Title: Altair2
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/altair2.zip
Size: 80.6 KB
Date: 08/12/96
Author: Kenneth Chirko
Description: This is the second level in the Altair series and was designed with ultra-violence in mind. Like Altair1 this level has a design theme.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: One week.
Editor(s) used: Deep 7.50. Warm1.6
Bugs: None known.
Rating: (4 votes)
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Cons: A little repetitive, too cramped, a bit confusing. Pros: Texturing is nice and clean, some cool architecture, a custom texture here and there which was cool back in 1996. Overall I did have a fun 5 minute playthrough of this map. Definitely deserves more than 1 star..x
It's similar to the previous and it gets a 4/5. ICx
Another entry in the so-easy-that-it's-b oring subgenre.x

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