Title: Blackgate
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/blakgate.zip
Size: 205.11 KB
Date: 11/07/00
Author: Patrick Martin
Base: New level built from scratch
Build time: Over 50 hours (I sort of lost track) plus much more tweaking the level.
Editor(s) used: WinDEU32 v5.24 - wide variety of tasks DCK v3.61 SW - build first half of level Zennode v0.98a - blockmap/nodes/reject RMB v2.1 - reject special effects NWT v1.3 - resource manipulation Warm v1.6 - resource manipulation Windows Paint - modify a wall texture MS Imager - convert gfx file types
Bugs: You may see a sliver HOM near the star at the start.
Rating: (15 votes)
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Short level with quite rectangular layout having a too high copy-and-paste factor. Texture use is spare but consistent. Ambiance starts ok but varies not enough. Gameplay looks & feels like the result of 'oh yeah, we also need some monsters, so lets just place some', and the fights have nothing even slightly original. After playing it @ UV it left me with a strong meh feeling, so 2*.x
Getsu Fune
okay map but enemies like the cacodemon across the blood pond seem to be blind or something.x
Atmospheric symmetrical castle level with nice new sounds and decent low ammo action. Some monsters couldn't see me at first, I wonder if you're supposed to use that *.rej file somehow?x
good atmosphere, though needs slightly more ammo near the endx
I really like this map. It's atmospheric and challenging, actually, you'll have to use your fist a little, which makes it quite tough, but the shortness of the map will ensure it doens't get frustrating. Recommended. 4 stars. -TeH NeXuSx
A good bit of action.x
This is a short and anonymous castle-style map from 2000. Although a lot of work has gone into it, the level is blocky and undetailed, and there are only around a hundred monsters, none of which are very hard to kill. The challenge comes from the lack of ammo; unless you chose your shots wisely you barely have enough to take on the archvile at the end. It's a decent enough level but it feels like the first part of something much longer.x

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