Title: System Vices
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/aboosysv.zip
Size: 1.96 MB
Date: 04/20/03
Author: Reganess
Description: Systems have always existed for the benefit of someone or something. And although somewhat perverted, vices also have always existed for the very same reason. The two are usually in opposition to each other. But when systems and vices are in agreement you either have total chaos or utopia. In this story it is a combination of both. On the surface and because of your upbringing it would appear that it is chaos which rules. But to inhabitants of Sverre, which is where this story takes place it is in fact the other way around. Utopia to them it would seem is to hunt and be hunted. They have no family ties and are not naturally affectionate. They derive pleasure from killing and creating confusion. I must warn you that this creation of confusion is going to be your greatest obstacle. Things are not always as they seem and it is not only your job to hunt and be hunted but also to test the waters as it were to see if you are really true to your own beliefs. In other words... Who's side are you really on?
Credits: The editor I use to create maps is DEEP (the registered version). I also learned most of what I know about editing from the DEEP help files. Thank you Jack. This whole project would have been impossible without the tools DEUTEX and WINTEX. Thank you Oliver. I would like too thank Jim Flynn and Peter Zanner for their encouragement and helpful ideas. I would also like to thank Dr. Sleep for teaching me some of the finnier points of wad building.
Base: None
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEEP, Deutex, Wintex
Rating: (23 votes)
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4 stars for the new music and graphics however the levels aren't that good for example in one level I couldn't find out how to get to the yellow door so I had to clip to get out of the level I mean I had the key but the elevator button wouldn't make the lift go high enough so as a result I had to cheat. Monster placement wasn't that bad thoughx
Nice try, but not as interesting. ~1/5x
A most excellent experience all around. The maps are as small as the campaign, most of them with less than 100 baddies, but it wasn't too easy, just short and sweet. Level 6 was simply spectacular to play. Played using Brutal Doom, despite the mild graphical glitches it causes with TC's like this.x
Wonderful TC with very unique atmosphere, and lots of puzzles. My only regret is there are only 8 levels. *****x
There's no need to guess about the date: it was April 1996 - see the wad's date-stamp. (2003 is just the year it was added to the archive.) Great and highly imaginative wad, with a lot of creative areas and features. There's a sort of plot in the background, that kind of binds things together in a weird sort of way. The new music and graphics were greatly appeciated by the Doom comminity back then; they were used by a lot of other mappers. (Better than the modern trend of just stealing resources.)x
It's a sort of early mini-TC; the date is 2003 but it must be earlier than that, I guess 1995 or so. The graphics and sounds are very good for one man for 1995 (the pickup sound has been used a lot in other wads). The levels are a bit dull and there are lots of tedious switch/key hunts, and as one of the reviews says level four is where your patience will wear thin (the design is reminiscent of one of Unreal Tournament's best levels, but larger).x
Some ok new graphics, some not so good. Some ok looking areas, but most of the levels design sucks. Take level 4 for example, the same basic square rooms are replicated about a hundred times. x

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