Title: Blindside2! (BLSIDE2.WAD from DM2BS2.ZIP)
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/bside2.zip
Size: 223.1 KB
Date: 09/26/09
Author: Scott Harper (aka. MadMax)
Description: ". . . Human dirtbag . . . So you played the original level, and now you're coming back for more punishment ? You must like living in HELL . . . We won't let you down !!! . . . "

If you've never played this .WAD, then please, read on . . .

The planet you crashed on is definitely evil ! And you can't go back. Your ship looks like it was sent to the 'Cuisinart People' for a major chew. You find your way into the only structure in sight, but much to your dismay, the exit behind you is sealed. The only way out is ahead, which doesn't look good . . .

You are ambushed at every corner. Does it ever end ?? Quick ! Duck into a passageway ! Safe now, but one wrong move, and you're HISTORY ! You read in an ancient tome that there are clues to guide you, sometimes forged into the very walls themselves ! Imagine that ?! You remember an Oracle like that not too long ago, as a matter of fact . . . All you have to do is be sharp, and you may get out of this alive . . .

Well . . . are you game ? ? ? ? ?
Credits: -Jim F. Flynn for many hours of brainstorming, his excellent conversion utilities, and many, many good ideas. Thanks dude ! -id software for Doom & Doom2 -Xerxes Software for Mapconv -Playtesters Jim F. Flynn Tom Negley (of the Pittsburg Negleys...)

--Thanks Guys !
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEU GCC (v. 5.2, by Raphael Quinet & Brendon Wyber)
IDBSP (ported by Ron Rossbach & Antony Suter)
MAPCONV (by Xerxes Software)
LNDFS.TXT (by Jim F. Flynn-available as DMLDEF.ZIP)
DeuTex v2.9 (by Oliver Montanuy)
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