Title: AXE8.wad
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/axe8.zip
Size: 94.61 KB
Date: 06/03/96
Author: Anthony Connor
Description: Ultimately a Level for the single player. BUT !!!! Also is good for Deathmatch, and co op. Great for 4 player, although I have never played more than two. :( Lots of nice little spots to stand back, and realise just how beatiful DOOM really is. The Reason I don't add all my levels together is because, there single levels, single ideas. I name them AXE, because you will know there from me. STORY You arrive early to the Starbase out on the far reaches of the explored Galaxy, In sector 777. Having been sent here, to investergate the First and only Worm hole. You are at the least to say, excited. Unbeknowinced to you, the "Worm hole", is really a rip in Dimentional space. Providing a gateway to a Place that wasn't meant to be investergated. Let alone Destroyed. !!!!!
Credits: ID SOFTWARE, All of you. ((((BUY THE GAME))), Greg Harper, Jason Byrne, God, Deu- (needs more work though). Everybody that has ever played this great game. Vanessa, you big Spunk !. BSP, DCK (great stuff), Coffee, and me.
Base: Brand New Level, from Scratch.
Build time: Not as long as it used to.
Editor(s) used: DCK, DEU, BSP.
Bugs: Slow on a 486 33
Rating: (5 votes)
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The first of the AXE series uploaded to /idgames, it appears, and the looks do reveal that in the very beginning. Texturing starts off with monotonous stone all over the place, and then the theme continually shifts throughout. The gameplay, however, is a good notch above the subsequent AXE5, with the highlight being the numerous clever uses of teleporters to catch the player off guard (the outdoor battle is particularly memorable!). Given that, I had enough fun to play it again. Good stuff. 7/10 - Snakesx
Thanks for the review. If I could get back into an editor I might do it. :) Regards Axe x
This is dated June 1996. It's part of the author's long-forgotten AXE series, which was generally good. This is a solid although unsubtle stone techbase in which you fight 304 baddies. Despite the monster count it's no Hell Revealed. It could have been hard, but you have loads of ammo, and the monsters are spread out; there are some good traps near the end but the secret BFG is silly. It's a good example of a level that would benefit from a modern revision.x

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