Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/aboo5th.zip
Size: 354.91 KB
Date: 07/11/03
Author: Bob Reganess
Description: Are you tired of killin an squishin and shumuckin everything then try this game in the capture mode. There are monster traps ( 5 or 6 of em) that will teleport them to jail. But ya gota get em to cross that line.

Want Hints? Course ya do! There in the game. Not all of em but getting all the keys and some new suprises can be found out by visiting the blabbermouth. But a... watch where ya step.

There are some places where ya should stay out da road just like ya mommy told ya once. And of course there are places ya shouldn't go at all But I aint gonna tell ya where day are cause you gonin there anyway!!
Build time: 2 or 3 months
Editor(s) used: DEEP..................WOW this is easy to use!
DEUTEX................Couldn't add anything without it.
WINDOO................Windows shell for DEUTEX
ORCHESTRATOR PLUS.....How I made the music
COOLEDIT..............Used it for all the new sounds.
NEOPAINT..............Great paint program!!!
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New textures are potentially great, but the map implementation is plain horrible. Gameplay @ UV looks in too many places like an early 1994 experimental level, and I'm not talking about a good one. Overall: very small 2/5.x
One of the most creative city maps.x
This might have been one of the worst maps I have played - I think I get what you are trying to accomplish, but it is really confusing. x
Blegh. This was crap. It makes no sense that the roads damage you. The texturing was crap and it's annoying to tell which windows you can walk through and which ones you can't. 1/5x
This is dated May 1995. It's a large and detailed town level - even by modern standards, the amount of work is impressive. It's marred by inexplicably painful roads, and empty windowframes that look as if you can walk through them, but you can't; and there are doors that look as if you can't walk through them, but you can. And the gameplay is rubbish. Only 120 monsters, and they tend to be hitscan. Very little health. Very very very wandery.x
nice, but not very many monsters... that's shit!! 3/5x
Nice town map.x

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