Title: ALPHA 1 Trilogy - consisting of: ALPHA1.WAD, OOZI.WAD, ORIGIN.WAD
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/alpha1b.zip
Size: 446.83 KB
Date: 02/20/98
Author: Rob Schweiner
Description: 3 fairly large levels for Doom II (tested on 1.666) following the style of the original Doom II levels. Some original (I hope) design concepts, but generally nothing real wierd or exotic. And, of course, lots of things to kill. You will need to be an experienced player, but CHEATING IS NOT NECESSARY! All beta testers could finish all 3 levels without cheat codes. Also, while intended to be played as a sequence, they were beta tested and successfully played individually (without the power-ups from previous levels). Needless to say it's a little more challenging that way.
Credits: Ben Morris for DCK. Marc Rouseau for ZenNode .98a. Denis Moeller for NWT Pro. Bruce Kuehl for a number of design suggestions. And, as always, to id Software for starting it all!
Base: New levels from scratch
Build time: Beyond count (what else is new)
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: none (this time for sure?) HOWEVER: if you make changes to these wads, there are a couple of "outdoor" sidedefs that deliberately have no textures. This was necessary to create the desired effects and may show up as an error in whatever editor you use.
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fuckin awesome maps - I loaded all three togetherx
5/5 Three great, long (but not tedious) maps filled with excellently placed monsters. Ammo and health are tightly controlled on UV. Alpha 1 has a few memorable sequences, like the first shot fired in the base courtyard, and Oozi has a nice subterranean feel going, but the mapping of Origin left me speechless. A phenomenally designed pipe corridor, an excellent canyon, some E4 style areas, ending in a particularly memorable finale. - KMX E XIIx
Three large maps dated May '97 - Feb '98, saved as separate files (although they're still Map01, Map02, Map03). I liked 'em; it feels as if the designer was on mescaline, because the levels are intricate and go on and on and on, with lots of baddies, but I like that style. Alpha1 was my favourite, an expansive techbase; Origin is very cramped and gets tiring. The original version of Oozi came out in 1994 and is id=304.x
I recommend trying origin.wad, the others r just 2 huges common maps - PerOxydx

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