Title: Armadillo
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/armadill.zip
Size: 257.31 KB
Date: 07/13/96
Author: Tim and Simon Fawcett
Description: A new 5-level mission. These levels are fairly hard on 'Ultra Violence' and are intended for only some of the best players (like ourselves). 'Hurt me Plenty' is for average/above average players and 'Hey, not too rough'is a doddle.
Build time: Don't ask
Editor(s) used: DCK2.2
Bugs: A mysterious invisible mancubus on level 4
Rating: (3 votes)
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A set of small hard maps that would be quite good if they were not so gimmicky. You have to walk through walls on MAP01 and on MAP05. On MAP02 you need to hump a lamp to get the SSG, without which you're SOL. The "mysterious invisible mancubus" probably refers to spite overload in vanilla. MAP03 indeed lacks height variation; the exit is there and not hard to reach. You can also get stuck on MAP01 if you sprint out of the chaingun ambush towards the Rev.x
Er, mixed bag here : while level 1 starts quite roughly but plays quite good (3/5), level 2 is fairly easy, even if it looks poor (3.5/5). Level 3 is just a piece of crap (corridors/monsters/ not even a stair/exit - 0/5). Level 4 is too short but enjoyable (3.5/5) and level 5 ends the story in a pleasant way even if the design choices are somewhat weird (3/5). Overall, I take pleasure to play those 5 levels, and think it would be nice to rebuild some of them up to nowadays standards : 3.5/5.x
hmmm.. well its not so bad the level dezine is prity good and the musick isint that bad but the problem is a few of the traps in these levels were a little to trechris sligtlee damiging the gameplay but these levels are prity good overall not superer by eny standerds but not totel garbig eather 3/5 -simon cowelx

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