Title: Baby
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/baby-1.zip
Size: 152.93 KB
Date: 01/12/99
Author: Richard J. Sham
Description: An indoor/outdoor, daytime/nitetime fun wad with some surprise attacks.

Single player only.
Credits: My son (Rich) and friends (John Blackburn) and (Harry) for playtesting. My friends (Jim Oldland, aka Sparkle*Tom) and (John Blackburn) for friendship and wad building advice. Additional thanks to John for building me two example wads and to Harry for the picture! Thanks guys!

Special thanks to my wife Alice for sharing my interest and for her patience while building this wad. She calls me 'baby', hence the name!

id Software and the Deep team.
Base: New level built from scratch.
Build time: Several weeks.
Editor(s) used: Deep97
Bugs: None
Rating: (3 votes)
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This wad is a nice intermezzo fun, but nothing special. Texturing and detailing seem to be done rather carelessly. The areas are quite plain and simple. Gameplay is rough, with many medium to medium-hard monsters, but overall, the map is well playable. There are some passable walls with middle textures that you need to find if you want to finish the map. Overall, it's not bad, but not good either. A mediocre fun. 3/5 -Milianx
Pretty much a typical non-special Doom 2 PWAD. Some bad texture alignments, and a few secret walls you have to activate or pass though to complete the map.x

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