Title: Battle House ][ v2.0
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/batlhows.zip
Size: 900.64 KB
Date: 09/16/96
Author: Tim "Qaulls" Johnsen
Description: :My first real WAD for DOOM ][. I wanted a level (MAP02) to just go around and hunt things. That's why there is such an obvious ending in MAP02. There are 2 or more possible exits on MAP02 & MAP04.

OK. You want a story. Let's see what I can think of. OK. You're taking over a UAC base. That's a good start. They send you to a secret military base and let you load up on guns. Then you open up the teleport and jump in to the first UAC area. After you shut it down by pressing the obvious exit, the secret exit button, or kill the leader you are sent off to the next area.

In the next area you take over another base where there is big security and have to get all of the keys. To finish you have to get into the escape pod and hitting the detach button.

The next area you land on an old UAC area that was supposedly abandon. Well you find out differently. The old castle isn't abandon. You decided to earn a bonus and take that base over. At the end of the level there is a space ship. I could have done a better job at making it but that's all I did.

Make sure to visit the fighting rings and make the Cyberdemon and the Spiderdemon fight to the death. If that isn't good enough tough shit.
Credits: The guy's at iD, of course. The Offspring for the great music (Come out and Play). Nirvana for the great music (Heart Shaped Box), (About A Girl) and (Blew). Red Hot Chilli Peppers for the great music (Aeroplane). Pink Floyd for the great music (Another Brick in the Wall). The Beatles for the great music (Free As A Bird). Music from Heretic. Finally, Queen for the great music (Another One Bites the Dust). A LOT OF MUSIC, HUH? Oh yeah, Hank Leukart for the cool picture on the top.
Base: New levels from scratch
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Five maps dated August 1996. The readme is enthusiastic but the maps are rubbish. I finished Map01 and 02 in less than a second just by turning around and pressing the walls. There's an awful novelty sound replacement. Map03 is typical 1995 nonsense, with loads of stuck monsters in a square maze, and Map04 is much the same. The secret is Map35, for some reason; it's a spawn shooter arena, a bit like E1M9 meets E3M8 meets Map30. And it's rubbish.x

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