Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/blside2.zip
Size: 89.88 KB
Date: 08/28/96
Author: Scott Harper (aka. MadMax)
Description: Think the original Doom2 levels were hard ?? .... You are in another WORLD now...The instant you move, BLINDSIDE! Does it ever end ?? You probably won't forget the name, but in case you do, do a 180 just before hitting that exit switch...
Credits: Where to start... -First of all, Jim F. Flynn for many hours of brainstorming with me, his excellent conversion utilities, and many good ideas. -id software for Doom & Doom2 (can we get those 1.7 patches right, guys ???) -Playtesters Jim F. Flynn Dan "Stormin'" Norman John Keary Curtis Labansky --Thanks Guys !
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Hated it: EVERYTHING IS A GODDAMN LIFT FFS. It makes for a hectic and challenging gameplay, I'll give it that, but... I dunno, just not my thing.x
^ ^ ^ What the 4 guys on top have said 3/5 -Ofisilx
This is dated November 1994 (although the text file is from '96). It's astonishingly good for something so old and indeed still entertaining today; nice and hard, too. The readme thanks Jim Flynn, and so the author was in good hands. You fight 143 monsters in a series of often brutal hitscan traps, including a Q-Bert-esque hexagonal lift thing that rings a bell. The design's often fiddly and there are lots of lifts but I enjoyed it.x
Rated 3.5, Blindside 2, MAP01. A complicated interconnected series of assault situations, with no discernable theme nor logic. Interesting to explore, like a 3D twisted rat maze. Epic main battle with constantly teleporting cyberdemon. There are several puzzling things to figure out, that can help. Can play it multiple ways, with few constraints, like a deathmatch. x
Surprisingly good '96 mapx
That's pretty awesome. Pure non stop action with distinct Doom2 feel. Looks nice and gameplay is awesome - smartly designed map without a dull moment. 5/5 from me. -- Brun Ohnx
Well-done, challenging level. You have to think a bit about how the crack the largest and final nut, too. x

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