Title: Arena Of Destruction *3*
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/ar_dest3.zip
Size: 56.29 KB
Date: 09/23/95
Author: Rainer "Magic Eye" Knijff
Description: This is the third Level in the world-famous episode called "Arena Of Destruction". After my first level was so successful, I built another one and now I have reached the point of no return: Arena Of Destruction 3 !!! The scheme hasn't changed much: A big Arena for tremendous fighting and some smaller rooms out- side for collecting interesting stuff. But, this time, I added more atmosphere. Note that you don't start in the real Arena! BTW, there IS a secret armory! Where? Find it out or ask me!
Credits: *Robert "Schorsch" Georg (100760.621@compuserve.com), for Beta-Testing and for having the hottest hormons in the world! *Lutz Althoff (Fido: 2:2457/626.7), for having the best games-shop in Germany! *Jens Neumann (snej@corsair.in-minden.de), for Beta-Testing and for listening to my stupid complaints about DCK. *Bernhard Schicht (Fido: 2:2480/434.0), who made Arena Of Destruction 1 so popular through his BBS. And of course for Beta-Testing *Jack A. Vermeulen (75454.773@compuserve.com), for supporting me with information about DeeP.
Base: New level from scratch.
Build time: About 20 hours + 40 hours of Beta-Testing
Editor(s) used: I used DEEP 7.50 registered (Thanks, Jack!), the best editor in the whole universe! The Nodebuild is awesome! Jens, test it!
Bugs: -The level may crash because of too many 2S-Linedefs. You'll get a "visplane overflow". This is nothing serious, just try low detail or buy a faster PC. -I spent much time on the texture alignment. It should look great! (Have a look at the red arch!)
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