Title: Beach Ball Castle v2.0! 11/24/95 (Okay, so I never released v1.0...so what? This has been in
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/bbcasl20.zip
Size: 73.63 KB
Date: 12/24/03
Author: Richard C. Steiner
Description: Most people really like medieval castles, right?

Most people also really really hate vile evil rotten pinko commie scum-sucking demon bastards that all deserve to die, right?

And I'll bet you've always dreamed of the chance to go right out and mix the two ... right?


Of *COURSE* you have! Well, this is your golden opportunity RIGHT HERE IN THIS VERY PWAD to relax, breathe the fresh air, and explore a wondrous piece of ancient architecture whilst blowing the brains out of bounteous bevies of bellowing bloodthirsty baddies.

...And you get to play with beach balls. :-)

Hints: Beginners, don't play this one, ok? Or if you do, don't be surprised at what happens.

Standing around is NOT (repeat NOT) recommended.

For the rest of you, there's a lot of "openness" in this PWAD which lets (overly) curious beach balls float around, and there are a few invisible critters outside the castle to add a little bit of variety. Don't panic. Pay no attention to the noises you think you hear. I can assure you that the castle and its surrounding grounds are perfectly safe... :-)

Also, this level was workable (if a bit slow) on my old 486DX/33 and and really plays smoothly on my new DX4/100 and on a Pentium/90, but it might be far too slow on 386 machines due to the largish amount of critter "activity" going on. This can be good or bad; I'm not sure that I completely *MINDED* some slowdown, myself.

In deathmatch, you MIGHT want to avoid the lake area, although suicide there is easy .
Credits: Much though I'd like to, I can't claim to have created most of the physical map used for this level. I just populated it and added a few new things (outer towers, some lighting effects, a few switches and doors, the area with the big pretty lake and lightshow, and tunnely bits on the outside that don't map well ), and then flipped the whole thing over for good measure (thanks to the WADFLIP utility).

The original castle (including the main keep and its large surrounding wall) was originally created by Chris Badger (74017,1014 on CompuServe), and was released as the file CASTLE.WAD. Thanx, Chris, for an *awesome* base to explore and populate!

Also, a big THANX to ID Software for making one of the most incredible games I've ever played, and to Ben Morris (author of DCK) for a wonderful DOOM level editor!
Base: Somewhat modified and repopulated CASTLE.WAD (which was itself a new level from scratch for the original Doom game)
Build time:
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: No known bugs in this PWAD (I fixed a known HOM problem under the chaingun platform), but if you find any please don't hesitate to let me know! It pushes object display limits at times.
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I am the creator of this level, and I find it a bit amusing that it escaped the bounds of Exec-PC and made its way here. However, I'm glad it did. The level was created for four reasons: (1) I wanted to use CASTLE.WAD as a base, (2) I wanted to see how other experienced players would attack an open level, (3) I wanted to create a level which stressed ammo conservation, and (4) I wanted to create something intense to provide me with a practice arena to speed up my reaction time. Deathmatch is hard. :-)x
Very challenging, but worth trying. And the text makes it very clear that it is from 1995 - no idea what the clown above is on about.x
Based on an earlier level that isn't in the archive, this is from 1995 and feels it. Because it was uploaded by the enthusiastic but rubbish Gary Burgess people might think that it is from 2003, and give it a lower mark. Which is hard, becase it deserves a solid one star. It's a crude castle with a dark maze hidden outside; hard in an unfair way (yourself plus single shotgun vs large clots of imps, cacodemons such that infighting doesn't happen, except for a cyberdemon who is no use).x
so so WAD ... 2/5 - PerOxydx
* for the map, * for the text filex

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