Title: Bastard
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/bastard.zip
Size: 331.2 KB
Date: 01/31/96
Author: Jonathan Hopkinson
Description: My second set of levels. Contains several traps and powerful monster as well as a MAZE of TORCHES, a couple of TREES, and a raise platform maze surrounded with poison. Most of the mazes are on the second level. The last level is the window level...It contains many windows so any monster can fire upon you. The first level just contains a pyramid exit. I recommend you play networked because one player mode is quite hard. Note: Some of the traps will make you think I am a bastard hence the name. None of the will kill you without a chance.
Base: New levels from scratch
Build time: 50 hours
Editor(s) used: DoomEd 4.2 for windows
Bugs: None harmful..(On the second board a texture some how got duplicated so there is two on top of each other. But this does not affect the game in any way.)
Rating: (6 votes)
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Getsu Fune
what the fuck, design all over the place, placement of enemies is pretty bad too. MAP01 was ugly, MAP02 had trollish moments and MAP03 thankfully had some good action at the beginning. music and sound replacements were bad too. play if you're real bored.x
Lots of work, but sadly way too much pointless architecture and gameplay. Even regarded as a 1996 wad, this is a good example how not to build levels. And the sounds are, sorry for the word, infantile. 1* for the effort only, which is a pity.x
Really awful looking levels that are oddly...relieving to play. It's lucky that it has funky music. That's my weak point.x
The aesthetics of these levels are lame but, more importantly, they are relatively fun stuff. Level 1 is simplistic but straightforward and quick to play, with a good item versus monsters ratio. Level 2 is more elaborate but also protracts itself a bit with its trickier areas (crushers, torch maze, ledge walk, catwalk maze, tree maze) which at least are short or have cues. Level 3 is the toughest and siege-like (you start trapped in the middle) but shorter and a bit boxed in. ~Chain Mail [2/5] (02/2009)x
Three levels dated January 1996; thirteen years old to the day as I write these words. Map01 is useless, an undetailed 1994-era techbase. Map02 is useless too. Map03 is much better; it still reeks of 1994, and it's very crude, BUT the gameplay is pretty hectic and fun, with a nice multi-stage red key battle. But by heck the sound replacement is bad (a loud woman shouts "I GOT IT!" when you pick something up).x

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