Title: Anarchy
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/anarchy2.zip
Size: 511.6 KB
Date: 08/01/02
Author: Dejan
Description: Three levels, two are in the cave like enviroment, while the third is in the big outdoors and a mountain base. Check out the story below for more info.
Credits: Guns N' Roses
Base: . Check out the story below for more info.
Build time: Long time, a month I would say
Editor(s) used: WadAuthor, WinTex, Adobe Photoshop, Cool Edit, MIDI2MUS
Bugs: Sometimes the engine has a lot of stuff to render and it gives you that blinking/fading effect. It doesn't happen that much though.
Rating: (10 votes)

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Really long play for those levels. Veeeeery nice design. LOts of traps, lots of monsters, lots of details.x
These three maps are dated August 2002, although they look and feel a bit older - the Guns'n'Roses poster is surprisingly timely though. Map01 is a nicely-detailed hellish map, and so is Map02; they're a bit samey (oddly, Map02 has a large chunk of Map01 right at the start). Map02 is pretty good though, with a nice cyberdemon fight. Map03 is a decent techbase with some confusing switchhunting and nice traps, and a spaceship at the end.x
The first map don't works very well; it has a bug that can make it unbeatable...x
this wad is crap unles you WANT to play a peace of garbig doonot get it.... x
Awesome 3 levels, a must for any Doom fan!x

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