Title: Asylum
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/asylum.zip
Size: 753.73 KB
Date: 05/14/99
Author: Richard J. Sham
Description: This is a real fun wad and tough! In UV you open to 15 archviles and three berserk packs. You control the game and see them one at a time if your smart! There are interesting areas throughout - watch for traps! Plenty of challenges but fair. This wad also uses gothictx.wad for some beautiful textures - see credits below.
Credits: My son (Rich) for all the help on textures and playtesting and the UV lmp. My friends (Warlock) for spotting an archvile problem and (John Blackburn) for playtesting and the (-fast GM) lmp. Many thanks to the Gothic Crew for the textures. Thank's guys!

My wife (with love)!
Base: New level built from scratch.
Build time: Several weeks.
Editor(s) used: Deep97
Bugs: None
Rating: (4 votes)
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Isn't it the disturbed album?x
This is dated May 1999, and it's good fun. You start off in a maze, but unlike every other maze ever this one is entertaining - you have to berzerk punch archviles, and there's a stealth element. Goes on a bit long though. The invention runs out at that point, and the rest of the level is a lot of square rooms with almost 400 baddies in some big albeit bland fights. It's fun insofar as slaughtering 400 baddies is fun, but it could have been much more.x
nice map.x

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