Title: Absinthe 3lvl adventure
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/absinthe.zip
Size: 99.97 KB
Date: 09/12/13
Author: Simone Lombardi
Description: This wad includes 3 pretty short wads. This is my first single player "campaign"
Credits: No one
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 1 week
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 2
Bugs: None
Rating: (7 votes)
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I liked itx
Unique maps, very short ones though.x
Good, the spiders in the beginning was something unique. Too bad it was very short.x
Note that this actually requires a source port that supports mixed flats and textures, like ZDoom. It also seems to be balanced for continuous play only, so don't try to pistol start maps 02 and 03. Anyway, the wad consists of three short and linear techbases. The design is simple but a bit unique, the fights are generally not hard but sometimes require planning because you have to rely on infightings. A decent way to spend 15 minutes.x

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