Title: Bitchin Levels 1 thru 10
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/btchn97.zip
Size: 894.23 KB
Date: 06/18/97
Author: Bob Symonds
Description: Single or multi-player coop. Lots of nasties and no annoying mazes. Just bob & weave and blast away! Lots more enemies & bonuses in multi-player mode. All are beatable without cheats. If you have to cheat, take up tick-tack-toe or some other less challenging game. Most levels contain hidden transporters & weapons caches so multi players can beam back into action.

P.S. Coloured doors stay open so you don't have to go looking for keys again.

[ Watch for land mines in Level 5 ]
Base: Update of Bitchin 1 - 10 by original author
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DeeP V 7.0,DEU 5.21,WinTEX 3.4,DETH
Bugs: None ?
Rating: (8 votes)
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it was funx
One of my favorite mods...old school yes, crudish yes, but very fun. Pure gameplay, pure DOOM; what else do you want? I'd rate: 2/5 for looks, 5/5 for gameplay. x
While the level-design and architecture isn't that pretty, the game-play is simply awesome. The custom sounds are a very nice touch. Each level is filled with something new and fun, aside from the bland texture and flat choices. Overall, I give this is 5/5 for game play, a 2/5 for looks. A must-have for hard-core doomers, in my opinion. x
Hard to judge. It's technically crude, and almost ruined by a distracting sound replacement that makes all the mistakes (pops and clicks, overlong samples, the bloody "Aliens" door sound). But there's a lot of action - the author uses revenants and hell knights instead of imps and demons, and it's refreshingly meaty. It's unpolished and monotonous though - the layouts are simple and there are SS men on the first level.x
Could have been better if more time was spent on the levels. -DarkWolfx

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