Title: Andy Bay's House
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/andyhome.zip
Size: 77.04 KB
Date: 08/09/97
Author: Andy Bay
Description: This is my home and it has been invaded, this is, after all, Doom2 Hell on Earth; so why leave out people's homes? Rooms are better. Real fireplace /w fire in living room Computer Rooms have computers. There is access to the actic. Living room furnuiture has come in. Parent's room furnuiture has arrived too. More wall paper. My room is the one with the black boxes. My sisters room is the one with the yellow key. My parents room is the one with the bathroom in it. Guest bedroom has the snakes on the bed. The Crawl space is the room with the red key.
Credits: Everyone who plays it or made doom.
Base: My house on a 4 inches=3 Pixles scale (True scale = 2 in / 3 px)
Build time: About a month in work but 2 years from start to finish. (and it's not really done yet!!)
Editor(s) used: Deu 5.21; DEU2; Dck; BSP; DETH 3.2
Bugs: You can be burned by the fire.
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First key is in the basement, the other in a dangerous room.x
Oh man, the comment above made me laugh so hard, and then I laughed hard again when I heard the sound.... 3 stars for the joy this has brought mex
A "My house" wad from 1997, does what it says on the tin!, no new textures, so it looks like a hellish tech base rather than a house, the teleport sound is changed when you go upstairs (to the sound of some clumsy idiot stomping upstairs that lasts way too long), but the sprite isnt, so the teleportation is obvious. Also it seems to be impossible..well i couldnt find that key anyway, so clipx

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