Title: BioTech (version 2)
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/biotech2.zip
Size: 827.54 KB
Date: 01/04/01
Author: Beaverbeat, Protium, Khalad, TheRedOmen, Mark The Artist, and Kyle Kylin.
Description: You are a bounty hunter, hired by a small genetics research company named BioTech, to "fix" their current project which has gone horribly wrong.

BioTech is a Partial Conversion for Doom II with new monsters, weapons, sounds, music, graphics, and a strong story line. The theme for the 9 levels is mostly high-tech, so you won't find any of the typical Doom2 Satanic/Hell themes here.
Credits: Sparky of KISS Software (kelm@eisa.net.au) for the minor mods required to create the more User-friendly/System-friendly/Port- friendly "Version 2".
Base: itself. Sounded easy enough, but when you arrived, you began to have sec-
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You should play this right now. Probably the messy nature of the original release was the only reason this didn't become far better known.x
An overlooked classic. Play this one!x
One of the best wads ever!x
It's not bad at all. The original can be found at ftp://ftp.sogang.ac. kr/.3/msdos_games/ft p.cdrom.com/id-mirro r/levels/doom2/a-c/b iotech.zip and the installation procedure does actually work (in XP even), though it was a poor decision on the part of the original authors to use exes rather than a standard dehacked patch. The dehacked patch can be extracted from the doom2exe.exe it creates - no need for a Hex editor!x

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