Title: Arena Of Destruction 2 Light
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/ar_de2l.zip
Size: 57.34 KB
Date: 07/22/95
Author: Rainer "Magic Eye" K.
Description: My friend Schorsch complained that my first level, AR_DEST1.WAD hadn't enough Arch-Viles. So I got the idea to make a level where you won't run out of Arch-Viles and other Critters... In Arena Of Destruction Light, YOU can decide how many Arch-Viles, Cyber Demons and others appear... Just press the right button! A lot of other Deathmatch-levels are boring, because they are too big, and once you have played them, you get bored (I made one like this, too! But it was my first one) The storage can also be emptied at once, but I don't recommend it... How? Find it out! There is a second set of switches awaiting to be discovered...
Credits: *Schorsch, for giving me the idea, for "schwalling mich zu" with nonsense and for cancelling all our Deathmatch-sessions. But I understand that. His girlfriend left him, his job sucks, and now he behaves a bit weird. I'm sure he'll recover... *Lutz, for having the best games-shop in Germany! *Bernhard, for putting my Levels in his great box every time and for the advertisment that made Arena Of Destruction so popular. *Jack A. Vermeulen, for supporting me patiently with information about DeeP. Thanks for the registered Version!
Base: New level from scratch. For the maze, I first drew a map. This version is a rewrite of AR_DEST2.WAD
Build time: The centre place and the monster depot took me one day, the surroundings another and on the third day (today), I made everything all right. Schorsch got a Beta-Version, but he just said that the level is shit. So I released it without beta-testing. I rely on you: If you have any bug-reports, comments or suggestions, send me a message! I will answer.
Editor(s) used: I used DEEP 6.11, 7.01 and 7.11 reg, the best editor in the whole universe! (Thanx, Jack!)
Bugs: -I spent much time to get all the bugs out. So I hope there aren't any left. If you still spot one, feel free to send me a message. -The level won't crash any more because of too many 2S-Linedefs. (This happened sometimes in AR_DEST1!) If it should happen although, put the detail to low (F5) -Don't beam up too many beasts. DOOM gets too slow. Try a lower difficulty- or detail-level
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Amusing deathmatch level with a "control room" where you can press switches that spawn various monsters in the central area to spice the things up. There is also a secret switch that makes them all teleport at the same time. I suppose this was pretty funny back in the days.x

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