/12/98
Size:51.76 KB

The aqueous rise and fall.
Ohh happy days, when you destroyed the gate- keeper and saved Earth once again. Another hellish monster saw its maker. You were once again the hero and received another bundle of medals. But. Some distant and very secret UAC areas had also been hit b...Date:02/11/00
Size:65.58 KB
Author:Christian Hansen

The evil Spider Mother has made her lair in a Holy Church and turned it into a place of Supreme Evilness....Date:11/06/95
Size:64.76 KB
Author:Bjorn Hermans (all the editing and design work) and Holger Nathrath (testing & comment)

A very dangerous botanical garden....Date:03/15/98
Size:46.61 KB
Author:Andrew Orman

Arch Deluxe
Well heres a little map I started building a long time ago, but never got around to finishing until recently. It's dedicated to our friend the Arch Vile, but don't think all I did was make a crappy looking map with a bunch of Viles running around fry...Date:06/15/97
Size:123.57 KB
Author:Emil Brundage

Archviolence. Nothing more to say....Date:05/16/95
Size:50.92 KB
Author:William Sullivan

Size:44.74 KB
Author:Mike Bowers

This is an major revision of an earlier wad I made named Impgod wad. This will also demonstrate the invincible monster bug in DooM 2, but unlike Impgod wad, this is a fully functional solo level. This wad should give you a real test of your DooM skil...Date:11/27/95
Size:37.16 KB
Author:Tom Sanner (Mr.DooM)

Archpit 9
Challenging level consisting of 3 main rooms, boss monsters and more....Date:02/26/01
Size:19.32 KB
Author:John Stoltenberg

"An awful map..."...Date:09/27/97
Size:204.22 KB
Author:Sara Salazar ( Sub-Zero for you, mortals!)

Area 49
There has been strang things happing on mars. You are sent out to find the cause. You have a hunch that this base could be causing the happings....Date:10/19/96
Size:8.24 KB
Author:Phillippe and Peter Anchondo

Area 51
Area 51, The militarys not so top secret base in Nevada, rumored to be the high tech research center and holding area for aliens, has cut off communications with unnamed ...Date:07/12/97
Size:1.06 MB
Author:Keith Hickman, Garth Donovan

The Arena
Just a basic level, incorporating most of the standard tricks and traps found in DOOM II. Created interpreting the demonstration level described in the book "Tricks of the DOOM Programming Gurus" by SAMS Publishing....Date:02/05/98
Size:41.74 KB
Author:Paul L. Skudlarek

An arena gets invaded. You have to get inside and kick some ass before you can get out....Date:12/27/99
Size:51.91 KB
Author:Bob Pittman

Crap your pants (just a little) when you enter the level, run around trying to figure your way out of this mess, try to avoid having your head rammed up your ass, then limp the heck out of The Arena. Simple but deadly level (dead simple? Hmmm, wher...Date:12/21/99
Size:31.49 KB
Author:Gurkha Boy

DOOM II "Argus" Episode
This is the first of a series of levels, some of which are completely revamped levels first released as Sacrifice levels 1-6 for DOOM I. These levels offer sophistication and puzzle solving rather than just turning up the volume. Children (you know w...Date:02/02/95
Size:39.13 KB
Author:Ty Halderman and Robert Taylor

A new 5-level mission. These levels are fairly hard on 'Ultra Violence' and are intended for only some of the best players (like ourselves). 'Hurt me Plenty' is for average/above average players and 'Hey, not too rough'is a doddle....Date:07/13/96
Size:257.31 KB
Author:Tim and Simon Fawcett

Just play it...Date:10/30/96
Size:670.88 KB

Arsenal-the hottest wad out there! An add on level for doom2! [...] there are many secrets! can you find them all? oh well, get on with your dooming! later.........Date:12/02/05
Size:20.07 KB
Author:Ryan Evans

Classic style map for vanilla Doom 2. I tried to create some fun and challenging battles. Watch out for arch-viles! If using a modern source port, please play with jumping DISABLED. Enjoy!...Date:04/02/12
Size:51.27 KB
Author:Jacek Nowak

Size:597.37 KB
Author:Jim McFarland

The Artifact for DOOM II
You've been to hell and back, now it's MILLER time! Unfortunately the officer you pounded earlier is now your new CO. Guess who gets the next S**T detail? While boarding the drop ship, you find out some strange goings-on are happening at a UAC facili...Date:07/02/96
Size:481.9 KB
Author:Paul Schmitz

Man the Mandala
A mandala is an eastern painting or art piece, usually circular in motif with a central point of origin. It is used as a cognitive centering device for meditation. The idea is to immerse yourself in the art work, which in the process would bring you ...Date:05/22/95
Size:32.23 KB
Author:Arturo Cubacub

Arena Of Destruction 2 Light
My friend Schorsch complained that my first level, AR_DEST1.WAD hadn't enough Arch-Viles. So I got the idea to make a level where you won't run out of Arch-Viles and other Critters... In Arena Of Destruction Light, YOU can decide how many Arch-Viles,...Date:07/22/95
Size:57.34 KB
Author:Rainer "Magic Eye" K.

Arena Of Destruction 2
My friend Schorsch complained that my first level, AR_DEST1.WAD hadn't enough Arch-Viles (only 3!) So I got the idea to make a level where you won't run out of Arch-Viles and other Critters... In Arena Of Destruction 2, YOU can decide how many Arch-V...Date:07/22/95
Size:77.44 KB
Author:Rainer "Magic Eye" K.

Arena Of Destruction *3*
This is the third Level in the world-famous episode called "Arena Of Destruction". After my first level was so successful, I built another one and now I have reached the point of no return: Arena Of Destruction 3 !!! The scheme hasn't changed much: A...Date:09/23/95
Size:56.29 KB
Author:Rainer "Magic Eye" Knijff

Another vanilla map, scary maybe?!...Date:06/21/14
Size:651.9 KB

ASDOOM][: The Final Countdown
The best unmodified DOOM][ PWAD ever (play it before you flame me)....Date:03/12/95
Size:355.46 KB
Author:Andy Sheppard

This level is the sequel to a_sewer.wad. There are no changes in the structure of the level or placement of items, but here's a list of the new stuff: -Weapon sounds from Duke3d including Chaingun, Rocket Launcher, BFG, and Pistol. -New music: provid...Date:11/01/96
Size:279.85 KB
Author:Byron Collins

A city....Date:05/31/05
Size:28.52 KB

Armorless Marine
The story is simple. Doomguy The Third was eating chicken tenderloin when suddenly a powerful sigil transported him to space (luckily he is an expert in the martial arts)....Date:02/10/20
Size:170.9 KB

After putting in hundreds of hours of painstaking work during the summer, I got a little burned out of making wads. Coming back this fall, I've taken a new approach -- making wads should be as easy and fun as playing them. So to that end I have been ...Date:10/26/09
Size:80.1 KB
Author:Chris Wright

Size:135.36 KB
Author:Sam Stackhouse

Assault 3
The third installment of the Assault series takes you down into the tunnels and sewers beneath a city. They've become infested with demom kind, and you job is to clean em' out!!! If you like this and want more, Assault 1 (a Doom I episode) and Assa...Date:02/06/96
Size:137.4 KB
Author:Ernie Noa

Assault4: Mineshaft!
Assault4:Mineshaft is a trio of new levels for Doom II. New graphics, new sounds, new music, and a new monster are among the highlights. We have payed close attention to detail, all textures are properly aligned and all difficultly levels have been i...Date:04/09/96
Size:666.27 KB
Author:Winter Wolf Knights (Ernie Noa & Bruce Rogers)

You have just walked into the Industrial Plant. Your mission is to disable the plant from pro- ducing more toxic waste that is destroying the Earth. The foreman of the plant lives in the guarded mansion. He's out of town. He left the place well guard...Date:02/11/12
Size:81.28 KB
Author:Randall C. Jordan [Author: THE-ZOO2.WAD]

Assault On Outpost 13
It's been 24 hours since the Phobos and Deimos bases disappeared. Reports have been coming in from all over the Earth of "demons" appearing from thin air and swamping UAC installations. Everybody is on edge. Outpost 12 reported a massive attack force...Date:03/15/98
Size:49.78 KB
Author:Andrew Orman

astro.wad for doom2
8 levels of pure fun and carnage...Date:08/06/97
Size:75.41 KB
Author:Brandon Phillips

This is a real fun wad and tough! In UV you open to 15 archviles and three berserk packs. You control the game and see them one at a time if your smart! There are interesting areas throughout - watch for traps! Plenty of challenges but fair. This wad...Date:05/14/99
Size:753.73 KB
Author:Richard J. Sham
This level is for the experienced Doomers only. (NO WIMPS THAT LIKE TO CHEAT) This level is beatable,Only if you're good enough to do it ... I Did ... :) This level will NOT save, it just crashes cause it's so large This level could take an hou...Date:12/02/05
Size:174.29 KB
Author:Wes Burd Jr

I tried to let DOOM make something new and entertaining to the eye. So I included special puzzles and effects (esp. The Tower in MAP02) and designed the sounds and the visual appearance very carefully....Date:05/08/96
Size:209.27 KB

Asylum (v1.0)
Asylum is a Doom 2 level inspired by the asylum texture set created by DethteX, Rick Clark and editor. It is Vanilla compatible so you can play it with Chocolate Doom....Date:08/01/16
Size:816.97 KB
Author:Angry Saint

Complete reconstruction of main Atari Corporate offices. Includes .BMP legends so you can find the offices of your favorite (or not so favorite) Atari employees and Executives. Try for a perfect score -- I DARE YA!...Date:02/07/04
Size:674.51 KB
Author:Greg LaBrec

Size:1.37 MB
Author:Jeffrey J. Martin from the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Escape from Atlantis
Scientists and Archeologists alike speak of the lost continent of Atlantis, where technology even greater than ours was thriving, and people could live in peace. But Atlantis disappeared. Many say it was a volcano, others say it sunk. You were one of...Date:03/28/97
Size:99.75 KB
Author:Jeremy Wagner

Atonement Episode 1 MARS + Episode 2 EARTH
All maps were created by The Mysterious Moustachio a.k.a. Matthew D. a.k.a. Matt534Dog a.k.a. Matt534Doom (on ZDaemon) a.k.a. MDC a.k.a. myself. My goal in creating this wad was to develop and sharpen my senses as a level designer and Doom wad author...Date:05/02/18
Size:2.44 MB
Author:The Mysterious Moustachio (a.k.a. Matt534Dog, Matt534Doom, MDC, or Matthew D.)

Attack Station KGx/57
Attack Station KGx/57 was the main city module of every insallation on the world, and was occupied extensively when the base was not under attack. It is comprised of four segments, a Control room, a Computer room, the Shafts and an outdoor area. This...Date:10/31/96
Size:159.86 KB
Author:Scott McNutt

The Baron's Domain
Whee, my first level ever. Takes place in some sort of UAC base...contains the typical newbie errors, etc, etc, but it should be fun to play. In all honesty, it turned out much better than I'd originally planned, especially the "demolition" trick typ...Date:02/07/02
Size:119.21 KB
Author:Will Hackney AKA Archvile46

During the cold war, the Soviet Union had ICB (inter-contiental ballistic) missiles hidden in mountains, remote valleys, and hills. Since the break up of the Soviet Union the bases have become vacant. One such base in a mountain is in danger, because...Date:04/13/07
Size:159.22 KB
Author:Konrad Bresin

The mood was to create a crappy looking wad....Date:10/31/03
Size:116.8 KB

The Revenge of Avind
It was all over. You had singlehanded cleared earth of every scum-blood-dirt sucking alien bastard ever to hit the face of the univers. Or so you thought. As you had probably realised as you were fighting your way through halls, corri- dors and entir...Date:02/12/00
Size:39.25 KB
Author:Christian N. Hansen aka Dykanden

First attempt at a Doom Wad....Date:01/26/17
Size:171.46 KB

Andy's WAD
14 maps, mostly with some very silly ideas. "This wad file was created because I had nothing bettor to do." (sic)...Date:03/03/06
Size:123.47 KB
Author:Andy Hoffmann

AWesome Power
A more tightly-spaced affair than my prev. wad. Toward the end of the level you can see I ran out of steam and just plopped down an exit. Still, on Hard it takes about 8-10 mins to beat, so I thought it was worth releasing....Date:06/21/09
Size:79.6 KB
Author:Chris Wright

The Story, Ephesians 6:12 For our struggle is not against Flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms....Date:02/18/97
Size:100.79 KB
Author:Anthony Connor

Set in a Building here on Earth, owned by the Infamous U.A.C Corparation, who with your efforts have become one of the leading ,and Biggest, buisness, in the galaxy. You have orders, that .......There Back !!!!!!!!!! "Oh no. Not again", you say to yo...Date:01/15/97
Size:48.96 KB
Author:Anthony Connor.

Size:59.86 KB
Author:Anthony Connor.

This level is for all game types single, co opp, and of course DEATHMATCH. but that doesn't mean the single player will miss out. After all who only plays DOOM for Deathmatch....errrr don't answer that. :) Hay if this level is way to easy ! Your a le...Date:01/15/97
Size:58.68 KB
Author:Anthony Connor

Ultimately a Level for the single player. BUT !!!! Also is good for Deathmatch, and co op. Great for 4 player, although I have never played more than two. You hear distant Screams ! Hmmmmm must be another TV rerun. What where did they come from !!!!!...Date:07/08/96
Size:74.12 KB
Author:Anthony Connor

Size:42.92 KB
Author:Anthony Connor.

AXE7 "Fade To Black" "An ode to Metallica".
Ode to Metallica. I thought it might be nice to say hello to the guys in MetallicA. Thanks for all the great music. STORY As you continue to Destroy the hell spawn, you run across this base. It seems Metallica, has been used as another Dimesnional ga...Date:07/08/96
Size:97.36 KB
Author:Anthony Connor.

Ultimately a Level for the single player. BUT !!!! Also is good for Deathmatch, and co op. Great for 4 player, although I have never played more than two. :( Lots of nice little spots to stand back, and realise just how beatiful DOOM really is. The R...Date:06/03/96
Size:94.61 KB
Author:Anthony Connor

Aztec: Land of the Demons
Scientist have unearthed Aztec ruins in South America and they have not been heard from in weeks. You learn that you did not destroy all of the Demons on Earth and they have infested the ruins. The Demons have begun to transform the ancient temples i...Date:08/31/96
Size:12.65 KB
Author:Daniel Hargreaves (

B190 Arena
Really someone here, wanna now this? Well, B190 is a street name and there's a disco at this street whose name is B190 Arena. That's it....Date:06/03/97
Size:104.58 KB

Bldg. 19 - 1B
Size:53.32 KB
Author:Scott Jordan

If you can play this one in ultraviolence, you are an expert DOOMER. So if play this level trough the end without cheat keys you are BORN TO KILL...Date:11/14/95
Size:483.21 KB
Author:Kees vd Assem

Bluish Awakening
Size:81 KB
Author:Maxime "Datacore" Bisiaux

BAB Doom2
Replacement for DOOM2 @ levels 1 - 22 Great for solo play or multi player. Deathmatch! Excellent has been updated and tested now. Allows for plenty of ammo and health. You are not overpowered by more monsters than you can handle (well, most of the ti...Date:06/16/98
Size:683.69 KB
Author:Bruce A. Benko

Size:60.49 KB

An indoor/outdoor, daytime/nitetime fun wad with some surprise attacks. Single player only....Date:01/12/99
Size:152.93 KB
Author:Richard J. Sham

Back Me Up
Short, simple maps. Coop should be fun, DM would work best on Map02 through Map06. Pistol starts are all possible and difficulty levels vary greatly....Date:11/20/07
Size:156.55 KB

Bad Bethlehem
I finally got around to reading the reviews of my maps from the summer. Well, I now have some idea of what my audience likes and expects. I would apologize for my ignorance but it was simply that. Anyway this is my magnus opus from the summer. I thou...Date:11/06/09
Size:175.85 KB
Author:Chris Wright

Bad Boys v. beta1
This is our first try at a DOOM-level. When finished, it will contain several levels. Hope you enjoy it....Date:04/23/97
Size:256.31 KB
Author:Johannes Haglund, Niklas Berglind

Bad Dream For DOOM 2
Size:80.81 KB
Author:Dean Cooper

BadFISH Ver. 1.5
The WAD your momma warned you about!...Date:10/25/98
Size:72.82 KB
Author:Sparkle Tom

Bad Idea
I started these maps a couple years ago and decided this summer to finish them. They take place on maps 14 through 19 for two reasons: Music, and secret levels :D Have fun!...Date:08/24/08
Size:308.58 KB

Really, why do you need one?...Date:01/14/99
Size:19.02 KB
Author:Gul Dahre'el

You are assigned to infiltrate a goverment facility that has been suspected of attempting to harness the forces of evil to create new weapons for warfare. The project has gone awry, unleashing demons and other creatures into the building. You must ex...Date:07/02/11
Size:388.55 KB
Author:Christopher A. Rada

Something unique... be sure to check the map......Date:12/26/96
Size:77.62 KB
Author:Albert Lam

:New Civilization
:This is the best wad I have made to date, though some think that it is a sequel to civdem.wad, they probably think that because the rooms look the same, the difference now is a new and improved final area, and a corridor that connects the end of the...Date:03/01/96
Size:94.63 KB
Author::Maddog (not really its just a nickname)

Size:733.62 KB

A quiet big wad from Paris...see by yourself!...Date:10/29/96
Size:164.68 KB
Author:Laurent Belmon

A dark space station is invaded by meanies! Very realistic! Check it out!...Date:05/08/96
Size:181.39 KB
Author:Brian James Clever

A Doom 2 level for Doom II and any other port....Date:06/14/04
Size:154.88 KB
Author:PTG|$R (

40oz's other birthday map
A map I made for 40oz's birthday. Since I missed the birthday, I tried to create on christmas, but since I slept soon after finishing, I released it the next day. Oops....Date:12/28/10
Size:49.62 KB

Slaughter for fun...Date:07/19/97
Size:582.03 KB
Author:Bjorn Hallberg

The Barracks
You relax in the rec room with some of your fellow Marines, while enjoying a Dr. Pepper and a game of pool. After your horrifying encounter on Phobos, Deimos, Hell, and Earth, pretty much everything has been going right. You've returned to your post ...Date:05/07/98
Size:393.82 KB
Author:Justin Madigan

Living Quarters
You've entered a group of structures. You know that you're gonna have to blast your way through. You'll have to get to the telepad. You've spotted it, you just need the keys!...Date:01/30/95
Size:41.23 KB
Author:Jonathan Masseo

The Hangars
You've just entered the bases hangars. It's going to be long and hard to complete your mission. Finish the brains of the organization. You don't know how long it will take, but you'll sure wreak havoc on your way through....Date:01/30/95
Size:9.49 KB
Author:Jonathan Masseo

Living Quarters
You've entered a group of structures. You know that you're gonna have to blast your way through. You'll have to get to the telepad. You've spotted it, you just need the keys!...Date:01/30/95
Size:9.56 KB
Author:Jonathan Masseo

Breeding chambers
You've entered a small structure. Looking around you see some ammo, a shotgun, and a switch. May as well find out what it does. You think to yourself as the floor starts lowering, "Must be an elevator to an underground base."...Date:01/30/95
Size:8.55 KB
Author:Jonathan Masseo

Quake2: Base1
I love to play converted levels to Doom2, and I used to challenge a lot of other people to put Quake maps into Doom. some of the results of this include DM3.wad (by mystican) and dm4.wad (not yet released by Brv-Zokum). Since no one created a base1 c...Date:12/06/98
Size:282.2 KB
Author:Danny 'UrHaSh' Tam

A Military base, dark, and abandoned (except for baddies, of course!)...Date:06/16/98
Size:133.57 KB
Author:David Gevert

Monster Base
This is a medium size level (took me 25:28 to record in UV) that offers a variety of architecture and good gameplay. Plenty of shells so blast away! All skill levels have been set and tested for health, ammo and playability. UV is best played by expe...Date:08/07/02
Size:538.81 KB
Author:Richard J. Sham

My second set of levels. Contains several traps and powerful monster as well as a MAZE of TORCHES, a couple of TREES, and a raise platform maze surrounded with poison. Most of the ...Date:01/31/96
Size:331.2 KB
Author:Jonathan Hopkinson

The Fall of the Bastille
You battle in the famous french prison (read BASTILLE.TXT inside the zip)....Date:04/13/07
Size:165.16 KB
Author:Konrad Bresin

The Last Bastion
After dispatching of the master brain behind the onslaught of hellish gouls and such, UAC has found a last stronghold of the hideous incarnations that have reeked so much havoc on our beloved planet. The few remaining bosses have gathered the survivi...Date:07/04/21
Size:112.79 KB
Author:Jim McColm

Battle House ][ v2.0
:My first real WAD for DOOM ][. I wanted a level (MAP02) to just go around and hunt things. That's why there is such an obvious ending in MAP02. There are 2 or more possible exits on MAP02 & MAP04. OK. You want a story. Let's see what I can think o...Date:09/16/96
Size:900.64 KB
Author:Tim "Qaulls" Johnsen

Battle Zone
Size:89.26 KB
Author:Daniel Thomas Chard

"Batma" (N). It goes on and on, but don't give up. There is a huge surprise at the end....Date:08/12/06
Size:17.76 KB

"Battlefield" is a cool wad, with a lot of doom2-stuff. It's very good for deathmatch with more than two players, but also for playing it by your self. There is a secret Wolfenstein-area, try to find it!!!...Date:06/16/95
Size:45.9 KB
Author:Sander Dee

A challenging and fairly complex map that lives up to its name....Date:12/30/05
Size:100.14 KB
Author:to obtain permission to upload.

Beach Ball Castle v2.0! 11/24/95 (Okay, so I never released what? This has been in
Most people really like medieval castles, right? Most people also really really hate vile evil rotten pinko commie scum-sucking demon bastards that all deserve to die, right? And I'll bet you've always dreamed of the chance to go right out and mi...Date:12/24/03
Size:73.63 KB
Author:Richard C. Steiner

This is a Doom ][ 1.9 only wad. plenty of deathmatch starts and network action. MAP01 is bblast.wad MAP02 is office.wad...Date:04/11/95
Size:140.3 KB

Back Track
Size:55.85 KB
Author:Brent C Marvich

bcs01.wad is a medium sized level. Its outside areas are dimly lit. All three keys are needed to finish the level. There secret areas, switches in elevated areas, and interesting passages. There is a single transporter. All skill levels ar...Date:03/20/95
Size:30.66 KB
Author:Brian and Craig Sparks

bcs02.wad is a medium sized level. Its outside areas are dimly lit and the main building is an interesting church with cross shaped windows looking outside to a courtyard. After some effort and a few wrong turns you find you way through a set of cu...Date:03/20/95
Size:32.56 KB
Author:Brian and Craig Sparks

bcs03.wad is a medium sized level. A favorite of mine for both deathmatch and single player. There is a seemingly impossible room with filled with barons and some blue armor. Its not that hard though, there are several ways to get it. Once you ...Date:03/20/95
Size:36.38 KB
Author:Brian and Craig Sparks

bcs04.wad is a medium sized level. My favorite level! The level looks like a house. It is complete with bedrooms, bathrooms, showers, toilets, sinks, a billiard room, a pool complete with patio furniture, a library, etc. It even has some secret...Date:03/20/95
Size:60.85 KB
Author:Brian and Craig Sparks

bcs05.wad is a medium/large sized level with windows looking outside into open areas that are perfect for sniping your buddies from with the rocket launcher. There is a neat chasm that needs a catwalk to be raised before you can cross. There is a...Date:03/20/95
Size:39.7 KB
Author:Brian and Craig Sparks

Bad Craziness p.1: Guts
When the pilot leaned back and told...Date:04/22/96
Size:36.69 KB

Oh look! Another Military Base! Joy!
Hmmmm....first ever map thingy... kinda made this up as I went along. Still, some of it I'm quite impressed with. It's quite enjoy! :)...Date:06/16/01
Size:22.19 KB
Author:Busted Corpse

Happy Birthday Jimmy!
A quick speedmap to celebrate the 21st birthday of James "Jimmy91" Paddock. Enjoy!...Date:12/01/12
Size:49.11 KB

Some levels I made years ago. They have some flaws, but they still have a nice gameplay, and after the first level, a quite nice look, I think ;) The story was like: Infiltrate that UAC headquarter, to see, what's going on... The musics are free avai...Date:04/05/10
Size:880.45 KB

This is the third level I've dreamed up (Get BDS1.exe (DOOM) and BDS2.exe (DOOM2) if you haven't already!). This is my first level totally conceived within the DOOM2 environment... hope you enjoy it! This is not as large a level as my first two, bu...Date:10/21/95
Size:77.91 KB
Author:Barry D. Sebastian

I wanted to provide several hours of GOOD level design for total immersion - and have it fit on one diskette. BDSDOOM is the result... As usual in the BDS*.* levels, I've tried to give a lot of attention to detail in BDSDOOM. BDSDOOM is actually a ...Date:10/21/00
Size:344.99 KB
Author:Barry D. Sebastian

I started making this like 5 or 6 years ago. The aim was to make a megawad, changing every level in doom2. Again, I gave up on it after the finickiness of mapping got to me. I'd start mapping and be all like OOHHH YEAH IM MAPPING SOME GOOD SHITEE!...Date:04/06/05
Size:98.02 KB

The Beasts Makers
Size:81.68 KB
Author:Pierre Dupuis

- your in the depts of hell try and survive - Your goal is to get to the exit in one piece - cheaters suck - each level starts u with 200 health and armor i bet u cant "beatdis" even with that...Date:08/29/01
Size:17.98 KB
Author:mike mulvaney

Large wad with typical 3 key solution. It is very playable with weapons/health provided although skill levels 4 & 5 will be a challenge. Good secret areas. WATCH BEHIND YOU !!! There are trips & traps....Date:02/05/96
Size:70.45 KB
Author:Dave Johnson

Reports of strange noises in the basement have brought you to a castle in Northern Europe. You go downstairs, gun in hand, to investigate, and now you're trapped there. It looks like someone's been busy redecorating the place, but that's ok. You have...Date:05/25/95
Size:61.61 KB
Author:Neil McKellar

Size:82.65 KB
Author:Sonny Wasinger (CONDUCTOR)

Benchmark v1.1
This is intended as a benchmark wad to compare the performance of various source ports. The selected difficulty setting is used to tune the number of enemies (quarter for easy difficulties, half for normal difficulty, full for hard difficulties)....Date:06/28/15
Size:49.09 KB

You think you've mastered all weapons in DOOM2 ?! Well, what if you have NONE, and there is that nasty Baron of Hell in your way - what do you do ? - YOU GO BERSERK !!! Three single player missions to punch through ! Can you do it without firing a sh...Date:08/31/98
Size:41.5 KB
Author:Oleg O. Tolstikhine

One level wad for Doom II, Revision of Berwyn1, adding rooms, traps, critters. Added multi-players, deathmatch, and skill levels....Date:11/20/97
Size:69.64 KB
Author:Bert Garwood

Best of the Best
A very fun level from the novice player to the expert player. I think everybody will enjoy it....Date:07/31/97
Size:5.79 KB
Author:Christopher Ratliff

The Best Level in Hell
A single-room map that should challenge even the wiliest veterans on Hard. Best of luck....Date:06/23/09
Size:14.62 KB
Author:Chris Wright

Unholy Bethlehem
A few points... 1. This map is not finished, but I like playing it so much, so far, that I thought I'd upload it. 2. There's no exit. You win when you kill all the monsters, especially the Cyberdemon. 3. The general idea is a wide open cityscape, wit...Date:07/06/09
Size:41 KB
Author:Chris Wright

Beyond Earth
An indoor/outdoor with lots of action. The ending is where the name came from. Single player only....Date:01/28/99
Size:76.27 KB
Author:Richard J. Sham

BEYOND.WAD (Beyond Doom)
Beyond Doom is a 12-level replacement for the first 12 levels of Doom ][. They are best played as single player levels, starting at the beginning of each level with just a pistol, and set on the ULTRA-VIOLENCE setting. (The ONLY way to play single pl...Date:04/30/96
Size:1.01 MB
Author:Doug Radcliffe and David Perkins

Beyond the Canyon
A single-level Doom2 PWAD....Date:10/03/99
Size:98.72 KB
Author:Robert Berkowitz
This is to demonstrate the BFG Level 1 strafe trick....Date:03/18/97
Size:38.6 KB
Author:I can't tell you

BFG Vault
Doom 2 PWAD It is understood that the high level security vault at UAC's Weapons Research Laboratories, which has developed the BFG mark II, has been breached and infested by the hellspawn. The mark II BFG is twice as powerful as the original weapo...Date:02/06/96
Size:19.69 KB
Author:Aaron M. Fisher

BF_THUD! v2.1 (ChrisK for DOOM ][)
Size:1.12 MB
Author:Christen David Klie

A castle wad that actually looks like a castle, complete with moat, battlements, and (of course) many, many secret passages. No new graphics, but creative use of the defaults. Quite challenging at ultra-violent. No cheating required....Date:02/09/04
Size:134.59 KB
Author:Bob Kudla

Gather Me a Necklace of Dead Imp's Ears
Dark courtyards, and even darker tunnels of terror!! Lots of nasty ambushes!! Please, whether you like this wad or not, e-mail me with your brutally honest criticisms, it will help me to become a better wad creator....Date:02/18/96
Size:32.66 KB
Author:Brian Bailey

BIBLIO1.WAD (for Doom2)
You are the caretaker of a public library in a marginal suburb. An hour has passed since you closed the building for today, but you remember that you have left open the gas key of the toilet's water (!!). Praying for not having provoked a major fire,...Date:06/29/03
Size:52.66 KB
Author:Rubn Alonso (

The Big Bad One.
The name pretty much says it all.. This is a large wad, lots of area to cover, but its still very playable on a 386-40 w/ 8mb ram. There are 5 basic "environments" that you will have to secure to make it out, each with its own set of traps and/or goo...Date:11/18/04
Size:34.84 KB
Author:Michael C. Davis

Big Bomb
Size:20.56 KB
Author:David M.

Big Bomb II
I'm 6!!!!! Desciptions are NOT what I do....Date:06/03/97
Size:35.04 KB
Author:David M.

Big Bomb III
I'm 6!!!!! Desciptions are NOT what I do....Date:06/03/97
Size:31.3 KB
Author:David M.

Big City
A beautiful city filled with terror! Single level but well worth downloading, just to see the city!...Date:04/21/99
Size:694.35 KB
Author:Richard J. Sham

Big 'n Dark
This wad is a single player "wheel" type wad. It centers around a central room that is very dark, and has various rooms leading off it that will lower the transporters in the center to allow access to other rooms. I've been working on this one on and...Date:04/28/96
Size:78.48 KB
Author:Derrick McKay

Just a scary maze. Have fun. Run around for hours, dodging Hellknights as you desperatly try find the Yellow Key. Really, Just a silly map and nothing serious. But its a challenge that you'd never regret. 2/5....Date:11/07/04
Size:27.83 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

This is extremly hard,but not impossible to complete this hard level. Skill 1/2 easy Skill 3 hard Skill 4 very hard It's a good cooperative level. I supported deathmatch, but you can't walk through the whole level (only village, spider cave and arena...Date:06/28/95
Size:75.99 KB
Author:Martin Kaufmann

Uh... , after earth was cleaned out it was discoverd that there was just one last hold out of monsters from hell. They had to do a longjump to get you there so the only gun you could bring is that old handgun! Here we go again! These are ten lev...Date:08/24/95
Size:157.68 KB
Author:Alan Robinson

Its a huge maze with monsters all around...Date:11/19/04
Size:20.09 KB
Author:Jonathan Ryglicki

The Big Open
Thought I'd stretch the DOOM engine a bit. This level is wide open, with six main areas. Its the biggest PWAD I've made or ever seen. That is, big in area, not sectors and such. It did hang the game for unknown reasons, so maybe there is a size limit...Date:03/12/95
Size:110.89 KB
Author:Mark Riel

MAP01 for Doom II...Date:12/16/95
Size:33.75 KB
Author:James Williams

The Big Stairs Experiment
This was how I learned to use DEEP. There's not a lot that's special here: one big room, one tricky staircase, some troublesome Imps, and if you don't get your butt in gear the Lost Souls just keep multiplying. But, as it turns out, the level can pro...Date:09/08/95
Size:9.15 KB
Author:Brian Siano

You can complete this level without God Mode, just save it during the game. ***********************GAME DESCRIPTION*********************** I'm not really sure what the theme is; It's a fun level and I think most Doomers should enjoy playing it. Just ...Date:05/18/97
Size:186.06 KB
Author:Vincent Lozupone

Big_D (One Hell of a Wad)
Relatively small wad but very intense in some parts. You are inserted into a space port your goal is to get the hell out! One additional item of information is that you dont have to find all the secrets to solve the level but it sure makes it easier....Date:06/04/95
Size:34.04 KB
Author:Melvin R. Clemens III

BIG GUNS for DOOM II v1.9 (Advanced port NOT required)
Medium sized level packed with monsters, set somewhere in hell. Built for single player. Let me know what you think. (goto website for Doom-God version of this wad. Demos included)...Date:05/20/02
Size:130.59 KB
Author:Gregory Dick

Burn In Hell
This is my first Doom2 level...Date:01/20/03
Size:66.82 KB
Author:Stephen Galvin
3 new levels for DOOM II - made with Deu2C...Date:02/12/11
Size:65.08 KB
Author:Bill Ostrander

Kill Gates
In a nutshell, replaces all Imp sprites with Bill Gates. Will alter your doom2.wad(very safe)but the second you quit DeuTex will remove the gfx from your main wad. Don't worry!!...Date:04/24/98
Size:160.22 KB
Author:Ceremn(aka Mike Watson)

Bing Bong Blippo
Bing Bong Blippo is 9 map Vanilla episode that I had started back in late 2019 around the time I was leading Oops! All Techbase.Compared to the maps I would make now they feels pretty dated and boring, but I wanted to share them in response to dregs ...Date:08/03/22
Size:520.05 KB

BioTech (version 2)
You are a bounty hunter, hired by a small genetics research company named BioTech, to "fix" their current project which has gone horribly wrong. BioTech is a Partial Conversion for Doom II with new monsters, weapons, sounds, music, graphics, and a ...Date:01/04/01
Size:827.54 KB
Author:Beaverbeat, Protium, Khalad, TheRedOmen, Mark The Artist, and Kyle Kylin.

Bashing The Bishop
Medieval Group of Wads...Date:04/07/01
Size:387.55 KB

Bite the dust
Medium size level. Very playable wad built in the classic Doom style with attention to detail and design. Comments welcomed to Email address....Date:08/24/96
Size:59.73 KB
Author:Dave Johnson

Black Lodge
This level is designed for single-player. It will only work with DooM II. It includes secret areas and all the stuff that makes a good Doom level....Date:11/18/95
Size:57.79 KB
Author:Knut Andreas Ruud
Outside area, It goes dark when you start,But don't worry there is a switch to get the lights back on,by the 2 moving platforms. the switch is hidden of course but not hard to find. Don't get ticked off if you keep gettin' killed, Just start over and...Date:12/02/05
Size:120.13 KB
Author:Wes Burd Jr

A forgotten tech-style wad that should've been released long ago....Date:10/28/04
Size:291.08 KB
Author:Coen "DoomedAce" Blazer

The Black Widow
This is mostly a 1-player level, but it`s also a nice DM and co-level. You start with a not so power- ful weapon and you have to fight your way through a few guys before you get even a shotgun. But don`t let this scare you. It`s not so far away... Th...Date:03/14/11
Size:59.4 KB
Author:Ole J. Kielland

Size:205.11 KB
Author:Patrick Martin

A short wad with no real reason for being built....Date:03/10/07
Size:8.63 MB
Author:Jake "The Nutcracker" Stevens

Really big spaces, high ceilings and not many doors, as like as lifts and teleporters. Lots of Imps and Sergeants... ...And there's NO HEALTH BONUS. I think it's no realistic. One last thing: read the history to know how to exit this level....Date:12/01/12
Size:54.35 KB
Author:Byte & Byte Associats

Frantic level with loads of running and shooting required!...Date:10/14/00
Size:180.83 KB
Author:Russell DD Pearson

Blazin' (version 2)
20 single-player levels for Doom II...Date:10/21/00
Size:513.81 KB
Author:original - Rob Morrow (Smiley Software) version 2 - Sparky of KISS Software

Blood Bath (DOOM2 Map)
You are put into an arena with a cyberdemon and other bad guys. A good thing included is a well done sniping tower with 2 windows and plenty of ammo....Date:06/15/97
Size:4.4 KB
Author:Andy Iafrate

Blood 'n Guts Part One
Oh no, not another demonic horde invading your new post...yes, I'm afraid so. But hey, that's what UAE Marines get the big bucks for, so have at it! This Doom2 wad is a total hack 'n' slash fest with a few subtleties here and there. All three keys an...Date:07/01/95
Size:43.67 KB
Author:David M. Davila

Blood 'n' Guts Part Two
In part one you blew the crap out of those invading demon it's time to take the fight to them... This Doom2 wad is another in my series of total hack 'n' slash fests. You will need all three keys to finish and all the weapons can be foun...Date:07/01/95
Size:46.87 KB
Author:David M. Davila

A single-level Doom2 PWAD....Date:01/14/99
Size:116.67 KB
Author:Rob Berkowitz

Blood Mountain Part One
In the past you blew the crap out of those invading demon hordes on your home turf. Now it's time to take the fight to them... to Blood Mountain, their hidden enclave. This Doom2 wad is another in my series of total hack 'n' slash fests. I challenge ...Date:01/17/96
Size:46.51 KB
Author:David M. Davila

One bloody night
9 level episode for vanilla doom2.exe...Date:06/27/02
Size:900.44 KB
Author:Erik Alm

Blood Pools
2-8 player (4 recommended) small deathmatch map....Date:09/07/09
Size:24.4 KB

Bloody Hell
2 level mini episode...Date:07/04/21
Size:83.64 KB
Author:Doria Biddle

The Blessed Hex
It was all over. You had singlehanded cleared earth of every scum-blood-dirt sucking alien bastard ever to hit the face of the univers. Or so you thought. As you had probably realised as you were fighting your way through halls, corri- dors and entir...Date:02/12/00
Size:38.62 KB
Author:Christian Hansen

4 small single-player levels....Date:04/20/01
Size:148.16 KB
Author:Sigurur Ingi Sigurjnsson

Blinded by Fear
This is your average DOOM level; it doesn't have any extremely detailed lighting, no extremely detailed architecture, but it still looks kinda nice. The idea with this map was that it would be fast to make the surroundings so that I could use more ti...Date:07/14/02
Size:78.96 KB
Author:Patrik Hglund (GRUL)

A massive level based on my house. My house is two stories, so I used teleporters to simulate the two levels. I think that the end result is impressive....Date:06/26/95
Size:54.22 KB
Author:Tony Roche

Blitz 2
At the beginning, when I started working on this level, I thought to create a "small" level, where I would have focused my attention more on gameplay and difficulty than on graphics, architecture and detail, as I usually do in my levels. But as I wen...Date:09/06/03
Size:400.04 KB
Author:Ismaele (Alberto Sposito)

Size:17.64 KB
Author:Jan Mehler (Ratman)

Blofeld X
it is a 'realistic' scenario only human-like monsters (see story) in-, outsideareas, lava-style, some machines...Date:08/09/05
Size:1006.54 KB

Blofields Mum
Two f--k off levels that are slightly hard. If you are a wuss, type in the god code. If you don't know that, you dead already. It ruins the game if you type ANY codes - take note softies!...Date:01/31/96
Size:30.92 KB
Author:Colin Barker and Neil Kearns

I had allot of fun creating and play testing Blood, my...Date:12/19/96
Size:1.09 MB

Size:17.77 KB
Author:David Limon Romero

QUAKE player,doom player when not playing QUAKE.Leader...Date:06/07/97
Size:9.96 KB
Author:Jeremy Carroll A.K.A Eagle

The Bloody Corridor
Size:5.24 KB
Author:Florian ROBARDET

Blood Reactor
Blood Reactor is a single vanilla Doom 2 level designed to be short and fun. It features 6 secrets, plus a few pseudo-secrets. All of the weapons are available. It is intended to be challenging but not frustrating. It has high variety, low tedium, an...Date:08/17/19
Size:177.2 KB
Author:Jesse Bollinger ("FruitOfTheDoom" on DoomWorld)

The Blood Chapters for DOOM II
The Blood Chapters is the shit! You play this now and you enjoy it, damn it. I've made 8 levels so far and they get better as you play them. MAP07 is the best Deathmatch level out to date, if you find my secret hall ways and back doors you will domin...Date:08/28/96
Size:1.21 MB
Author:Clayton Bell

Think the original Doom2 levels were hard ?? .... You are in another WORLD now...The instant you move, BLINDSIDE! Does it ever end ?? You probably won't forget the name, but in case you do, do a 180 just before hitting that exit switch......Date:08/28/96
Size:89.88 KB
Author:Scott Harper (aka. MadMax)

Fast moving action packed single player doom2. : Errr.. Some more Stuff to kill + some Stuff to figure out, lots of traps, You know the score. : Watch your back or you may come to a "grave" end. :...Date:02/27/95
Size:30.22 KB
Author:Paul Norman

bludbrf2.wad or BLUDBARF 2 - "Down to the Bile"
2nd in the Bludbarf series Fast moving action packed single player doom2. Don't Hurl. *** [coming soon] Throw your ring with Bludbarf 3 *** *** + hurl some more with Bludbarf 4 ***...Date:07/25/95
Size:174.51 KB

Blood Isle
A great battle has occured on a mesterious island and you've been called in to clean up and find out what has happened. Only when you obtain the yellow input card can you leave....Date:02/19/06
Size:282.31 KB
Author:Alex "Tac" Tacinelli

Get the bluechip and get the hell outta there!...Date:03/26/95
Size:37.52 KB
Author:Mark Marusak

Blue Streak Doom v1.0
For single player, read the story below. You basically wander around killing everything in sight Where have I seen that idea before??!!! There are some neat tricks, you may have to watch the demo to complete it properly but try to figure it out y...Date:05/24/98
Size:783.35 KB
Author:Nick Giles

Blue Monday
A "bluish" DOOM II level in a computer environment. Single player only....Date:03/12/98
Size:57.24 KB
Author:Thomas Drugg

Size:30.39 KB
Author:Bri Madore

Size:38.83 KB
Author:Bri Madore

Behemothic 3 (BMOTHIC3.WAD)
These 3 are gigantic levels...They really took some effort. -PLUS 3 deathmatch levels are included... Maps04 05 & 06....Date:01/21/03
Size:474.48 KB
Author:William Green

Blind Alley 8., "Retribution"
A decent, challenging map....Date:10/26/03
Size:57.19 KB
Author:Gene Bird

Blind Alley B., "Octagon of Fear"
A Simple fun map....Date:03/09/03
Size:62.99 KB
Author:Gene Bird

Blind Alley E., "The Pit"
The monsters have taken over and it is up to you to "MAKE THEM PAY!"...Date:12/09/02
Size:107.57 KB
Author:Gene Bird

Blind Alley M., "The Citadel"
The monsters have taken over your neighborhood and it is up to you to "MAKE THEM PAY!"...Date:11/04/02
Size:144.23 KB
Author:Gene Bird

Blind Alley, Nukage
The monsters have taken over your neighborhood and it is up to you to "MAKE THEM PAY!"...Date:10/10/02
Size:55.66 KB
Author:Gene Bird

Blind Alley P., The Boardwalk
The monsters have taken over your neighborhood and it is up to you to "MAKE THEM PAY!"...Date:10/22/02
Size:47.87 KB
Author:Gene Bird

Blind Alley Q., "The Warf"
The monsters have taken over and it is up to you to "MAKE THEM PAY!"...Date:11/18/02
Size:137.45 KB
Author:Gene Bird

Blind Alley R., "Monster Mansion"
The monsters have taken over and it is up to you to "MAKE THEM PAY!"...Date:01/05/03
Size:154.7 KB
Author:Gene Bird

Blind Alley S., "Spirit World - Headquarters"
See Below....Date:02/11/03
Size:134.31 KB
Author:Gene Bird

Blind Alley T., "Waste Processing"
Kick some monster butt....Date:03/24/03
Size:134.85 KB
Author:Gene Bird

Blind Alley U., "Deja Vu"
A nice but challenging map....Date:04/13/03
Size:137.45 KB
Author:Gene Bird

Blind Alley V., "Necrophobia"
A nice, but challenging map....Date:05/07/03
Size:140.18 KB
Author:Gene Bird

Blind Alley W., "Redemption"
A nice, but challenging map....Date:06/30/03
Size:117.01 KB
Author:Gene Bird

Blind Alley X., "Forlorn"
A nice, mid-sized challenging map....Date:12/14/03
Size:91.01 KB
Author:Gene Bird

Blind Alley Y., "Dissolution"
A nice, mid-sized challenging map....Date:04/04/04
Size:115.06 KB
Author:Gene Bird

Pardon Me, My Soup is Cold, Could You Please Die In It
Wait a minute... I'm playing Doom2, right? So Why am I stuck in Wolfenstein? Oh, look. AHHHHH I'm in Hell!!! Try out Ultra- Violence. Other wise, you have no right playing Doom, and I never want to see you again. We integrated loser skill levels for ...Date:09/07/95
Size:18.25 KB
Author:Ben Allred and Evan Sarli

Bobcat Doom2
Size:44.99 KB
Author:The Diskmaster

3 new levels for DOOM II....Date:02/26/95
Size:127.68 KB

Brood of Hatred
For reasons unknown you wake up in a strange place. Another world. A world populated by evil. The brood of hatred! And once again you really have no other other choice than grabbing a nearby shotgun and start blasting your way...home?...Date:01/18/10
Size:989.94 KB
Author:Christian Lian

Bold As War
Map in the style of Episode 4 of Doom. This map suffered from a long spell of inactivity, but hopefully it turned out pretty well in the end. Again, there are no skill levels so you may find health and ammo to be thin and you'll have to be very caref...Date:08/06/07
Size:104.02 KB
Author:Kenny Coughlan - aka 'KennyJC'

This wad is very confusing, you have to go everywhere in it to beat the level THERE IS AN END!!! It is just hard to get to!!:*)...Date:10/24/96
Size:39.93 KB
Author:Brian Scofield

Best for single player, but supports deathmatch and cooperative (multi player games never tested). It has a neat mansion motif....Date:04/24/05
Size:65.75 KB
Author:Nathan Ashcraft & Ethan Banks

Ok, we don't have a story, but it is one heck of a level. We went with a high-tech futuristic motif, instead of a "Neat Mansion Motif" like our last level....Date:02/09/04
Size:79.09 KB
Author:Nathan Ashcraft & Ethan Banks

The Bone Yard
Short 3 level tech base. Was planning on doing more levels, but got distracted. I wanted to relase these and may finsh out my plans later....Date:10/17/09
Size:116.02 KB
Author:Claude Matherne

deep mining
you are on a rogue planet in deep space being mined for its resources but one day the mines brake through to something unexpected...Date:09/20/23
Size:133.37 KB

A level for Doom2...Date:03/28/95
Size:78.56 KB
Author:Bob Dole

Bootmans factory
After falling into a ditch you find yourself facing Bootmans minions....Date:06/10/16
Size:78.64 KB

Boring Doom
THE STORY You stand calm and obediant. The general glances over you as he thumbs the papers of the file you just brought him. In it, the secret base of the demons, which mankind has been battling for many years now. To make a long story short, it end...Date:01/05/05
Size:49.02 KB

I felt bored so I made this level. Lotsa secrets!...Date:12/07/07
Size:13.37 KB

Boss1999 - Version 1.0
2 levels of jumpin'/ teleportin'/ blastin' DooM II action, with NO new graphics, sound or music. Just more craziness!...Date:03/24/99
Size:93.55 KB
Author:John W. Patterson

Within the Bowels of Hell
You seem to draw the most dangerous missions. Fellow Marines appear to be disappearing at an alarming rate. Most have been tracked to a suspected underground complex inhabited by the undead. Eliminating this fortress of evil won't be easy, and it is ...Date:02/15/11
Size:83.5 KB
Author:Richard Potts
This is a wad that has 3 levels. The first is a beatiful mansion; the second is a Boxing arena; #3 is a doom style level. Have a blast....Date:06/30/95
Size:68.97 KB

Blood Pit V1.0
Your the marine of the year. You take your ship to back to Earth when all of the sudden you speed up. Lights flash everywhere and then you find your self swimming in acid blood. As your armour starts to wear off you get a message on your wrist comput...Date:05/14/96
Size:31.15 KB

Both rough and insane (Brain)
This is a first trial in the DOOM field. The WAD is maybe not the best one, but in any case, don't forget to collect as much as posible all the items, as you certainly need them....Date:08/06/99
Size:249.05 KB
Author:Louis and Danny Witters, also Linda.

New level....Date:10/08/99
Size:15.94 KB
Author:Gregory.W.Percy 15-17 Cherry st Pearcedale Victoria Australia, 3912 PH 03 5978 7198

New level....Date:10/08/99
Size:12.75 KB
Author:Gregory.W.Percy 15-17 Cherry st Pearcedale Victoria Australia, 3912 PH 03 5978 7198

Blue Room Doom: BETA
Those silly sods down at the UAC have been messing around with hell-portals again. Guess who gets to clean up the mess?...Date:09/19/98
Size:236.17 KB
Author:S. John Ross

Into the Breach
You have been sent in by your captain to clear out all monsters in the area before your superiors step into this fest pit of evil....Date:06/07/02
Size:111 KB
Author:Philip Renshaw

You are breaking into a secret base...Date:10/04/96
Size:34.92 KB
Author:Psyborg (Pete Kolts)

After fighting off the throngs of hell and kicking major ass, you wonder if it's actually over. You are _the_ man of the world, girls want to have your baby, you could run for president, so forth. Still you wonder if some Hell spawn might have surviv...Date:08/08/96
Size:472.57 KB
Author:Jason Garoutte (aka J-Dog), Brian Sparenga (aka El Malo)

Breeze ( As in " It's a breeze ! " )
An initial HERETIC wad I ported this over to DOOM2 in about 3 days, changing textures and trying to get the over all feel about the same, but somehow it turned out even harder in DOOM2 than HERETIC so its only for advanced players in skill 4 and good...Date:02/09/04
Size:96.28 KB
Author:Brad Kiefer

BRutal EXtinction International Tournament
You are an unwitting contestant on the hottest live TV event of the century, the BRutal EXtinction International Tournament! Winner takes all! No time to sit on your ass, it's time to start running! This is an arena-style map for Vanilla Doom 2, in...Date:07/13/19
Size:27.6 KB
Author:Jonathan Dowland

BRUHNITRO: Evilution
4 speedmaps I made for a community project led by Bobby lolmcswagger(?) Nothing much to add, but the project feels almost nostalgic to me now. It's kind of a timemark in my mapping career, when I actually started growing and improving as a mapper....Date:10/17/22
Size:536.34 KB

A small, 15 minute-ish single level wad I made as something more simple after making Tekbase. Supports Deathmatch as well....Date:03/19/15
Size:132.05 KB

Days of Xornox The Bridge
This is a wad that has 8 levels. This is the bridge to Xornox's world. It consists of mostly bosses. They are regular doom2 enemies made into hard bosses. I say that from level 4 and up the bosses become harder. The 4th boss is the hardest boss to be...Date:06/14/98
Size:176.93 KB
Author:Frank Laing

This level is not too hard to beat, it isn't meant to be. I made it more for the fun of creating another level than making a "masterpiece". There are some ideas incorporated in it that I've had in the back of my head for awhile. Apparently something ...Date:04/05/06
Size:59.19 KB
Author:Roger Rice

Ok, so you're watching the boob tube, seeing all the attacks on Mars and the other Planets, wondering when they're gonna call you in. After all, you are one of the military's top marines. The phone jingles next to you and you find you're gonna be in ...Date:11/17/96
Size:49.02 KB
Author:Lucas Ellison

Medium to hard single player with simple landscapes, average sized wad. Plenty of secrets/hidden stuff and problems to solve....Date:05/07/14
Size:51.28 KB
Author:Nick Anderson

The usual. Be very careful and run! It will help if you run forward immediately and pick up the rifle. If you don't you are liable to get wasted extremely rapidly ! This MAP01 is small but quite tricky at the higher difficulty levels....Date:01/03/02
Size:252.23 KB
Author:John Bishop

Just a little test map made for fun...Date:02/27/21
Size:15.21 KB

Cool level with weapons 1 - 5 chainsaw - rocket launcher...Date:02/19/96
Size:18.63 KB
Author:Kevin Waugh, Jake Wershler

A Rather Mundane Brown Stonebase
Oh noes, you're stuck in a somewhat mundane brown place that is NOT a somewhat mundane techbase! Maybe you should fix that. ...What?...Date:11/20/21
Size:56.18 KB

Brown2 Gastritute City
Brown.wad is a joke wad, It's designed to be the worst wad in the history of wads, even worse than the original brown.wad. However brown2.wad does not have any racism...Date:11/27/11
Size:2.68 MB
Author:Sniper 109

Brawly of Brownys
A good looking little level where you must kill the Brown guys and then the hanging toys before the exit is seen. You will have fun playing this....Date:05/21/08
Size:11.03 KB

This is an extremely difficult, large, fast moving, single player wad for Doom2. It was extensively tested by yours truly to insure that only the most skilled and determined players would finish it without cheats. Hint: every time you do something go...Date:02/21/98
Size:86.38 KB
Author:Patrick Smith

==> The Black Serpent Headquarters
==> A level for single, cooperative, or deathmatch play at any difficulty setting....Date:04/17/95
Size:76.62 KB
Author:==> Joe Htein

Blindside2! (BLSIDE2.WAD from DM2BS2.ZIP)
". . . Human dirtbag . . . So you played the original level, and now you're coming back for more punishment ? You must like living in HELL . . . We won't let you down !!! . . . " If you've never played this .WAD, then please, read on . . . The pl...Date:09/26/09
Size:223.1 KB
Author:Scott Harper (aka. MadMax)

BSTGRU16.WAD aka The Bastard Guru (v1.7)
DOOM II Pwad. Excellent for Co-op, but plays in all modes/skills. Remember: when you get to the elevator - get ready to rumble!...Date:10/25/98
Size:95.65 KB
Author:Jim Oldland aka Sparkle Tom

Burzums survival wad
I started mapping because I play Doom since 95 and still love this epic game. As we (the Doomdaddys) have already played mostly every common wad like av, sunder, Hr1+2, Dv1+2 etc and didnt find too many cool new maps during the last months..I decided...Date:12/06/10
Size:830.83 KB

Bitchin Levels 1 thru 10
Single or multi-player coop. Lots of nasties and no annoying mazes. Just bob & weave and blast away! Lots more enemies & bonuses in multi-player mode. All are beatable without cheats. If you have to cheat, take up tick-tack-toe or some other less cha...Date:06/18/97
Size:894.23 KB
Author:Bob Symonds

Back To Hell Episode 1 Beta 0.75
9 Fully designed levels so far. All the new Textures and some ideas are from The Plutonia Experiment, the music are from Ultimate Doom and other wads....Date:03/11/13
Size:546.91 KB
Author:Tomi Rajala & Timo Kuosku

Size:27.57 KB
Author:Galen "Bud" Light

Buhbuh v1.8
COOP extravaganza! Tough level - and is NOT a linear walkfest. You decide where to go and how to die. And, yes, you will die....Date:10/26/98
Size:56.56 KB
Author:Sparkle Tom

Building of Death
A building, alot of secrets, alot of sniper spots. not too big, and not too small......Date:07/08/95
Size:16.44 KB

A map using bullets and only bullets, nothing else. Also Hell revealed style....Date:04/23/14
Size:14.48 KB

DOOM II PWAD, fairly intricate passages and lifts, with lots of random variability...Date:05/07/99
Size:94.91 KB
Author:Jim Donovan

Toxic Waste Bunker
So, you made it threw the entryway. Now you stand above a pit of monsters that used to be fresh water. The are needs to be opperational again, so you start wading through the imps and zombies. But wait, isn't that your old buddy on the ground in fron...Date:02/26/97
Size:27.42 KB
Author:William Drummond

The Bunker
You and your buddies are sent to this secret under- ground bunker to kill the demons who have taken control of the base. Your mission is to kill everything in sight and get out alive....Date:06/02/06
Size:40.83 KB
Author:Kristian Aro

Doom2 level. I combined my first two wads, abigor with some modifications as level 1, and emperor with fixed bug and a little changed as level 2. I've seen someone is using emperor name for his wads so a decided to change name of my wad. This is a mo...Date:10/22/95
Size:184.66 KB
Author:Andrew Deren

My latest single player level. based around wooden/stoney textures....Date:06/09/95
Size:52.09 KB
Author:Milo Casali

can you hear it whispering?1...Date:11/12/09
Size:14.88 KB

Buzzard's Delight level 1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Replacement level for MAP01 for Doom II There is no particular theme or story for this wad it's just designed to give the average (skilled) Doom player a hour or two of extreme killing pleasure. I have spent a fair amount of time ensuring that all ...Date:04/15/95
Size:81.08 KB
Author:Paul Busby (aka: Buzzard)

BuzzSaw: City Under Siege
6 all new city-based maps specifically designed for DOS Final DOOM [supports plutonia.wad]. Compatible with most source ports and also plays great with weapon/monster mods designed for vanilla maps. 1st chapter in the second story of the BuzzSaw Sa...Date:07/05/19
Size:739.62 KB
Author:Luis M. Arevalo

Doom Levels of God IV
This is a newer version of buzzy3.wad. It has 2 new levels (secret levels 31+32) and many bugs of the previous installments in the buzzy series have been fixed. I also revamped the lighting effects and some other architectural fetures. The level orde...Date:05/03/97
Size:435.21 KB
Author:David Donze and Jeromy Ritchey

Baron's World alpha version.*(see bottom)
You humiliated the Barons of Hell in DOOM. You destroyed them in DOOM II. Now they want revenge. There inviting you to their world. Don't think that this level only has Hell Knights and Barons of Hell, it has a variety of monsters. You take their inv...Date:02/23/96
Size:17.45 KB
Author:William Jay

Bellatrix Tales of Orionis
This is the first episode of Bellatrix, composed of 11 vanilla compatible maps....Date:10/31/22
Size:1.68 MB

Small, dark, crowded(sometimes)...Date:12/18/03
Size:33.62 KB
Author:Doug "FrootDip" Leeman

Blue Lagoon
First level for Doom II...Date:09/26/09
Size:73.19 KB
Author:Roger Rice

You were sent to Compound-087-B to investigate a terrible accident that occurred in the area. Your primary objective is to get the Lost Naval Intelligence from the compound so that the other marines can know more about the accident. Keep in mind sold...Date:11/17/12
Size:13.68 MB

Cygnus IV - The Subway
Fight your way through the subway of the alien city on Cygnus IV....Date:09/05/96
Size:71.29 KB
Author:John J. Bye (aka Spook, aka Gestalt666)

I set out to make the ultimate deathmatch level in this one. Once the players are fimiliar with the level it kicks b u t t, ala big time. Works well as a 1player as well. "You have come upon one of the Cabal's blood-depoes. ...Date:11/08/95
Size:40.9 KB
Author:Sverre Andre Kvernmo (aka "Cranium")

Derelict station
Should you tire of Bloodflood (What!?) then try this smaller, even faster frag-machine on for size. Quite playable as a single game as well. "Just having escaped the Sea of Blood you have sought out a derelict building in the se...Date:11/08/95
Size:44.85 KB
Author:Sverre Andre Kvernmo (aka "Cranium")

The Watchtower
Me and Greg wanted to do an awesome Deathmatch level but with all the ideas we had it kinda grew a little large . Still very good if you have the incentive to learn it. Good for 3 & 4 player network....Date:11/08/95
Size:66.17 KB
Author:Sverre Andre Kvernmo (aka "Cranium")

Temple of Death
My first wad . Don't worry you won't have to struggle with mis-aligned textures and collaged colours, as I recently went over the thing and polished it a bit....Date:11/08/95
Size:81.62 KB
Author:Sverre Andre Kvernmo (aka "Cranium")

We who are About to Die
Ok for Deathmatch but v e r y playable as one player, judging by the response of play-testers. "The Cabal has started striking back at you. That last gateway should have taken you... well somewhere else. Not to an arena where t...Date:11/08/95
Size:41.9 KB
Author:Sverre Andre Kvernmo (aka "Cranium")

Eye of the Storm
Made the whole level design with the thought of one encounter only (you'll know wich one when you encounter it:). The level is an exercise in how to dodge and use the BFG to full effect. If big-weapon blasts are your thing in Death...Date:11/08/95
Size:49.75 KB
Author:Sverre Andre Kvernmo (aka "Cranium")

The Image of Evil
This was to be the final showdown in Cabal. Wanted to see how far I could take the design of the map view with it. Cowards go IDBEHOLDA as soon as they enter. Good players will see it evolve. "The Image of Evil is a humongous t...Date:11/08/95
Size:89.41 KB
Author:Sverre Andre Kvernmo (aka "Cranium")

CABIN - An Apocalyptic Nightmare
The events of CABIN occur directly after DOOM II, serving as an alternate scenario if our hero returned home to Earth instead of staying in Hell. ---- After you defeated the Icon of Sin, a portal back home to Earth was opened. Seeing the portal, you ...Date:12/10/22
Size:845.12 KB

Now you are going to fuck cacodemons!!! Doomguy waited long for this!...Date:05/21/23
Size:3.86 KB

This time you will play the role of a brave gladiator fated to die under the fangs of dozens of ugly and starving monsters. You will be lucky if Caesar, who is looking forward very much for your death, applauses. However he doesn't, don't worry becau...Date:01/01/03
Size:213.88 KB

Cage Rage v2.0
Almost named this one "EYEBURN" ... you'll under- stand when you get involved with the first part of this baby. It's big and keeps coming at you with hordes of evil. Don't despair, little soldier, there is an exit. COOP is a fraggin' blast with thi...Date:10/25/98
Size:125.01 KB
Author:Sparkle Tom

The Halls of Cain
'sa biblical reference, innit? First murderer and all that. Seemed a bit of a laugh to call it that I 'spose. Prob'ly a defmatch level, then. 'Course, if it gots monsters, ya could have a go at it solo, too, I 'xpect....Date:09/15/95
Size:25.42 KB
Author:Adam Windsor

Calgon, Take me away!
For Doom 2 Map based on my workplace....Date:03/04/96
Size:364.28 KB
Author:Keith Hickman

King Arthur's Camelot
Size:349.58 KB
Author:Richard J. Sham

This is a Doom version of my camp in the Maine woods....Date:07/27/03
Size:24.64 KB
Author:Dan S. Hadley

of Game canyon
Size:21.91 KB

After beating back earth's invasion by hell spawn, you are...Date:02/18/97
Size:107.71 KB
Author:Rich Brude

Kick butt in a cool canyon warzone!...Date:05/15/99
Size:145.31 KB
Author:Derek McBurney, This is most likely my last entry to the DOOM world so I tried my best.

Wad for DOOM2 built for being played #single#, #cooperative# and #deathmatch#. Include diferent levels. How can you describe a wad file? You play it, and have fun. (Watch out behind the yellow door)....Date:05/11/95
Size:38.11 KB
Author:Antonio Moreno

Wad for DOOM2 built for being played #single#, #cooperative# and not for #deathmatch#, its too big. Include diferent levels. (Watch your back) Dont get lost, I know its a big pwad but use can be done. Save ammo for the end part...Date:11/18/95
Size:85.61 KB
Author:Antonio Moreno

Caos2 (Havok)
Wad for DOOM2 built for being played #single#, #cooperative# and #deathmatch#. Include diferent levels. How can you describe a wad file? You play it, and have fun. (The Archville is free, watch out) (And save ammo)....Date:05/11/95
Size:46.29 KB
Author:Antonio Moreno
Wad for DOOM2 built for being played #single#, #cooperative# and #deathmatch#. Include diferent levels. At last Ive had enough time to finish number three and four of the series caos... Behind the blue door...wath your back. Thats my favorite part....Date:06/17/95
Size:45.63 KB
Author:Antonio Moreno
Wad for DOOM2 built for being played #single#, #cooperative# and #deathmatch#. Include diferent levels. At last Ive had enough time to finish number three and four of the series caos... Big pwad...there is nothing remarkable in this times ...Date:06/17/95
Size:84.58 KB
Author:Antonio Moreno

Caos5 (Havok)
Wad for DOOM2 built for being played #single#, #cooperative# and #deathmatch#. Include diferent levels. How can you describe a wad file? You play it, and have fun. (Watch your back)...Date:05/11/95
Size:29.58 KB
Author:Antonio Moreno

Wad for DOOM2 built for being played #single#, #cooperative# and #deathmatch#. Include diferent levels. How can you describe a wad file? You play it, and have fun. (Watch your back) And dont forget to go back to the places you have been before, some...Date:06/17/95
Size:57.53 KB
Author:Antonio Moreno

Wad for DOOM2 built for being played #single#, #cooperative# and #deathmatch#.(Too big for deathmatch). Include diferent levels. How can you describe a wad file? You play it, and have fun. (Watch your back) Dont forget that some doors, open shooting...Date:11/18/95
Size:71.5 KB
Author:Antonio Moreno

Wad for DOOM2 built for being played #single#, #cooperative# and #deathmatch#.(Too big for deathmatch). Include diferent levels. How can you describe a wad file? You play it, and have fun. (Watch your back) Save ammo, youll need it....Date:11/18/95
Size:79.41 KB
Author:Antonio Moreno

Wad for DOOM2 built for being played #single#, #cooperative# and #deathmatch#. Include diferent levels. This is good for deathmatch, its a little pwad, but have fun playing it single and/or cooperative. (Watch your back) Dont get scared, it can be ...Date:11/18/95
Size:29.98 KB
Author:Antonio Moreno

Escape from the Cape!
You just needed some peace and quiet, so you you decided to take your vacation bass- fishing in the Congo. While there you uncover the Lost City of Zinj. Your adventure takes you deep into the heart of a Nazi compound, and you begin more and more to ...Date:03/29/95
Size:67.41 KB
Author:Jeff Ross

Cape Moss Ablaze (v1.20)
This if my first PWAD. The game area of MAP01 is my house and MAP02 is the surroundings. I think you can figure out the level shift yourself (I intended to make only one level, but it was rather heavy-duty one so it had to splitted just to make it pl...Date:09/06/95
Size:77.3 KB
Author:Matias Arje

Two simple yet challenging new levels for DOOM 2. The first level is a medium sized level. The first level very much looks like a Wolf3d level, that has a little Doom2 in it. It has alot of long long hallways that are littered with Nazis. The second ...Date:08/05/95
Size:91.25 KB
Author:Scott McNutt

Maximum Carnage!
Size:20.68 KB
Author:Doug Bora
My very first wad so excuse me if there are some rough edges!...Date:04/16/95
Size:13.67 KB

Carson Hallways V.2
Update to the original...Date:01/27/14
Size:139.5 KB
Author:Josh Travis

The Red Carpet of Hell
Merely a development (of a development) of my first simple test WAD, this level is not very ambitious, but this second release is a litte bigger, and ultraviolence is tougher....Date:11/19/95
Size:26.71 KB
Author:Mark Twine

2 maps for doom2.wad...Date:10/24/09
Size:1.14 MB
Author:(Sniper) 101

This is the second part of casa ( this level was originally designed for DOOM 1 ), I've added some extra stuff, but the level remains more or less the same....Date:04/01/97
Size:54.77 KB
Author:Jose Luis Gallardo

The level is that of a castle with a church. I made a gulliatine, a gallows pole and a stake burning. I spent a while making every texture aline perfectly. Its a very cool Deathmatch level and a challenge to play alone on the harder difficulties. Coo...Date:10/27/95
Size:61.84 KB
Author:Joe Leonard

Castle of the Renegades 2
Here at last is the Doom 2 version of Castle of the Renegades, the epic e2m1 for the original Doom. I didn't make too many changes in the stuctures of the original, but I incorporated most of the new monsters and some of the new graphics and linedef ...Date:02/25/95
Size:223.88 KB
Author:Scott F. Crank

You can complete this level without God Mode, it is difficult but it can be done; you'll probably have to save it a few times. There are areas with energy and ammo, make sure you enter them; you'll need them. Hint:The blue key is atop the Castle [Min...Date:01/26/97
Size:101.19 KB
Author:Vincent Lozupone

Cassie Steele
After saving Nina Dobrev from the monsters, she asks for your help to save her Degrassi co-star, Cassie Steele, from the monsters in this nonlinear vanilla map....Date:07/20/14
Size:477.66 KB

Castle of Atormentar
Size:46.85 KB
Author:Marc J.S.

The Castle
Somehow getting inside an old English castle, you must find you way out to freedom. Can you survive the underground maze? Will you get out alive?...Date:07/21/95
Size:2.05 MB
Author:Brent Hedden

The Demon Castle
Player escapes from The Demon Castle...Date:01/16/04
Size:272.51 KB

The Castle : Map 28
This level is NOT YET COMPLETE ! I am just waiting for DEU5.3 to be able to complete it ( out of base memory in DEU2 v1.00 )....Date:08/19/95
Size:55.26 KB
Author:Rui Sergio Costa

Castle Catastrophe
Hell's stronghold stands tall against the crimson sky. Goals for this level include being "short and sweet", while still providing a meaty challenge....Date:06/07/22
Size:58.22 KB
Author:John "notgull" Nunley

Size:46.38 KB
Author:Stephen Ridd

A complex castle for solo and co-op play....Date:03/15/97
Size:39.92 KB
Author:Robert Berkowitz

:The Castle
:So, you think your good, huh? Try this level, you'll love it. It has two large courtyards, one with a giant castle in it. It is very challenging...Date:01/19/96
Size:18.42 KB
Author::Rob Mosher

Castle of the Damned
level for DooM ][ based on Quake map E1M2: Castle of the Damned...Date:09/04/96
Size:232.35 KB
Author:Massimo Ciano

Castle Of The Berserkers
A fortress full of enemies with a wide open area just in front of it. I wouldn't run it on a machine with a CPU slower than a P166; the level is quite huge and a test on a 486/66 showed the limits of that CPU... Use an advanced engine (like ZDoom, Le...Date:04/17/01
Size:142.52 KB

Castle Library - Castle Dasburg Bonus
Having deepened into Castle Dasburg, the remains of a antique fortress used as "weak bunker" in World War II, you find a library as a side room, where monsters reside and a chalice deep inside can very well suit as a souvenir of the visit to the Cas...Date:11/26/15
Size:92.04 KB
Author:Gustavo Ramos "Gustavo6046" Rehermann

Casting of Bones
For the 64 Vertex Doomworld project thing, but I missed my chance for a real slot. So the map's dense in terms of linedef reuse with no pillars or anything, just problematic height differences. No story, just side-step a bunch of revenant rockets for...Date:04/30/22
Size:10.16 KB

Castle Courtyard
A map I made for wrack a while ago, I ported it to Doom removing the real 3d parts....Date:08/17/14
Size:45.03 KB
Author:Gwenval Le Bihan (subject_119)

The Catacombs
This is a DOOM II-only deathmatch wad. It's got a whole bunch of cool stuff in it. Like An entire sector with 30 columns that can be used for dodging bullets, trapping opponents, or just hanging around in. If you hate to get blown away by BFG's, rock...Date:10/18/95
Size:8.41 KB
Author:Dax "HIJINX" Herrera

The Cathedral
You find yourself on the holy island of Fragmore. Upon it is the once godly cathedral which now belongs to the minions of the devil Your mission is to put the fear of god into the hell spawn that wait inside, and outside of the cathedral....Date:01/30/95
Size:62 KB
Author:Henry D. Koren

This is a ten-level WAD file with new graphics, music, and sound....Date:06/08/98
Size:533.9 KB
Author:David Butler

All skills are implemented......Date:09/05/09
Size:32.33 KB

The Crush
A fast-paced deathmatch level for Doom ][ with plenty of ways to nail your buddies. Last one through the "catwalk" is toast, so be a man and run like hell. There are some secrets in this level so look out for them....Date:10/21/95
Size:367.3 KB
Author:Matthew Parrish and Rick Lewis

The Forest Cave
MAJORMUD lovers ATTENTION!! This WAD is a Doom-ized creation of the forest cave in MajorMud! It is possible to play co-op, but there isn't much to the level (the cave is small..), so I reccomend playing it deathmatch , altdeath and nomonsters. This w...Date:10/12/95
Size:15.73 KB
Author:Daniel Miller

The Cave
This is my first WAD :)...Date:05/02/14
Size:14.07 KB

The Cave Anomaly
I have converted all of my doom level for doom2 and will release them soon, this is the first level I've made for Doom2....Date:08/22/05
Size:64.33 KB
Author:Steven Katz

You are in a cave base, you start out in the...Date:12/10/97
Size:21.05 KB

Hitler's Caverns
No description. Just kill stuff....Date:12/24/03
Size:160.27 KB
Author:Sam Nyfeler (AKA Cybernator1)

Size:118.82 KB
Author:Zigmund Ozwell

Nuclear Caverns
Size:34.36 KB
Author:Jason Benson

A small level inspired by the early Doom II levels....Date:12/31/10
Size:126.89 KB

Caves of Death has two parts, a doom2 pwad and a dehacked patch. It should run fine as long as you own the registered version of doom][ and a copy of dehacked which is comfiguered properly....Date:12/02/95
Size:356.11 KB

Computer Base
This is a rather small map, it is ment to replace the first map in a megawad, so do not expect high level monsters or weapons, it is mostly pistol fighting weaker opponents (But you may encounter a shotgun hidden in a secret area). The basic design o...Date:12/27/09
Size:397.66 KB

Condemned Base
My first map, please play and review. It's fairly large, starting in a techbase environment and moving into hellish. ************************************************** Pointless backstory: A rogue member of the UAC has opened the floodgates to...Date:04/06/10
Size:250.28 KB

Nuestro amigo Ciberio / Cybie, Our Friend
Abstract techbase map with a space sky and a cyberdemon. Designed for the original Doom, and respecting the origi- nal limits -Visplane Overflows, etc-; I know, there is no point in this today, but it was a fun challenge trying to build a pretty scen...Date:07/11/10
Size:179.87 KB
Author:Eye del Cul

My old workplace - now bankrupt and defunct! Enjoy the trailers and BEWARE - not all is as it appears.... the first building (R & D) was a gas station once uponn a time. Look for the sump under my old office.......Date:05/03/01
Size:83.9 KB
Author:Dave Haxton

C&CDoom V.1.0
Cobblers&Codswallop theme patch for DooM, alright, you got me, it's COMMAND&CONQUER!...Date:06/01/96
Size:571.78 KB
Author:Alexander Prack

Communications Center
Single short Vanilla Doom 2 map....Date:08/07/09
Size:77.74 KB

All the Logo's of all the Members of Cosmic Chaos. Loads of badguys to splatter and enuff ammo to win WWIII & WWIV....Date:01/10/98
Size:46.27 KB
Author:The Dark Lord

"Congestion Control" is an action packed map for Doom II - my most detailed level till date, with a few new graphics as well. Also it's the first level I'm releasing at my new site, (heh). Plus, it has a huge text file (this one) which ...Date:10/15/02
Size:329.89 KB
Author:Karthik Abhiram

Size:43.63 KB
Author:James A. Mahlen

The Fury
This was an outtake from the Master Levels....Date:06/29/08
Size:71.99 KB
Author:Chris Klie

Target: Cebrenia
2 single-player maps for Doom 2. See below for "story"......Date:03/16/13
Size:227.41 KB

The Cemetery
Size:992.25 KB

Alpha Centauri
Doom2 episode using doom1 stock textures plus alpha textures. I put more emphasis in lighting this time....Date:06/06/20
Size:2.11 MB
Author:Nicolas Monti

The Central Core
A medium sized tech base level. It starts out sort of easy, but the ending is extremely difficult, but possible (at least on HMP :) .) This is my first level that I think is good enough to upload (I've made 3 other ones.) Please comment....Date:09/23/10
Size:169.74 KB

Center, v .90
Size:40.22 KB
Author:The Watcher

Ceremony of Doom
As the blood clears, you look around to see an immense ceremonial room, with you on the sacraficial table. This is a very large level with just about every type of room. Although it is my first completed level, I put a lot of thought into the design ...Date:04/12/97
Size:52.77 KB
Author:Charlie Reis

Certain Death
True, quality, level (not the usual crap) set in a stone motif. THIS IS NOT EASY! Don't try this if you can't beat all of original doom2 on Ultra- violence....Date:08/05/95
Size:136.26 KB
Author:Ben Sigelman and Jon Pitoniak (of Diehard.wad)

Cesspool is a map with all new textures and music. The difficulty is scaled according to my observations of forum members' attitude towards difficulty settings. The three generic difficulty settings range from average difficulty, hell revealed level ...Date:11/25/10
Size:572.49 KB

the Cesspool
Multipurpose DOOM2/Final DOOM level set in a sludge processeing plant's holding/processing tanks .... "there be monsters" .... an exit is provided....Date:06/29/99
Size:24.62 KB
Author:Squonkamatic for the People!!

This WAD was designed from scratch originally as a Deathmatch level. It now works well for co-op or single play as well, and supports ALL the skill settings. Ultraviolent is TRULY ultraviolent. Also, you DO NOT NEED to find ANY secret doors to get al...Date:02/01/95
Size:147.5 KB
Author:S. Lampert

Chainsaw Man (version 2)
A modified version of "The Lost Mines" by Mark Anthony Klem full of chainsaw-weilding maniacs and other denizens of hell. Anyone who knows the original map will be suprised by the new ending in this version ...there's something not quite right with t...Date:12/30/00
Size:227.98 KB
Author:Original - Sam Dickie Map01 by - Mark Anthony Klem

the Challenge
Okay, this basically is a very old WAD of mine, that comes from the times of my first steps in Doom editing. The actual date of this file's creation is 20-10-2002, and it's chronologically somewhere among my 10 very first maps. However it's not utter...Date:09/21/06
Size:42.34 KB
Author:Jacob "ellmo" Zuchowski

Dynamic Chambers.
Drew most of this one out on paper. One room has four different looks, at each phase of the level it will change. Depending on what secrets you find, the ending can play quite differently. My first DCK level....Date:03/12/95
Size:123.03 KB
Author:Mark Riel
Hi. You've all heard "The Death Of Moe" in *.wad format, where I (moe) get blown away by the wolfinstien shooting squad. Well, now, if you have doom2, and have the guts to play my level alllll the way through until you have beaten it, you have the...Date:06/28/95
Size:47.83 KB

Size:158.43 KB
Author:Raymond Schmitz

Chaotic Grounds
Another level cut from my megawad. Made in 1997 from a sketch, and updated around 2000. It's a clear Courtyard ripoff, which was one of my fav doom2 levels. I've taken out custom textures and tossed in a weapon at the beginning, it's a long fight to ...Date:02/15/19
Size:84.5 KB

Chase me
Yet another deathmatch WAD but only for DooM II. I tried to make this work as a small single player level aswell. Watch out when you go for the plasma gun, you might get trapped. I deceided to include the BFG this time to give your opponent maximum g...Date:12/18/04
Size:15.09 KB
Author:Andrew J. Hulme

Size:247.78 KB

Animatronia vs Deathtrack 1-4
I have created 4 new levels for Doom 2 for my first time, but I put a LOT of time into it. I started simple and just really had some fun. I added to it a WHOLE new theme. Now you're a cheetah from a different planet instead of the marine (who the "de...Date:10/15/95
Size:1.16 MB
Author:Jason Pallo

The Chemical Plant
Good single player, puzzle solving level, based very loosely on some ideas from Hexen (another great game!!) Good Deathmatch level too....Date:11/20/95
Size:41.3 KB
Author:Troy Growden

Chemical Experiment
A UAC experiment with a classified substance sends the research facility to hell....Date:06/10/13
Size:299.91 KB
Author:Jake Horio

This is decent sized map with lots of baddies to kill, not to much in the way of puzzle solving. and a few secrets to find, be carefull, some are traps. Save Often. This level was origionaly designed for the New Doom Community Project 2 before it was...Date:12/18/07
Size:110.42 KB
Author:Stephen Whittaker

The Chemical Base
A huge map, hard in (a way), and fun....Date:05/25/01
Size:126.1 KB
Author:Pablo Dictter

I designed this level for single play. For the most part there is good texture alignment and everything else that has anything to do with looks. This level is not very big, so you spend most of your time retracing your steps....Date:02/03/96
Size:34.83 KB
Author:Andy R. Olivera

Chief's Wad
The first six levels of the Chief series!...Date:03/20/98
Size:235.94 KB
Author:Simon Varszeghy

This is a complete level for DooM II. I made it with single player in mind, haven't tested in DeathMatch or Cooperative, but it should work ( there are deathmatch weapons and starts ). Watch out with the pools, once inside there is no way out ( at le...Date:02/25/95
Size:23.41 KB
Author:Gabriel Coindreau

Chlorine wad (for Doom ][)
Size:88.23 KB
Author:Doug Ryerson

MAP25 Hooee is this one hard. Start out in a room with yer pistol and a berserk up against two revenants... and thats just the beginning I would _not_ recommend UV for the "average player" UV is for very good players, much harder than doom2. (Fo...Date:05/15/97
Size:56.28 KB
Author:Malcolm Sailor

MAP26 Large quasi-castle, very detailed, definitely one of my better levels, (Ola would disagree:() I spent ages on this one. It is longer than I would've liked though:( I would _not_ recommend UV for the "average player" UV is for very good player...Date:09/27/97
Size:141.58 KB
Author:Malcolm Sailor

MAP29 Dark underground marble/rock thing covered in vines with detailed lighting, balanced and ridiculously dificult gameplay (most people will want to play on skill 3). One of my best maps, I'd have to say. You can judge for yourself. There is a m...Date:04/03/99
Size:103.11 KB
Author:Malcolm Sailor

MAP28 A level with (as always) vicious gameplay. SInce I've been doing a lot of Quake lately I tried to add in a lot of cool architecture on the roof and stuff... nothing compared to my Quake levels but relative to the average doom level the architec...Date:11/05/97
Size:79.16 KB
Author:Malcolm Sailor

Two open areas populated with an assortment of motherfuckers. Kind of like Canada and the US....Date:04/26/10
Size:26.46 KB
Author:Chris Wright

Keep Running
A single level (map01) based on a dream/nightmare You are running through hell trying to find somewhere to hide but there are too many friggin' monsters everywhere. Sound familiar?...Date:12/07/07
Size:256.14 KB
Author:Chrisbo Sonnekins

My 4th wad attempt....Date:04/26/05
Size:8 KB
Author:Christopher 'RaIDeN' Lemare

Chris's Multi-pak
Contains: 5 Addon levels 1 gore patch (mine, not assembled) 1 color patch 1 graphic patch *ALL* stuff was made by me...Date:12/28/97
Size:721.45 KB

chaos total
contains several rooms, a small maze, one unfair room, some teleports and some secrets But I think that for the profs even Nightmare will be too easy....Date:05/07/96
Size:67.89 KB
Author:David Schaeling

Chaos Total 2
Very big, many enemies...a lot of fun. :)...Date:04/27/97
Size:97.78 KB
Author:David Schaeling

Chaos Total 3
big, difficult, ..., super...Date:04/27/97
Size:66.98 KB
Author:David Schaeling

Island of Chunika
This is a fun level for doom2. You are on a lost island and you must kill Big White Monsters and some Fatsos. At the end there is a Big Pink Monster and maybe something else....Date:09/10/10
Size:31.89 KB

- Designed for Doom II deathmatch ( -altdeath highly recommended ). - This level is a small courtyard with a church, a crypt, and a mausoleum. Points of interest also include a graveyard and men burning at the stakes. - Every area has at least tw...Date:05/24/95
Size:83.87 KB
Author:Virgil Itliong

Cathedral of Doom
My 2nd Doom level Also, check out steps.wad...Date:08/12/96
Size:45.45 KB
Author:J. Brown

City In Chaos
Size:149.81 KB
Author:Alex Busby

This is your standard circular arena, though the things that happen in it...Date:05/04/96
Size:9.62 KB
Author:Rob Berkowitz

You have found the legendary Shadow Gate. Beyond it lies the dark citadel of the Demon Mastermind. You're not sure if any of your squadmates made it through Enigma or The Trench... You may have to do this alone. As you near The Shadow Gate, floodligh...Date:12/14/96
Size:115.94 KB
Author:Richard D. Carlson

The Citadel
It is called Citadel for two reasons. One is because it is on the level map which is called Citadel, and second is because its a castle. Now your job is to clear it from those nasties and zombies so try it out and save the Citadel....Date:02/22/08
Size:116.8 KB
Author:Max Parokonny

Citadel of Sorrow (CITDOOM2.WAD) (For Doom ][)
Tired of those abstract Wads where you have more difficulty fighting against sleep caused by the plain boredom of the environment than battling your numerous adversaries? *Then this PWad might just be something you need* Can you escape from the C...Date:11/27/98
Size:278.86 KB
Author:Wilco van den Dool

My best single player map. (See my page for how it measures up!) Solid level throughout....Date:11/13/97
Size:45.72 KB
Author:Doug Merrill

A semi Sequel to City.wad. I just made a new city level, and felt it was proper to add it to my original city.wad so it is the first level and the others follow it....Date:11/20/95
Size:118.17 KB
Author:Neil Berg

The City of Despair
check this city out...Date:01/20/13
Size:103.28 KB
Author:Chris Pisarczyk

a DOOM2 level, designed to look like a city. there is a gun store, ammo store, armor store ,convenience-store(health store),a library (a soul-sphere on dm),electronics store(db- shotgun on dm),a bar(lots of blue bottles) and a pet store(I'll bet you ...Date:08/30/96
Size:35.3 KB

A city in the twillight....Date:04/13/07
Size:37.39 KB

This wad release contains: CJZWAD.WAD ---> MAIN LEVEL WAD FILE CJZSOUND.WAD ---> SOUND, GRAPHIC, MUSIC, & MISC CJZ.BAT ---> BATCH TO START BOTH WADS CJZWAD.TXT ---> THIS FILE... Map01 - Escape You must escape from the Aliens and return to earth bea...Date:01/05/96
Size:1.13 MB
Author:Cyber JUnkie aka Tony Callis

Conventional DOOM wad designed around 3 key solution. Pretty straight forward. Really designed with cooperative play in mind but is a challenge for single players. All skill levels playable....Date:04/28/96
Size:55.03 KB
Author:Dave Johnson. Check out BehindU, UpFront, ETPT1 and ETPT2, Windows1, and Crush01 if you like this wa

You wake up after the hellacious piss- up you and your mates threw after your victory over Satan and all his evil minions, only to find you're stuck in the bowels of some hideously ugly block building on the fuckin' bad side of hell. Porter's Quarter...Date:05/16/95
Size:95.76 KB
Author:William Sullivan

My second wad, this one contains four tight levels (And one bonus level) full of monsters and traps. In the future, Earth has become so overpopulated that once preserved castles and ruins have been built over in order to fit the latest in Sci-fi ba...Date:11/16/12
Size:156.51 KB

A single-level Doom2 PWAD....Date:10/03/99
Size:128.69 KB
Author:Robert Berkowitz

Size:91.59 KB
Author:Daniel Weed

Cleimos 2
Size:1.25 MB
Author:Rand and Steven Phares

Cleimos 2
Size:1.06 MB
Author:Rand and Steven Phares

The first part of this level was done for Doom1 but was modified and expanded for Doom2. There are quite a few secret areas and some unique "camouflage". It is possible to beat this level without going to any secret areas but it is harder. Use the au...Date:01/30/95
Size:43.7 KB
Author:Gregory Korzuchin

Cliffs of Doom
Cliffs of Doom is my first ever (surviving) doom mapset. It contains 3 maps, all of which have been playtested and edited by myself, several years before....Date:11/14/22
Size:139.36 KB
Author:Eric "MadKamel" Rustrum

This is a doom2 pwad with a tough mountain to battle upon. It contains spires and some high ridges that you have to hang onto - no ropes for protection....Date:05/21/96
Size:56.46 KB

The Clinic
"The Clinic" is so named because parts of it are modeled after a real medical clinic. This map is incredibly large and is quite difficult. You'll begin outside of the clinic and must find all three keys before exiting. Unfortunately, the monsters at ...Date:02/12/11
Size:64.59 KB
Author:Kevin Eudy

OK, here's the story: The UAC found a way to generate clones of you, using dna found in a pile of your blood somewhere on the old mars base. You have been sent in by the UAC to clear the hellspawn out of some old nukage pump bases, you may a...Date:05/18/98
Size:518.89 KB
Author:David Gary Wood (hakx)

Closed in like a bunny
This wad was only made for the people who like mazes only that there not tooooo big. I made sure to keep it full of surprises so you wouldn't get bored. If you like this And would like a Patch that goes with this WAD E-mail me at Spyco3@aol.COM...Date:04/01/96
Size:10.8 KB
Author:Phil Mitchum

Cloven Hoof
A modest size map with one particularly-harrowing marble room....Date:05/19/10
Size:56.18 KB
Author:Chris Wright

this is possibly doom's first ever dance club that does not involve death! only dancing and other things dance clubs do... enjoy!! AND HAPPY PARTYROCKING!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. if you decide to steal my content and change things up and call it yours, t...Date:07/17/12
Size:9.68 MB

What? Kill everything!!...Date:12/20/97
Size:43.7 KB
Author:Charlie Bolinger

Computer Station
This map was cut during a rebuild of this level. It was originally made in 1997, and was the first encounter with the 'teleport booth' used in the megawad, hence the silliness. Mobs of monsters in a mostly flat space....Date:02/15/19
Size:47.35 KB

Control Station KGx/57
Control Station KGx/57 is the sister installation of Attack Station KGx/57. CSKG_57B.WAD is the Single Player Version CSDM_57B.WAD is the DeathMatch version...Date:10/31/96
Size:274.14 KB
Author:Scott McNutt

True Cooperative 6-level set. Each of us authored 2 of them. fair progression and honestly difficult play if not done together....Date:11/13/97
Size:150.8 KB
Author:Derek, David, and Doug Merrill

Corridoors of Atrocity
This map was originally my interperetation of MAP28 of Doom II for a project on Doomworld, but it wasn't quite up to par. I've developed my skills a bit since I made this, but I still think it's an alright map. Enjoy! =D...Date:10/27/12
Size:90.67 KB

Coadjutor to the Stars.
A single-player/cooperative map. Mainly, a space- base theme with a quarry and some nukage to even it out. Something I made in my spare time a long time ago....Date:02/18/09
Size:116.89 KB
Author:Colin Mitchell aka 'Radtard'

Coadjutor to the Stars.
A single-player/cooperative map. Mainly, a space- base theme with a quarry and some nukage to even it out. Something I made in my spare time with no real intent on winning the "Best Level of the Year" award. Though, I just wanted something fun to pla...Date:11/21/11
Size:62.17 KB
Author:char *Colin_Mitchell = send_handle( "Radtard" );

A Medium sized level based in a deep coal mine. Focus is on single play action. E-mail me your thoughts!...Date:10/02/99
Size:135.98 KB
Author:Gregory Dick

The Concrete Octagon
This big and beautiful Doom2-Level is great for both single-player and deathmatch play. In single player mode, it is a big adventure consisting of different "chapters". For death- match mode, only one part of the level, the "concrete octagon", is use...Date:08/20/98
Size:134.95 KB
Author:Leon Kelz

Two castles, red and blue; go from one to the other, if you manage it, of course! There is one secret that can help you a lot, find it :-)....Date:05/18/09
Size:40.41 KB
Author:Martin Klauz

City of DooM (Part I) BETA 1-11
This is a "plain vanilla DooM ][" PWAD of maps 1-11. I tried to put the player in the city as best as posible. E-mail about your opinions. All info will be welcome! I'm currently working on converting and expanding these maps & making new ones fo...Date:09/13/00
Size:2.98 MB
Author:Paul Maurone (a.k.a. `Nowotny'; & back in DWANGO days: `Hustler')

Castle of Doom
Dark and foreboding. Castle of Doom is reasonably large. It took me 30 minutes to get through it on the "Hurt Me Plenty" setting. Beware, there are traps! Be careful of switches and save game often. Doing things in the right order is critical to comp...Date:01/04/97
Size:177 KB
Author:Tim Tasto

Caves of Hell
A single player level for Doom 2....Date:05/25/11
Size:24.35 KB
Author:Collin Pierce

The Daemonic Colony
Masterpiece ? Rubbish ? E-mail me with your opinion. It is big, very detailed, realistic and it took me so long I do like to think that it is a good level. If maybe too hard monsterwise - but you all know the cheats anyway. . . (!) Yes I know it ...Date:05/03/04
Size:142.44 KB
Author:Stephen Mercer

This is my first map release and real attempt at making a level 1 map that I'd want to include in a map pack should I ever get around to making one. It's based on an old idea I had which partially included having to defeat imps using fist attacks. Be...Date:06/04/12
Size:40.45 KB

Your mission is to penatrate the Nazi computer and communications base and press a switch deep inside the base that will give you access to a secret self destruct computer....Date:04/25/99
Size:54.22 KB

ComeAsUR.WAD (Come As you Are)
here it first level final corrected Version July 17th 95...Date:07/22/95
Size:86.6 KB
Author:Florian Weidhase (Rabid Rabbit)

The Welcome Wagon
Monsters are not born, but created by humanity. Humanity is created from the human mind. What does that say about humans. Welcome to my home. I am pleased you have accepted my warm invitation. Come in and meet my family, but tread lightly my friend...Date:12/02/05
Size:47.69 KB
Author:Stewart Bibby

Medium size level. Very playable wad built in the classic Doom style with attention to detail and design. Comments welcomed to Email address....Date:01/01/12
Size:137.02 KB
Author:Dave Johnson

Doom Commando
==Map01== Infiltrate the military base overrun with all sorts of monsters then proceed to the helipad for emergency extraction. ==Map02== Enter the second base and clear out the demonic presence. You will need to find your own way out as after drop...Date:01/26/08
Size:491.37 KB

Computer Deathmatch 2.0
This is a repackaging and fix-up of "Computer Deathmatch v1.6", an old Doom mod that simulates playing Deathmatch using bots that are actually dehacked-modified monsters. Despite being fairly simple, the end result is actually quite fun to play. Th...Date:03/09/13
Size:79.88 KB
Author:Sal Vinces (The Immortal); Simon Howard (fraggle)

Computer Deathmatch 4.0
A modified version of fraggle's (Simon Howard) modified version of "The Immortal"'s (Sal Vince) Computer Deathmatch mod. Essentially this is the same mod that makes deathmatch with "bots" (modified monsters to look and act like players) possible on a...Date:07/17/20
Size:73.25 KB
Author:Sal Vinces (The Immortal); Simon Howard (Fraggle); Version 4.0 by TDRR. Uploaded with permission by

Toxic Complex
Size:50.71 KB
Author:Ian Colquhoun (rasterradio)

Enigmatic Complex Computer Lab version 2.0
(for story, see COM-FUL2.TXT) Type complex2 to begin. The DeHackEd patch changes the level names under the map. Enigmatic Complex is a large wad (it jams up DEU 5.21 and BSP 1.2) that largely takes place inside a large complex. It is the first le...Date:04/15/03
Size:268.93 KB

compound.wad for Doom II
a pleasant little romp thru hell...Date:05/22/96
Size:100.42 KB
Author:steve donald

Size:81.93 KB

Confinement 256?
First wad I have ever made. Inspired by Congestion 1024 and 64. Made to be some sort of bridge between the two numbers. Review it however you like! Send me feedback! QUESTION: Should I continue to make a full megawad of this?...Date:04/27/16
Size:7.16 KB

This one isn't very big because it didn't take more then an hour to make so just like the level ok!...Date:05/30/99
Size:12.14 KB
Author:Daniel Spence

My second level in the series. I must warn you that If you decide to allow the demo to run, it goes on for at least nine minutes....Date:04/03/13
Size:74.4 KB
Author:Alan E Brown

Connex 2
The sequel to Connex. This is the doom 2 version. It looks very good and not so boring this time. The architecture is much better and the setting of this level is in a depressing place of hell and sad feelings with red sky put in from hell. You will ...Date:12/27/08
Size:203.71 KB

Doom 2's Consumed earth
A continuation epidode for doom2, there were supposed to be 10 maps, but contributers were few, so there are 7 maps instead. In this mapset you're going through earth's ruins to get home on the computer to call the rescue marines to get you out of th...Date:10/29/15
Size:627.31 KB

Continue ...
GO AND KILL...Date:10/24/05
Size:52.88 KB
Author:Ondrej ? Laba

A pretty big level...Date:01/21/96
Size:24.83 KB
Author:Guillaume Manders and Dermott Shanahan (We are not gay!)

Room of Death
Only 2 player cooperative, just play until it crashes....Date:02/29/96
Size:2.87 KB
Author:Initial Design-Jeff Burton, Final Design-Mike Davidson

The cool sub
The level begins with you in a stream leading to the bay of fundy, where a recent distress call has said there is a uac sub trapped under some rocks and being attacked by unidentifiable entities. You enter the bay to find some of these entities, and ...Date:07/06/97
Size:138.71 KB
Author:Christopher MacGregor

COOL Level
Kewl level for Doom 2....Date:08/26/95
Size:85.1 KB
Author:Dejan Oklobdzija

Satan's Backyard
This is a fun little multiplayer map I threw together in a few days. It's not long, nor is it good....Date:06/18/13
Size:44.99 KB

Coop Quickies - Episode 1
Eleven maps built specially for cooperative mode but still a blast in single-player. Some of the maps are pretty easy and some will get your adrenalin pumping but all are guaranteed to be fun, fun, fun!...Date:08/05/99
Size:323.46 KB

The Core
A new very large level for Doom 2. e-mail me and tell me what you think....Date:07/27/04
Size:105.5 KB
Author:Michael Reed

-DeathMatch: This level consists of three main areas linked with a pair of tunnels between each. All of the areas are easily accesible from all other areas via theese refueling tunnels and an intricate teleporter system (I know teleporters...Date:03/17/99
Size:77.44 KB

This is upgraded verdion of corn. I worked a long time converting the old wad to doom2 I hope you like it. There are a few more parts added, and I fixed a few minor bugs. ENJOY!!!...Date:01/23/96
Size:51.28 KB
Author:Jason Frierdich

Corners of hell
This is my first DOOM level, so it's pretty small. Hopefully it sets the right mood, though. TRY NOT TO CHEAT!!!...Date:05/20/97
Size:5.36 KB
Author:Eric Dodge

Graveyard-Crypt level, complete with a chapel, a gift shop, and more....Date:08/01/97
Size:164.42 KB
Author:Jon Janssen

Corridor 9 from Outer Space (DOOM 2)
A scifi style deathmatch wad. Fight your way through the corridors of an alien base....Date:11/21/98
Size:138.43 KB
Author:Alastair Montgomery

Size:20.08 KB

Good/Fun DeathMatch This is the Update(sorta) it has better music and i added the "NO Red" Screen so when you get popped by a Friggin BFG/DBShotgun you dont go "I CANT SEE!"...Date:01/05/99
Size:660.27 KB
Author:ShizDown - Edward Bobadilla

Corridors of Hell (4th upload) for Doom II HOE.
Medium to large level. Built up on small rooms connected with corridors. Also contains a wastearea. This is the ultimate challenge if you play on skill 4. This level is suitable for single, cooperative and deathmatch. The level was designed with sing...Date:11/05/95
Size:57.07 KB
Author:Jens Nielsen

Cult of the Apocalypse (version 1 'b')
The year is 2053. In the early 21st century, several terrorist factions became nuclear powers. In a play for world power, these factions set off a nuclear chain reaction between nations that resulted In a complete and utter destruction of society and...Date:01/01/01
Size:83.54 KB
Author:Ric Blackman & Dead Cat Productions

Courage 1.0!!!
Courage 0.1 gave you 8 levels. Courage 0.2 gave you 13. Now its time for the battle to end... for now. For now....Date:11/04/96
Size:855.24 KB

Courtyard Escape
I like the kind of non-linear levels where you have a large open space with various structures scattered around - like Mt.Erebus in Doom and Suburbs in Doom 2. The kind of level you can replay many times. So I wanted to do something like that myself....Date:12/20/04
Size:270.95 KB
Author:Lars Thomas Boye aka Larsboy

This Wad is for DOOM II only. This level supports 4 player deathmatch and single player and multiplayer modes. Includes monsters for added challenge. We have tested it with 2 and 3 players and consider it to be excellent. I have made it through in si...Date:03/30/95
Size:40.42 KB
Author:Michael Gaitan (3/95)

This wad was built for either 2 or 4 players. There are 2 teams in the wad, blue and red. You can have 1 or 2 players per team. Pick your teams before the games starts. The goal of the wad is simular to the one in Drktwr3.wad (good idea to w...Date:01/21/96
Size:211.08 KB
Author:Dio and Grond

Size:18.61 KB

Choke On Your Guts As They Spill From Your Mouth
Suitable for all type of Doom play. There are lots of secrets! So if you think you're stuck, check walls and shit!...Date:01/14/04
Size:116.18 KB

Castle Phobos v5.0 for Doom II
A ten level episode where the theme is set in a castle environment that was designed to have a good mix of battles and puzzles. New Monsters: A Seargent that looks similar to the player for multi-player confusion, Death's Shadow replacing the imps....Date:10/23/05
Size:942.22 KB
Author:David G. Shrock

The C.P.U.
This was an outtake from the Master Levels....Date:05/18/08
Size:44.75 KB
Author:Chris Klie

Cradle of Filth
The worst demons of hell await you in this WAD. Completing this level requires one thing - you will have to meaner than they are. I really hope that you are a badass, 'cause if you aren't, they will eat you alive. As usual, the story is ...Date:03/30/00
Size:64.18 KB
Author:Patrik Hglund

Crawling Chaos
Your mission is to assault the remnants of a UAC warehouse/...Date:07/12/95
Size:89.67 KB
Author:Scott Osborne

Small and tight. Use your fists to be sure you have enough ammo in the end. Many of my influences comes from Malcolm Sailor's Chord-series......Date:06/20/98
Size:59.34 KB
Author:Martin [cocoon] Friberg

Crimson Nectar
"The trees and grass in Hell are nourished by the blood of sinners. Why don't you make a contribution... " A 30-minute speedmap, originally created for the Doomworld thread by FanTazTiCxD ( Very small but...Date:02/22/20
Size:16.24 KB

The Crypt
Inspired by the Lovecraft's piece with the same name. The map can be hard, so be careful....Date:08/07/08
Size:126.04 KB
Author:Juan Domingo Belmonte Medina (JDooM)

Darkstorm - Critical Path
Critical Path is a Doom II PWAD for advanced players, preferably those with faster computers, and is difficult enough to challenge anyone on the first few attempts. However, once you've analysed the tactics necessary for the level's completion, it al...Date:03/22/96
Size:156.16 KB
Author:Brendan Williamson

Charming Castle
After the demonic invasion, you scoff at a small, but a rather charming castle, because it has seemingly been completely untouched by the hellish corruption, so one night, the curiosity got the better of you, so you grabbed your pistol with a few mag...Date:03/22/23
Size:117.51 KB
Author:Gert "volleyvalley" Parmask

Size:20.16 KB
Author:Joe Pallai

Hell's Crosshairs
Same as most levels, kill all the monsters and find the secrets to win....Date:04/12/95
Size:48.38 KB
Author:Kris Daley

This wad was designed for one-player play, but turns out to be a pretty good deathmatch level as well. It has a crossing that branches about nine coridoors leading to other rooms. It's very playable....Date:04/29/96
Size:29.45 KB
Author:Byron Collins

The Cross
This is an old map, infact its one the first serious maps I've built. I never intended to release it but what the hell. Its not quite an expert map, but it's perfect for if you like action and its as balanced as I can possibly make, and also quite la...Date:05/14/02
Size:120.57 KB

The Cross
A large outside area with a room in the center with cross-shaped catwalks......Date:06/14/03
Size:15.22 KB

Victims' aren't we all..... The crow, my favorite movie of...Date:06/22/96
Size:867.9 KB
Author:Kris Garrison Mougakos

Four short, simple maps for vanilla Doom II. The brawls start out relatively easy, but reach early-Plutonia levels by the end of MAP04. CRUD is 100% vanilla-compatible, and has been tested with DOOM2.EXE v1.9 through DOSBox. Meant for single-player, ...Date:02/27/21
Size:420.5 KB

of level 01 The StarShip Cruiser
Size:687.13 KB
Author:Justin M.

CRUSADE1.WAD.." The Crusader Vaults---Pt.1 "
Lot's of rooms,passageways and Teleporters--but take it easy,First Aid Stations are few and far between. The first in the "Crusader Trilogy" (the other two parts are still in the draft stage,but coming soon). The inspiration came from the many Crusad...Date:06/20/96
Size:54.05 KB

The Crusader Vaults---Pt.2
Not as many teleporters as pt.1;however monsters do appear from nowhere in the early stages-so don't turn your back.It's a good idea to seek out the rocket launcher,you'll need it later on--but take it easy,First Aid Stations are few and far between....Date:06/20/96
Size:48.79 KB

CRUSADE3.WAD.." The Crusader Vaults---Pt.3 "

(other wads: crusade1.wad, crusade2.wad -it's
Lot's of rooms and passageways -but take it easy,First Aid Stations are few and far between. The third in the "Crusader Trilogy" (the other two parts are around somewhere). The inspiration came from the many Crusader castles I've visited in Israel..B...Date:07/24/96
Size:64.8 KB

Rumor has it that there has been an infestation reported near your home in the canyons, and the abandoned temple that was long ago converted to a UAC outpost, and then evacuated for unknown reasons. Your job is to find out if the rumors are true, and...Date:11/13/97
Size:97.97 KB
Author:Anthony Galica

CrusherII for DOOMII
This is a medium sized level which is very playable with the weapons provided and should be enjoyable for players of all levels. Look for secret areas and watch out for crushers....Date:12/22/95
Size:46.81 KB
Author:Dave Johnson

The Real Crusher
This is what I always imagined the level Crusher (level 6) to be like. No, there is actually no ceilings crushes what-so-ever, but hey- it looks purty....Date:07/08/02
Size:56.74 KB
Author:Black Void

Nervous What's up there?...Date:06/18/95
Size:11.32 KB
Author:Joseph Pacheco

Scared of spider well u crybaby!...Date:07/15/07
Size:17.53 KB

Cry Havoc
Your enemies have somehow captured you and thrown you into their private arena, chock full of all different enemies. You must find an escape or become another stat in their own bloodsport. There is more than one way to do something in this level so d...Date:01/01/12
Size:69.31 KB
Author:Joseph Wheatley

This is not specifically a deathmatch wad. This is mainly for single player gameplay. I have put deathmatch places in each level just in case you wish to deathmatch on them....Date:10/14/96
Size:96.92 KB
Author:Crynos (Billy Valentine)

Laboratory of the devil
You are a special agent who took photos of strange experiments in a hidden cyrotechnical laboratory. As you want to leave the lab, the exit is unreachable. Someone lowered the bridge which led over an acid-pool. Where is the switch to raise the bridg...Date:12/02/05
Size:77.56 KB
Author:A.Behr, Germany

Da Crypt!!
That's what THE CRYPT is all about. A concerted attempt to create a level that's fun AND challenging. THE CRYPT is about skulking and strafing and sniping and strategy! the surroundings were designed for multiple strategic methods. Use the enemies...Date:06/15/95
Size:770.02 KB

Crypt Of Pain
After saving the world in the real DOOM levels, the military has shown it's gratitude in the usual way, by sending you off on another crap mission. This time it was to escort an archaeologist to the ledgendary Crypt Of Pain. So, as you've probably gu...Date:05/20/97
Size:8.27 KB
Author:Eric Dodge

The Hellish Crypt 2 (the return of the crypt)
just when you thought the hellish crypt was destroyed,it came back,and more hellish then ever....Date:04/11/98
Size:286.41 KB
Author:Derrick Allen

Cool Stuff 3
A 7-level Doom 2 mini-episode, with newish characters, weapons, and a fresh storyline....Date:08/01/97
Size:1.84 MB
Author:Jon Janssen

Cause Perdue
Size:86.94 KB
Author:Datacore85 / The Freedoom 0.7 's stuff

CSRD2-01.WAD --> Home of the lost Demons - Part 1
A drop in for level one in DOOM ][ You were relaxing after freeing the earth from the clutches of hell, when an alert sounded. You were instructed by Admiral Dwight Smithy to proceed to a formerly unknown demon infested area. You arrived pumped up fo...Date:01/10/05
Size:54.69 KB
Author:Clint Russell

CSRD2-L2.WAD --> Home of the lost Demons - Part 2
A drop in for level two in DOOM ][ After struggling through the caverns and making your way thru the hallways belonging to the lost demons you blast to the exit and continue deeper into the home of the Lost Demons. You enter and find cheerful music p...Date:01/10/05
Size:77.62 KB
Author:Clint Russell

Claustrophobic Threat
Size:99.05 KB

Corrupted temple
Size:114.96 KB

CTHDRLSE.WAD "Catedral del Espiritu Sancto" v1.895 Special Edition
La Catedral del Espiritu Sancto--- once the most beautiful cathedral in all christendom, has been infested with the minions of Hell. Pulled back in time, you have been given the task of purging the holy church so that goodness may once again reign. ...Date:08/07/96
Size:91.2 KB
Author:Jordan J. Wales

Adaptation of H P Lovecraft tale 'The Picture In The House' (1920)....Date:08/01/16
Size:1.28 MB
Author:Andrew Loly

Granite Base
An attempt to see if I could make a decent vanilla map, I'm quite pleased with the result, it was tested with Doom95 so it should work with every port....Date:03/02/09
Size:96.34 KB
Author:Captain Toenail

Central Computer
Doom 2 PWAD Reports from UAC confirm that their central computer complex on Earth has been taken over by the hellspawn. Your Mission: To liberate the complex and eliminate all resistance....Date:02/04/96
Size:16.95 KB
Author:Aaron M. Fisher

Wad for DOOM2 built for being played #single#, #cooperative# and #deathmatch#. No levels....Date:09/22/95
Size:11.71 KB
Author:Fernando Carreter

My second huge effort. This one has many stairways and lifts for a more 3-D feel. Also, alot of puzzles to figure out. Good for Deathmatch as you can get thru all areas in both directions. Hint- To git the Rocket Launcher you must do a "U"-Turn. Dedi...Date:08/25/95
Size:48.68 KB
Author:Tom Sanner

Cult pit
Size:48.87 KB

This is Map 07 of a Megawad I'm building. After finishing Maps 01-06 I put them into a forum for play-testing. I recieved some comments and tips and tried to follow them with this sequel. So, don't hesitate to tell me your opinion about this map! The...Date:02/19/04
Size:223.91 KB
Author:Milian Moritz

Cunning Stunts
An evil alien from the planet B-B-brunn takes over the computer department at Higgs and Hill. Programmers and support staff start mysteriously disappearing, and are being replaced with androids. Can you destroy this vicious monster before the company...Date:02/21/96
Size:325.92 KB
Author:Master Cylinder

Cunning Stunts
Size:613.52 KB
Author:Master Cylinder

Curtin Computer Science
My first Wad. Based on the computer science building at Curtin University of Technology. Certain alterations have taken place as the rooms on the 3rd floor are normally quite boring....Date:08/29/95
Size:121.65 KB
Author:Scott La Vertu

Cute Demon Butt Collection
Welcome to the land of orthogonal misadjustment. In here you will ASSume the role of the BOOTY warrior. The demons, whose only job was to sit on their BUTTS and guard this facility, have been CHEEKY ASSholes again and you've been chosen to show them ...Date:05/03/16
Size:254 KB

CW's Sweet WAD
A cool WAD for all types of play! if you're going to play DM though, make sure you turn OFF monsters......Date:08/15/95
Size:202.08 KB

CyberDoom V1.1
Doom2 enters the Information Age!...Date:06/26/96
Size:102.37 KB
Author:"Spooky" John

This is a single player level for Doom2. It's not very big but it's very cool playing it and quite difficult. You MUST kill all the enemies (only three)...Date:03/20/97
Size:2.47 KB

This is a single player level for Doom2. It's not very big but it's very cool playing it and quite difficult. You MUST kill all the enemies!!!...Date:03/20/97
Size:4.06 KB

Cyberdemon fraggers 2.0
A large level where you grab your gun and go down and blast some cyberdemons, plus, you get: Some guys(zombiemen) a spider and three Arch-Viles up the top guarding the BFGs and Pain Elementals with Lost Souls and of course(on DM not co-op) the other ...Date:07/10/96
Size:19.34 KB
Author:William Lawson

It's a collection of my four wads. Evryone is very huge and difficult (poor health) - you should save often. There are few secrets but I can't remember if you have to find them to exit the level because I made these levels long time ago :)....Date:04/07/97
Size:394.62 KB
Author:Sasa Majnaric

CyberLand (One tribute to Maldita)
This level start in the grand canyon, and you're not alone, because the Cyberdemon is whit you. The Bunker keep surprise for you. Try to find the secret doors....Date:11/30/96
Size:90.39 KB
Author:Enrique Garcia G. (Nogales, Veracruz)

Several large new levels. These levels are fairly dificult but fun and good looking....Date:01/22/12
Size:305.55 KB
Author:Jim kaminski.

This is a medium sized map which takes place on a corrupted office building, you'll have to make your way out of it while getting stalked by a souped up cyberdemon....Date:06/14/23
Size:216.49 KB

Cyber Haven Revisited
Your really in a fix now. Monster Central has decided that quantity is better than quality. They have spawned an awesome army of the worst kind and are even now searching for you and your team. MISSION: Survive, destroy all monsters, and return to th...Date:09/16/98
Size:593.01 KB
Author:Hardy Davis

I got the idea for this when a friend of mine said that Cyber Demons were too easy to kill.. well, he doesn't say that anymore!!! :) 5 of the 6 levels contain 1 or more Cyber Demons, please contact me if you can pass all 6 levels without cheat codes!...Date:01/10/05
Size:48.1 KB
Author:Jason Silvio a.k.a. The Eternal One

Cyberdemon Dance
This is a medium sized wad with one large central room in which the player starts and ends the level. There are 4 small wings off of this room which house the necessary keys and switches required to finish this level. Included in this level is one Cy...Date:11/23/95
Size:56.97 KB
Author:Al Cowsky

Cyber Death
Size:95.35 KB
Author:Scott A. Smith

You must stop an invasion from hell. 10 awesome actionpacked maps!...Date:04/03/07
Size:58.71 KB
Author:Chipstutten IV

The Cyber Fort
Doom 2 PWAD The Cyberdemon Lord and his subjects have taken up residence inside a vast toxic waste storage facility nicknamed "The Fort" because of it's general structure. Due to the defeats the hellspawn have suffered at your hands, the inhabitant...Date:02/04/96
Size:10.49 KB
Author:Aaron M. Fisher

Cyberdemom's Secret
A new wad by me. This may not be as good as my other wad. But titlepic and music aren't so great....Date:11/10/98
Size:43.65 KB
Author:Matthew Ferreira

My first publicly released level. I made this map simply to get used to doombuilder and doom editing in general so expect plenty of lowering walls, tripwires and oddness. It's fairly small with not many monster "repeats" and set in a demonic temple. ...Date:11/17/03
Size:86.39 KB

Yadda yadda mountain base yadda yadda experiments yadda mutants yadda yadda lone soldier yadda yadda reactor core yadda yadda three switches badda boom...Date:03/10/04
Size:255.88 KB

Cygnus IV - Version 2.0
14 levels of hard-hitting Doom II action, with new graphics, sound and music, and some damned impressive scenery!...Date:04/15/97
Size:805.88 KB
Author:John J. Bye (aka Spook, aka Gestalt666)

Castles Made of Sand.
The second map I've made for Doom. The first one you can download above. This level was actually designed on paper at work during the making of my first level back in December 2002. This is what I remember from it and is pretty similar to the design ...Date:07/04/06
Size:86.07 KB
Author:Kenny Coughlan.

Circle Strafe
This is a collection of 9 identical levels for single player Circle Strafe practice. Each level has a different weapon / monster Combination. Try to use the weapon provided on each level only. There is no health - if you get to the end of the ninth l...Date:05/22/96
Size:5.54 KB
Author:Dick Ruck

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