Title: aboojail.zip
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/aboojail.zip
Size: 419.94 KB
Date: 07/11/03
Author: Bob Reganess
Description: Jailbirds is a great action WAD for single or multiple players. In deathmatch,cooperative or network mode this wad allows up to 4 players (2 are in a prison located in the heart of a mountain, while the other 2 players are outside).

The object is to either BREAKOUT of prison or to rescue your pals. Watch out in the caves cause there's a NEW charecter who rules in there. All added art, sounds and music were created by me and you may use them as long as it's not for profit and you mention where you got it from.
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Colorful map...whole island exploratory theme is brilliantly executed...bit more puzzle than i pleasingly enjoy..worth a go x
I sort of consider this as a sixth map to the author's aboocean.wad, since it fits the same crude island theme. I like the way the music starts off strangely soothing. The gimmick is kind of interesting, in that in coop the two players have to work towards each other rather than alongside. Strange graphics. Worth a look for its quirkiness.x

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