Title: BIG GUNS for DOOM II v1.9 (Advanced port NOT required)
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/big_gun.zip
Size: 130.59 KB
Date: 05/20/02
Author: Gregory Dick
Description: Medium sized level packed with monsters, set somewhere in hell. Built for single player. Let me know what you think. (goto website for Doom-God version of this wad. Demos included)
Credits: ID Software, the good folks at 3darchives, Budweiser brewing company, and of course wad authors and doomers everywhere.
Base: New level from thin air
Build time: waaay too long
Editor(s) used: Various map editing utilities Wintex 4.3 (Olivier Montanuy) Adobe Photoshop 4.1 RMB (Jens Hykkelbjerg)
Bugs: A few minor HOMS....You tell me the rest.
Rating: (5 votes)
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A cute monster blaster level with overall pleasant visuals. Probably seemed rather radical at the time, now it's just relaxing and enjoyable. There is a bullshit moment with a crusher trap near the end.x
friggin awesome - 5x
This is a playable dungeon-style level from 2002, with an emphasis on mass carnage. You start with a rocket launcher, which remains your basic weapon, and in the cramped surroundings it is tricky to avoid a friendly fire incident. You get 512 baddies of assorted toughness. It's quite tense, because one wrong step and bam, you blow yourself up. A bit tedious at time (automatic rocket fire into crowds of demons) but therapeutic.x
I regretfully inform you all (and Mr. Dick) that this wad makes basic Doom2 crash in the room with the BFG (an "out of visplanes" error), despite the claim that an advanced engine is not needed.x

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