Title: Quake2: Base1
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/base1q.zip
Size: 282.2 KB
Date: 12/06/98
Author: Danny 'UrHaSh' Tam
Description: I love to play converted levels to Doom2, and I used to challenge a lot of other people to put Quake maps into Doom. some of the results of this include DM3.wad (by mystican) and dm4.wad (not yet released by Brv-Zokum). Since no one created a base1 conver sion from quake2, myst challenged me to create it. So, i decided to take a crack at it. After being introduced to the great EdMap level editor, I started building furiously at this map for 2 months straight Near the end i started to slack off because Deathmatch on this map was tooooo fun. Thanks Dvs and knort. ;) The main goal of this map is Deathmatch, altho SP is fun if you try to speed-run. Current top time belongs to Adam Hegyi, or Hegyi Adam, (i dunno, his irc nick is Adam_H), with 0:08. If anyone can top that, mail it to me. if anyone is interested in creating base2.wad or base3.wad (off of quake2), please mail me. However, i will have no part in a conversion that uses q2 textures. Doom2 has fine textures. Btw, anyone got the q2 tracks on midi? =)
Credits: DVS01- Added SFX TntJustin- Beta-tester, lots of insight Jeff Rabenhorst- spectacular EdMap editor Darkfang- Beta-tester, used for Thrust Mordeth- Beta tester, level editing insight Linguica- Beta Tester Mystican- Beta tester, got me into EdMap Vapor- Beta Tester David Gevert- Beta Tester Knorton- Beta tester, lots of encouragement, kind words, updates to his Peon Web-site. Terje- Beta Tester Surge- (from #doom2) kind comments Baraka- (#doom2) helpful comments Tim Willits- He created base1 id software- doom, doom2, quake2
Base: Built from scratch, quake2 base1 for original layout
Build time:
Editor(s) used: EdMap 1.31, BSP23x, NWT, Wintex
Bugs: None
Rating: (5 votes)
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This is dated February 1998. It's a clone of the first level of Quake II - remember that? - done with Quake II sounds but stock Doom II textures. Within those constraints it's not bad, although there's one hideously obvious missing texture. The problem is that as a level it's just not entertaining; Quake II as a whole was more a visual showcase than a game. There are only 15 baddies and you just run to the exit. Might be decent in deathmatch.x
OK, so you've converted a Quake level to Doom2. So what?x

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