Title: Bridge1.wad
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/bridge1.zip
Size: 49.02 KB
Date: 11/17/96
Author: Lucas Ellison
Description: Ok, so you're watching the boob tube, seeing all the attacks on Mars and the other Planets, wondering when they're gonna call you in. After all, you are one of the military's top marines. The phone jingles next to you and you find you're gonna be in the action a lot sooner than you think. The situation is as follows; 1: There is a military installation in South America that was also experimenting with the teleporters. 2: There has been no communication from the installation for 2 weeks now. 3: The alien scum may be taking over Earth now. 4: You get to see if the demons are there, or if there is something wrong with the communications center east of the installation. Kissing your spouse goodbye you drive to where they will be providing you transportation to the installation. You and 4 other guys are being transported by plane to a local city, from there you will get a helicopter flight into the installation. You get some weapons from the Generals and then you're on your way. The plane trip goes smoothly and you are now boarding the helicopter. On the way over you see something strange looking by the communications center. It fires a rocket at the helicopter and only you survive (or up to four others, depending on whether you play multiplayer or not). You lost everything but your pistol, but you are surprisingly not injured. You need to get to the communications center to warn the world that the demons have arrived, but you are only at the entrance to the base. You're gonna have to fight your way through.
Credits: Ben Morris(the creator of DCK), Bush(I don't know why, but they are cool anyway), and Geoff Allen.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: A couple of weeks
Editor(s) used: DCK 2.2, Dmgraph , DoomEd, Paint Shop Pro
Bugs: None as far as I know, E-mail if you find any and tell me where they are
Rating: (6 votes)
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Great work.x
needs way more ammox
This is dated October 1996. You fight 82 monsters in a fun, James Bond-style military base. It's entertaining, and despite the small size it feels substantial, like a mini adventure. Suffers a bit from a damp ending (the "boss battle" is some way before it, although you have to dodge past at first), and the design work is only so-so, and it's not really all that long, but overall this is pretty good.x
Fun. Not a lot of monsters, but you have to use your noodle to get through this one.x

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