Title: The Black Widow
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/blackwid.zip
Size: 59.4 KB
Date: 03/14/11
Author: Ole J. Kielland
Description: This is mostly a 1-player level, but it`s also a nice DM and co-level. You start with a not so power- ful weapon and you have to fight your way through a few guys before you get even a shotgun. But don`t let this scare you. It`s not so far away... The level itself isn`t that big, but it`s way enough action all the way. Most of you experienced DOOM- player-guys will take it down after a few tries. I didn`t want it to be impossible getting to the exit, but those who haven`t played DOOM that much, will have quite fun, finding secret doors, heavy weapons and all that stuff. I`m not saying that the masters will find this level boring, so don`t turn around, you people!! I think the whole World of DOOM will find this level exciting. I`m thinking about making an episode, so if you like this level, send me a postcard to cheer me up. Finally, here`s my advice: ALWAYS LOOK BEHIND YOU! (And in front of you, because I`ve included some hot pictures of nude teenagers...)
Credits: ID Software, Matthew Ayres, Bill Neisius, Tom Neff and Ketil Kintel
Base: I made the level by my self (SCRATCH)
Build time: About 72 hours (a lot spent on sexy graphics)
Editor(s) used: WADED 1.42, DMGRAPH 1.1 and DMMUSIC 1.0
Bugs: Only one. In a little corridor that turns to the right, in the middle of the inner turn, there is a little error called the HALL OF MIRROR (HOM). I`ve tried to fix it, but nothing, except deleting the whole linedef seems to work.
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what a dumbassx
Shouldn't this be removed?x
^Stunning proof that Perseus is a dumbass. We knew that he was spamming old crap that didn't need to be here, but wasn't here. Now he's duplicating all that shitty old garbage apparently without knowing that he's doing it. The level is the inverse of special. 1/5x
This is already in the archive with id=1099. Was a duplicate reupload really necessary? It's not like this is a different version or anything.x
Rather an ugly map, but not completely awful. You can skip most of the map and run straight to the exit. But if you do that, you are stuck in the exit area, and can't access the rest of the map again.x

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